IPMH Chapter 30

Su Xing’s life alone in the mountains could be said to be boring and uninteresting. However, this so-called boring was for the majority of young city people. Perhaps they were more interested in city life with express delivery, takeaway, and singing k-pop songs.

When Su Xing lived in Beijing, he occasionally went out for a drink or a movie with his classmates and friends. But to be honest, that kind of group activity felt like a requirement for a normal social life. If he was home alone with plenty of food in the fridge, Su Xing could not go out for a week.

Especially after graduating high school, all of Su Xing’s friends had ambitions to get into foreign universities. So there were fewer people who would invite Su Xing outside, then his father died six months later and he retreated inside his shadow.

He did not think of making new friends and felt that someone who was not motivated to live would not make a good friend anyway. Fortunately, more than a month had passed since Su Xing came to his hometown in May. He felt that he had changed quite a lot in that time.

First, he was living his own life and he got his first vehicle, a second-hand tricycle. Then there were two rambunctious dogs and a friendly uncle. The big vegetable garden and ten chicks did not need further mention. Su Xing was most happy about knowing the homeowner who had a sharp tongue but a soft heart.

Su Xing’s heart was warmed and inspired by the feeling of trust when the other person left his address and phone number.

When he returned the note, he almost wrote down his own phone number and name. Just as he was about to put pen to paper, he realized the other side had not asked for his number, right?

It was true now that he thought about it. Ever since the homeowner started to pass him notes, the only concerns centered around the food. Never had the homeowner asked about the strange phenomenon. Not even once!

Obviously, he did not ask about the purpose behind the food delivery, his place of origin, or his name let alone a phone number. Su Xing felt something inexplicable in his heart.

He felt slightly pinched when the homeowner said that he would not be at home for dinner. Since he did not want to seriously cook when unhappy, how about he eat some noodles?

The idea had barely entered his mind when he smoothly made himself a bowl of hot noodles with meat and shredded vegetables. A whole bowl bursting with the familiar taste of Wujiang cuisine.

It reminded Su Xing of when he was a child, eating his fill at a roadside stall with his father.

S-city, first floor of a commercial building was holding a large scale Magic Domain offline activity. Yu Feng was not dressed, as usual, he was wearing a very formal suit. Appearing before the media without a smile and accepting hard-fought-for short interviews.

This was the reason why Yu Feng who enjoyed Su Xing’s cooking would leave a note saying he would not be home for dinner. In truth, he did not actually want to attend this in-real-life meeting for players. It was mainly other higher-ups at the company that felt his media image was too faint.

They thought it was safe to use this event and let the boss give an appearance. Even if he was not smiling and did not volunteer answers to questions, showing his face would accomplish the request.

Luckily, Yu Feng had been stopping by the company less frequently since anyone could tell that his state was not good. Therefore, he can be a mascot! Why not, since standing in front of the media can harvest a large number of loyal players.

“Mr. Yu!” A media person asked, “Since you appeared in public, there have been viewers asking if you plan to enter the entertainment circle. Do you have such plans?”

After the question was asked, Yu Feng frowned and sharply said, “Nonsense.” What entertainment circle, he never paid attention to that sort of thing. Games were trending without stopping.

“It seems that Mr. Yu is very dedicated to developing games.” The reporter himself made this conclusion. He continued to fan the flames by asking, “After finishing the game, are you considering getting married?”

The people inside immediately stared at the daredevil reporter. Dared to ask Yu Feng about personal matters, his courage was too much! If they were not mistaken, this was taboo for Yu Feng, a no-go zone. He refused to answer similar questions in front of the media.

Being able to hold himself back was a large concession. “I will.” Yu Feng spit out the words. His subordinates were screaming inside their hearts, what was he talking about?!

“Sounds like you are in a relationship right now?” The reporter was so excited to dig up this valuable piece of information that his microphone trembled.

This was the first time the president spoke of his personal matters in front of the media, how could the reporters not get excited. But for the next question, Yu Feng avoided giving a definitive answer. Then a few minutes passed and the reporter was told ‘the president is busy’ and ‘time is up’.

The subordinates were still immersed in thinking about the boss’s reveal in front of the media which sparked up more rumors. The boss talked about getting married. It was something incredulous for them to see. In today’s world, could a man easily find someone to marry?

“But he has money.” An employee who had a good relationship with Yu Feng said the truth that no one dared speak out.

Secretary Pei Wen was eavesdropping while washing his hands. He showed an approving expression, took out a tissue and wiped his hands, then went to find that man who could only attract the other gender with money.

Now that the event was drawing to a close, he was sitting in the lounge waiting for someone. He was staring at the activity giveaways on a table, some cute furry pet characters. The dolls were small and beautifully made sitting in baskets.

Looking around to make sure no one was watching, he reached out and hid a plush in his clothes.

When secretary Pei Wen came in, he was hungry and asked, “Boss, where are we going to eat?”

The boss’s face did not look good, he had run out of patience during the event and immediately snapped. “Buy takeout and eat at home.”

Although Pei Wen did not fully understand, he thought maybe the boss was tired and wanted to get back to rest early. That was very normal. “Okay.”

Then he looked at what kind of takeaway places were nearby and racked his brain to pick one and order a meal. But his young niece suddenly sent a request to bring back some cake.

The secretary nervously looked back at his boss, swallowed, and carefully asked, “Boss, can we go around to xx road and buy a cake for my little niece?”

The boss looked at him expressionlessly and doubtfully asked, “All the streets have cake for sale, why not buy from the store in front of us?”

The secretary noted that the boss was not mocking him and grinned. “You don’t know but the cake from xx road is delicious. I don’t even like sweets and I can eat several pieces.”

Of course, he did not expect a man like the boss to understand a girl’s preferences.

“Okay.” So the car turned at the xx road intersection.

The secretary got out of the car and bought some cake.

“Buy two and give me one.” Yu Feng commanded.

Pei Wen thought he heard wrong. “Huh?”

Buying something for a boss was usually normal. However, what was Yu Feng buying cake for? Wait, the young man from that night entered his mind. Was there some development?

But Pei Wen did not have the courage to ask further. “Okay.” Then he timidly added. “What flavor does the other person like to eat?”

“Sweet.” Yu Feng answered without thinking.

Sure enough, a dog man! Meanwhile, the secretary twitched and thought “Are you kidding me? What kind of cake is not sweet?”

But he dared not make a sound in front of Yu Feng and could only pretend that he understood. “I know.” In the cake shop, he chose three flavors. The boss’s lover should like at least one of them.

At nine o’clock in the evening, Su Xing went to the first room early. Then on a whim, he went upstairs to find that the homeowner had come back from work.

If the other person had come back after eating dinner, he could have gone to bed earlier. But if the homeowner was hungry, he needed to be prepared for the night.

Su Xing went to the second floor, found the lights were on and faint movement in the bathroom direction. It was clear that someone was home.

There was also the subtle smell of meat, someone had eaten some here not long ago. Su Xing who thought the other party had gone out for work was silent.

“….It turns out you snuck out to buy meat to eat.” Su Xing had a serious expression and did not agree with the homeowner who did not cherish his body.

But there was no denying that the smell was very fragrant! As someone who enjoyed cooking, Su Xing could tell that it was exquisite cooking. Fine, the homeowner going out to eat high-grade food was excusable.

As for his stomach injury, more than forty hours had passed since the onset. As long as it was not particularly serious, around two days should be enough.

After Su Xing thought things through, he prepared to leave but inadvertently saw something on the living room table.

He walked over and saw a simple, crudely wrapped package. He suspected the material was removed from something else and it looked sort of shabby. There was a large sticky note with the homeowner’s handwriting. “Gift for you.”

Su Xing choked and looked blankly at the words. A gift, for him? Was he serious? Su Xing’s heart was obviously filled with warm feelings.

In his mind, he was 90 percent sure the homeowner gave a personal gift, but his heart still had some trouble believing that the other person actually gave a present! The corners of Su Xing’s mouth rose into a smile.

But he was not sure, Su Xing stood in front to carefully touch the package. What was inside? He was too curious and was not entirely positive that the item was for him. However, he could not help and poke the shabbily wrapped present. He could be considered to be happy!

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