IPMH Chapter 34

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In life there are many important things other than gold to worry about. For example, does the boss’s lover go online regularly? Since that was likely, it would be bad for him to see people swarming and accusing his partner.

At this time, it would be terrible if the little cutie misunderstood his boss’s character. Secretary Pei Wen’s mind turned, if that was true, if the cutie was like the keyboard warriors, not believing in the boss, there was no use keeping a brainless person. After a lap of his brain, he had the horrible idea of persuading the boss to break up.

“Keep checking.” Yu Feng was not an impulsive person, despite the online attacks leaving a bad taste in his mouth. “Right, are there any stores nearby to buy fresh ingredients?”

“Huh?” Boss, do you not get whiplash when you change topics so fast?

“I said, where can I buy fresh ingredients?” Yu Feng repeated himself.

Pei Wen did not know if he was imagining it, but he felt the boss was extra patient with him while asking the question.

“I don’t know…” The secretary touched his chin and said, “But I can call my mother.”

Yu Feng silently squinted while looking at Pei Wen. With the boss’s ‘hint’, he immediately called his mother and successfully got the top ten supermarkets in the nearby area.

“Thank you.” Yu Feng took the supermarket information from his secretary, ready to study it when he was not busy.

When the secretary made himself some coffee, he suddenly thought of something. “Cough…” Could it be true that the boss was cohabiting with his lover so soon?

Su Xing, who had been ‘slandered’ by the secretary was busy clearing up the plants under the walls. After all, it had been many years since anyone had taken care of it, so it was difficult to clean up.

Su Xing looked at his green cotton gloves and lazily thought, it would be great if there was someone to help him cut the weeds.

He stopped to rest and turned on his camera after not posting anything for a few days. He showed the audience the fruit of his labors.

The audience saw the pile of plants and left excited messages. “Are these for sale? What are they? Herbs?”

Su Xing was speechless…what did the audience think he was? That was embarrassing.

Su Xing shook his head with a serious expression and said, “Not selling, these are weeds.”

During the live broadcast, the crowd sent him face-palming expressions and asked, “So what are you doing?”

Su Xing just smiled and said, “Cleaning up the ditch in front of my house that was filled with plants.” He spoke while walking past the cleared up areas to let them see clearly. “The project’s huge and should take two or three days.”

Hitting Hachu: [Where does the anchor live? Can I go over and work for you? Just need food and a place to live.]

A Fat Fish: [Me, me, me too! I can also help with work, only need food and board!]

The chat area was suddenly filled with this sort of content. Su Xing did not expect his fanciful thoughts would come true in mere minutes! However, careful calculation of the costs showed that it would not be cost-effective.

Su Xing refused. “Thank you, but I will work at my pace.” He was still in the stage of supporting himself, and he could not afford hiring helpers.

After turning off the live broadcast, the 19-year-old man made a strong cut with his sickle with sweat pouring down his face. Although his body was tired after work, his mood was relaxed.

Su Xing liked this feeling of life in motion, it made him feel at ease and that he was not wasting time. Yesterday’s mountain snails had spit out the sand/mud and would be a delicacy for today’s lunch.

His face flushed at such good ingredients and he could not help but drop a pinch of pepper. Could he call these fried mountain snails without any peppers? Then he thought of the homeowner who could not eat spicy and stayed his hand.

After delivering the homeowner’s meal, Su Xing added a large spoonful of his homemade garlic hot sauce and smeared the topping on his snails. That’s great, just a smell would make people feel very happy.

Su Xing’s snail-eating technique was first-class. He never needed to use toothpicks to grab the snail meat, he grabbed them one by one with his chopsticks and chowed down. The mountain snail meat was really refreshing with spectacular spiciness.

This let Su Xing, who was particularly hungry after working eat half an extra bowl of rice.

After work, Yu Feng held the information of the district’s top supermarkets and drove to one of the locations. He stood still for a while in front of the fresh ingredients and was unable to start. What and how much to buy was the question.

Yu Feng frowned, he first thought about calling someone to ask a question. Unfortunately, he then remembered with a sour look that he did not have that person’s phone number saved in his contacts.

It had been a long time since the boss had encountered a problem that could not be solved with a phone call. However, since he had no number, he had a problem. Sure enough, phone numbers and addresses were an important matter.

Yu Feng thought to himself, then reached for beef, fresh shrimp, shellfish, and finally set his eyes on a box of soft tofu. The first meal made by the mysterious man seemed to be tofu. The taste was still fresh in his memory.

So, he took two boxes of tofu and went home with an expectant heart. The man roughly stuffed the ingredients into the empty fridge, which did not intersect with what Su Xing had placed inside.

Yu Feng rarely went into his kitchen. As he thoughtfully looked around, he did not see the slightest difference. He wondered what would happen if he could see the other person cooking.

The picture imagined by his mind made his eyebrow rise, because he thought of a young man wearing an apron standing in the kitchen while washing dishes. Said young man actually had Su Xing’s face. That’s right, Yu Feng remembered that youth he met at the Han family villa a month ago.

But, it was clear to him that the mystery person could not be Su Xing. Perhaps the two people gave off a similar feeling, which was why he thought of him.

Young, innocent and did not ask for anything in return. Silly, if said in an unflattering way. In the case they encounter a bad person, it would end in tears.

The boss was in a complicated mood and thought, if he was his brother, then that would be somewhat of a good thing. Let them get knocked down by bad guys a few times, so they know how to survive in a sinister world.

But the mystery man was simple and easy to cheat. Him getting bullied did not feel good to Yu Feng’s heart. He opened today’s lunch while being worried about Su Xing.

He did not find a note inside, but realized when he left this morning, he forgot to leave his own note. The result was that the other party did not respond. Yu Feng wondered, were they not friends?

Yu Feng sullenly looked at the day’s meal. Usually there would be one vegetable and one meat dish, along with a portion of fruit, occasionally with a light soup.

Today there was no soup, instead a new and fresh dish.

Yu Feng knew that this ugly-looking thing was a kind of snail, but he did not know the name. The meat refused to come out, he tried sucking it out but it did not work.

After three failed experiments, Yu Feng put down his chopsticks and used a toothpick to grab the meat. It tasted absolutely delicious.

After eating, he quickly left a short note for the mystery man. “The food was great and filled my stomach. Feel free to use whatever is in the fridge. Leave your phone number and address.” Thinking of the ‘S’ left by the other, Yu Feng left his name as a signature.

The note was prominently stuck to the fridge door that Su Xing would eventually open.

Su Xing showed up to clear up the tableware, and carefully read the note. “Just right for his appetite. Huh? He finally bought some food?”

He happily opened the fridge door to see what the homeowner had bought. “Wow! Beef and prawns! Shellfish and tofu too!”

The homeowner could really shop. But the amount…it was too much for two people to finish in a few days!

“Is this how local tyrants act?” Su Xing mused to himself in excitement before closing the fridge. He continued reading the homeowner’s message then choked. “Er…”

Su Xing touched his head and thought, could it have been that his previous note was not direct enough and the homeowner did not read the rejection between the lines? If that was the case, it would not be easy.

Su Xing was embarrassed about refusing Yu Feng’s request. After all, they had ‘cohabited’ for so long and the homeowner’s unrelenting acceptance played a large role in his improving health.

Su Xing thought for a while, then left his phone number on a note. “Hello Yu Feng, this is my telephone number. If you need anything, you can contact me. The ingredients you bought are good but it’s too much. Please remember to buy one day’s amount next time.”

At 2:30 pm, Yu Feng had a short nap and woke up in good spirits. His handsome face was completely devoid of any signs of the depressing situation a few months ago.

This of course, due to the mysterious man’s blessing. Since Yu Feng had been eating and sleeping well, his performance at work had also improved. The only disturbing thing at the moment was related to a so-called family who did not love him at all, but Yu Feng had learned to control his emotions.

He was ready for work and went to the fridge. His face sank thinking that the pasted note was unchanged. Until he saw a string of lovely numbers on the note and squinted.

Yu Feng reached out to grab the note, immediately took out his mobile phone and stored the precious phone number in his address book under the name ‘S’.

He immediately sent a text message to the mysterious S: [Hello, I am Yu Feng. I will remember your advice.]

Then he added another message: [Can you eat the foods in the fridge? If yes, you can tell me what you like to eat, don’t be polite.]

The two consecutive messages pinged onto Su Xing’s phone, which woke him from his nap. He picked up his phone to look at the time, it was only two-thirty. The sun was still blaring down, so he wanted to take a break and go back to sleep.

But Su Xing was worried about the chicks getting heat stroke, so he sleepily got up to get a bucket of cold well water to replace the warmed water.

At the same time, the urban youth used to air-conditioning could not help and wipe his forehead. The weather was just too hot. He went back to the well to get a splash of cool in summer water.

“That’s comfortable.” Su Xing sighed and walked back inside wearing a pair of loose pants. He sat in a bamboo chair fanning himself while looking at his phone.

He quickly checked his inbox and found the homeowner’s two messages.

Then he sent an uninteresting reply to the message: [Hello Yu Feng, I can eat the food ingredients you bought. It’s just that I don’t think it would be appropriate.]

Yu Feng just arrived at the company and sat down only to hear a sound from his phone. He was particularly sensitive to his phone today and immediately checked his inbox.

He seriously replied to S, who he suspected had a thin face: [Then according to you, shouldn’t it be inappropriate for me to eat and drink your dishes for free?]

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