IPMH Chapter 32

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“Huh?” Su Xing saw another note when he came to grab cutlery.

Never in a million years did Su Xing expect the homeowner seemed to fall in love with writing notes as a form of communication. There would be a sheet every day, it was hard to deal with! Facing the increasingly chatty homeowner, Su Xing felt embarrassed as he continued to avoid the questions.

He thought it over; he was not angry at the questions, only felt they were a little weird. So his response was thanks for the gift but I really cannot accept it. After that, Su Xing added if he felt upset, he could buy some of his favorite ingredients and make some dishes.

Finally, he added the date and the letter ‘S’.

At noon, Su Xing gave up his nap time and went out under the hot June sun wearing a straw hat and holding a bucket of water. The two dogs growing in size followed behind. Their tongues lolled as they occasionally stepped into a shallow river, splashing the flowers.

The youth wore plastic sandals walking in front of the grass. He stepped into the water without covering his foot in order to cool off.

The silt under his feet slowly turned into sand. Su Xing was lucky to find the small, sandy beach. He put down the bucket, carefully looked at the rocks, and walked over after rolling up his pants.

“Hey…” Su Xing shouted in surprise when he checked the rock pools. It turned out to be his favorite snails.

Mountain snails were delicious and good for liver and eyesight. It also lowered heat and nourished the kidney, different from the common snail that could contain parasites. Mountain snails were unexpectedly clean.

Authentic wild mountain snails were particularly rare and could be sold on the market for one hundred dollars per pound. Su Xing had eaten farmed snails before, but never wild ones.

The young man was surprised his trip to the beach ended up with buckets of delicacies. The initial one hour digging project turned into two hours of hard work.

The tide pool contained three to four pounds of mountain snails but Su Xing was not finished yet.

“Don’t know if anyone has seen these before?” Su Xing opened his phone and recorded a small video holding up a mountain snail shell.

Then he started to shovel sand, filling more than half the barrel.

“Little white! Little yellow!” Su Xing looked up to find the pair of dogs swimming in the river and was almost scared to death. “Are you seeking death?!”

The dogs heard their master’s voice and immediately turned their heads and returned to shore. Their expressions looked so jubilant. Su Xing was silent, did they despise their owner’s lack of swimming skills? The dogs came ashore and shook their fur, removing water droplets from their body.

“Let’s go back.” Su Xing grabbed his baggage and returned home one foot in front of the other.

He put the mountain snails in a cool room and left a kitchen knife inside the barrel. It would encourage the mountain snails to spit impurities. Su Xing also did not understand the principle behind that, he just heard the method was useful from an old man.

Then Su Xing went to the yard and opened the bag of cement he bought in the morning. He mixed in the sand while removing any larger particles. He bought a finishing trowel with the materials and it was easy to use.

Over the course of an afternoon, Su Xing patched up the potholes as well as the kitchen floor. He looked at his masterpiece with satisfaction. In truth, Su Xing felt that a person living their own life was very beautiful.

It would be even better if he had millions in his savings! Su Xing put away the bucket and trowel before deciding to go upstairs and wash his face.

Not long after, the homeowner came back just as Su Xing exited the bathroom with wet hair. Only, the homeowner immediately removed his tie and sulked on the sofa.

“What’s the matter?” Su Xing carefully avoided suspicion while standing in the living room. He worriedly watched the house owner.

After a moment, the homeowner stood up, quickly walked to the kitchen, opened the fridge and took out an entire bottle of unopened wine.

Su Xing was alarmed and frightened to death by the other’s actions. That was cold, high alcohol content wine! Drinking that could kill someone!

“You…” Su Xing anxiously watched the homeowner open the wine. He could not help but mutter, “are a grown up….why…”

Being angry is no reason to damage one’s body. Yu Feng was feeling down but he still maintained hygiene. He went into the kitchen to clean his glass after noting a layer of dust at the bottom.

Su Xing stood in place with a serious expression. His eyes were fixated on the bottle of wine as the other went into the kitchen. He went over, stole the bottle of wine and hid it somewhere else.

Yu Feng washed the cup and returned to the living room. He blanked at the empty table, where was the wine? He had just opened a bottle of wine, which was clearly placed on the table. That was a fact and could not be mistaken.

But now there was no wine on the table, he could not help but wonder if he was confused. Even this kind of thing could be forgotten?

“Really annoying…” The displeased boss looked around the house but could not find the bottle. So he opened the refrigerator to grab another bottle. But the missing one turned out to be the last.

“The homeowner is such a….” Su Xing, who had hidden the wine, muttered to himself while making a cup of chrysanthemum tea. Knowing that the other person did not like sweets, he omitted adding any sugar to the drink.

After checking the entire fridge without finding wine, Yu Feng returned to the living room with a sour expression. He felt thirsty and took a sip of chrysanthemum tea at the table. It was still hot, which made him angry.

“Who makes tea in a wine glass?” Yu Feng asked while putting the cup of tea back down.

However, he just came back from work at the company! Suddenly aware of the issue, he immediately stared at the cup of chrysanthemum tea with a serious expression.

After several minutes, Yu Feng smoothed out his expression and said cautiously, “It’s you.”

Su Xing shivered while standing next to him. He shifted his eyes towards the door, fully prepared to run.

“I’m positive you took the bottle of wine.” It seemed like Yu Feng could sense Su Xing as he spoke at the tea. “You don’t want me drinking, right?”

“Yes.” Su Xing nodded, but even if he spoke, the homeowner could not hear him.

“Fine then, I won’t have the drink.” He flatly said and took another sip of chrysanthemum tea. He felt the drink had some kind of placebo effect, his mood seemed to improve afterwards.

He no longer felt his previous heart-searing anger. As for what caused it in the first place….To make a long story short, it was still about the Tang family.

Yu Feng thought he was indifferent to the Tang family, that there were no more emotional ties and he would not be hurt by the other side. Then the Tang family saw his most recent interview and thought of using public opinion against him.

The elderly Tang couple issued an article on the public platform accusing Yu Feng of being unfilial and ignoring them for twenty years. It was true, Yu Feng had always ignored them when they crossed paths.

Onlookers on the internet did not know the inner workings and immediately called him cold-blooded: not even caring about family members. Yu Feng’s nightmares had only recently decreased, so it was impossible to reveal his past online. He would never recount those events.

The matter broke out today and the whole company was worried about the boss’s bad mood. Yu Feng only sneered and kept his subordinates busy until the end of the work day. This was undoubtedly very worrying.

Pei Wen offered to send his boss home and was scolded and rejected. He was also not happy. Ye Xiaohan from the tech department invited his colleagues and the boss to some drinks and a meal. He was also coldly refused despite the other not being busy.

Even the cold art director also called in to ask. “Are you really all right?”

At this time, Yu Feng had finished the chrysanthemum tea in the glass. Since he was reluctant to pour out the flowers, he added some hot water.

“Hmmm.” Yu Feng had already been comforted. “Aren’t you busy with something else?”

Ji Jiaying ground her teeth and said, “Let’s chat for a while.”

Yu Feng acted as if he heard something funny. “Is your brain burned out?”

Ji Jiaying was speechless. Even if they were no longer dating, she still could not escape getting suppressed by the man. It was a hard feeling to swallow!

“I’m telling you, I recently met a nice male friend that’s probably going to develop into a relationship.” Ji Jiaying knew the topic was not interesting, but she could not think of anything better.

If she talked about work, the boss would not pay overtime for chatting.

“What a coincidence, me too.” Yu Feng responded.

The art director felt this stilted conversation could go on no longer.

“You tell me first.”

Yu Feng shrugged. “Why don’t you speak first.”

Ji Jiaying took a deep breath and tried to stay objective. “He’s good, a Cambridge PhD student…”

“Isn’t he really old?” Yu Feng’s eyebrow rose.

Ji Jiaying kindheartedly accompanied the boss to divert his attention in fear of danger at home, now had to endure further. She could only slam her fist against the sofa and hold back the urge to scold. “Although older, it’s fine since his heart is full of youth and sunshine!”

After saying that, she felt regret. It was obvious the forbidden pot was opened and poked Yu Feng’s heart.

She quickly added. “I didn’t mean anything by that, don’t take it too seriously.” Though it turned out the art director was overthinking things.

Yu Feng did not think much of it. He continued the conversation as if he was passing through. “I advise you to find someone a bit younger, you know? They are more likely to love you.”

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  3. Tang couple is probably his maternal grandparents, who after the trial regarding his aunt/stepmother killing both his mother and father still cried asking for him to let her go (if I’m wrong please respond, or delete comment)


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