IPMH Chapter 31

Of course, it was always a pleasure to receive a gift. After Su Xing calmed down, he realized a problem that he had neglected.

Even if the homeowner really wanted to give the gift, he could not break the magic space’s law and really take possession of the item. In other words, even if he accepted it, the gift could only be placed on the second floor.

This fact could not be changed because the house owner did have the option of sending things to the other side.

Just as Su Xing was thinking about things, a soft sound came from behind him, causing him to look back and see an awkward sight. Because the homeowner came out of the bathroom only wearing underwear.

As someone who had lived in a university dormitory for more than a year, Su Xing had seen his roommates walking around underdressed several times. He did not feel shy but felt it was extremely impolite to stare at someone else’s body.

Fortunately, the homeowner did not have any plans of staying in the living room and went directly towards the bedroom. Su Xing breathed a sigh of relief and was ready to leave. But, even if he refused the gift, he could not ignore the matter and leave.

Su Xing felt he should say something. For example, thanking the homeowner for his kindness or something.

*Click* Yu Feng came out soon after, this time wearing a cotton bathrobe.

Su Xing was looking for a pen and paper but stopped his actions. He felt that it might be better for him to leave. After all, two people living together witnessing each other’s every move was not always a good thing.

Since the day Su Xing came back to his hometown, he deliberately avoided crossing paths with the homeowner. Other than cooking, he basically would not stay on the second floor for too long.

At this moment, Yu Feng approached the table with the gifts, the carefully wrapped bag containing the plush and cake along with a penned note. It was the same as before he left for a bath, the gift had not been accepted.

He pursed his lips, sat on the sofa, found a pen, and wrote a sentence. “No need for dessert, there’s a cake.”

Su Xing was surprised. He definitely did not expect that the homeowner would give him a cake. Unfortunately, he could not move anything in front of him. If he had to accept the gift, the only way would be to secretly eat the cake behind his back.

Su Xing sighed. When the homeowner went back to his room, he picked up the leftover pen and wrote. “Thank you for your kindness, but I can’t accept the gift and don’t need it.” This was to avoid the homeowner giving anything in the future.

Su Xing put down the pen and paper while warmly looking at the messy wrapped present. He went to bed with some regret but an overall happy mood.

Yu Feng, who sent the gift, could not be calm as his mind kept returning to the idea of his present. He insisted on not invading the other’s privacy, unconsciously tapped his desk, and thought about sneaking a look.

However, the boss rationally discouraged himself. He could not do that, he had to let the other party keep their privacy. So that night, Yu Feng did not take a step out of his room. The next morning, his heart was still wondering about that matter.

Enough time had passed that according to the other side’s habit of getting up early, the gift should be one hundred percent accepted. He had not given a gift to anyone in years and thought it was a real hassle.

If the other party was like Pei Wen’s niece, who loved that particular store’s cake, they would be devastated. The unfortunate victim of delusion opened the bedroom door and stopped when he found the present was still there.

Yu Feng’s company headquarters.

The boss, who had been absent for several days, came to work with a terrifying expression after agreeing to attend the event yesterday.

“Morning.” Pei Wen greeted Yu Feng with a smile. “Did the boss’s friend like the cake?”

Yu Feng coldly glared at him and walked past without a word.

“Eh…” Pei Wen was in a daze and could not keep up with the boss who seemed to be in a bad mood. “When I left yesterday, weren’t things fine?”

“No problems.” Yu Feng was almost thirty years old and naturally would not childishly hold a grudge. He just needed to vent his emotions with a confidant.

“That’s good.” The secretary nodded, although he was a little suspicious, work was more important and there was a lot of it today.

After the two men finished the day’s arrangements, the secretary left the boss’s office in a hurry. Yu Feng took a sip of tea at the table, then took out the note from his trouser pocket.

“So, what do they mean?” He frowned and was clearly reluctant to accept the conclusion.

At first, he thought that the other party was not a living being at all. But he quickly overturned the idea, because the homemade dishes had a cozy atmosphere. Also, his secretary had received a phone call from the other party, saying that they had a young and nice-sounding voice.

Yu Feng pondered…then felt something was wrong with his secretary’s thought process. In addition, it seemed giving his phone number was for nothing, he had not gotten any calls in several days.

On the other hand, Su Xing was not the kind of person who called people often, his personality was not like that. Besides, the homeowner left the phone number for a clear purpose; in case no one was available to call the hospital when he was sick instead of a stranger harassing him while working.

Su Xing had two things to do today; one was driving into town to buy cement and the other was to repair his stove and any potholed areas near the house.

“Uncle Niu, is cement and water enough? Or should I add sand?” Every time Su Xing went to town for shopping, he would inevitably visit uncle Niu for tips, hand over some daily necessities, and chat.

Uncle Niu also admired this young man, who came back to his hometown alone and busied himself with work as a rural youth.

“It depends on why you’re paving the floor.” Uncle Niu laughed.

“It’s for flooring and the kitchen stove.” Su Xing replied.

“Is that it?” Uncle Niu thought for a bit and carefully answered, “For the floor, add a little fine sand. For the kitchen, using just cement and water will make it smoother.”

Su Xing nodded. “Thank you, uncle Niu.”

Su Xing came home at noon. He pondered where he could find fine sand while searching through the fridge for lunch ingredients. He felt a bit upset after turning down the homeowner’s present last night.

Since there had been no meat for several days, Su Xing prepared some fatty but not greasy braised pork. He grabbed the two pounds of fresh meat he bought today. First, he boiled the meat in water, which would remove the scum and mitigate any bad smells.

Then he prepared soy sauce, sugar, cilantro, star anise, onion, and some other ingredients. Stir-fry the spics with the pieces of meat, covering each piece to be caramelized. He poured in some water, added ginger and dates, then left it to boil for half an hour.

At this point, his hands were free to make a vegetable dish. Finally, he cut a frozen apple and added some salt, a perfect snack in summer. After everything was done, the braised pork had reached its juicy stage.

He watched the uniformly sized meat cubes lying in the thick sauce and bubbling away. He used a wooden spoon to stir the contents as the sauce was absorbed into the meat, eventually turning into true braised pork.

“Done.” Su Xing smoothly plated the meat in a deep dish.

It was to be expected. Su Xing was talented in cooking. Just give him a recipe and the tools, he could make a dish that may not be super delicious, but it would be nice to eat. Otherwise, Yu Feng would not accept what Su Xing cooked.

He found the box and Su Xing’s line of sight focused on the homeowner’s note. It wrote, if you refuse to accept the gift, then he would no longer eat the provided food. The second sentence asked why the gift was refused.

Su Xing read the rest of the note and his mind conjured up an image of the homeowner frowning, which was very daunting. While thinking about the second sentence, Su Xing then realized that there was big news inside the first sentence as well?

“Then didn’t I make two pounds of meat for nothing today?” Su Xing muttered to himself.

But it turned out he was thinking too much. The homeowner rushed back at noon for lunch and was pleasantly surprised with braised pork. Su Xing did not know how to reply to the note and did nothing. He decided to wait and see if the homeowner would actually not eat his food.

After lunch, Yu Feng labeled the mystery man who cooked as someone with a bad temper. He reasonably asked about the situation but the other side would not give a response.

This kind of unknown, nothing to do situation, Yu Feng as a young entrepreneur had not encountered in a long time.

It made him feel a little bad, but he still needed to write another note. In case the other party did not notice or the note had been blown away by the wind. That sort of thing was not impossible.

Yu Feng thought about things with a different angle, he could not help that the other party was younger and he was a thirty-year-old man. He should accommodate the younger man’s temper since he was taking advantage.

He finished writing the note, modifying it to a more satisfactory version. After putting it down, he thought, “More tiring than when I had a girlfriend.”

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