IPMH Chapter 29

Su Xing vented his anger then smoothed out the folds from the note. “S-city…”

Su Xing’s mind imagined a bustling city about two hundred kilometers away from his current location. It’s not far but also not that close. S-city is a standard first-tier city and the housing prices are known to be expensive.

The homeowner could buy such a luxurious house in a prime location, which showed the extent of his wealth. Su Xing was not surprised that the homeowner essentially owned a mansion, after all, he already knew the other had money after their encounter in Beijing.

After Su Xing thought so, the sense of improvement he felt that afternoon was cut in half. Because compared to the homeowner, he was only small potatoes. How could ten chickens compare with a top-notch home in the city?

Su Xing was slightly frustrated. He started thinking about buying a few more ducks or raising some pigs. He also considered efforts to expand the vegetable gardens at his doorstep.

He set aside his rising ambition and wandering thoughts. Su Xing packaged the meal and wrote some words for the other party. “Okay, I know. And what do you want to eat for dinner?”

Then he delivered the food box, however, his heart could not help but wonder…since the homeowner was so rich, would he be okay with eating ordinary home cooking?

Su Xing thought but did not want to think of an answer. There was no denying that someone appreciating their craft was very fulfilling for a cook.

At dinner, Yu Feng looked at the note in his palm for a while. In addition to analyzing the words, he also wanted to try and discern more information through the style. In the end, he could not see anything from the words or the paper.

“Such an open and guileless person.” Yu Feng was still and expressionless. He smoothed out the note and then placed it with the others in a small tea box.

The boss received a new note today and carefully stored it away. He noticed the angle was not right so he fiddled around before returning the box to its place.

Today’s dinner did not have the slightly disliked jujubes and goji berries, but it was still very light. Although last night’s ribs tasted sweet and were not to his taste, for good or bad they were meat.

As for today’s meal…He rummaged through the blanched vegetables with his chopsticks. Where is the meat? He looked for a while before noticing a palm-sized bowl. He snatched up the two egg-sized meat patties inside. He swallowed each one in one gulp.

After he finished eating, his stomach was not satisfied yet the little bowl was empty. He gently put down the chopsticks and looked seriously at the neighboring bowl of porridge.

Company employees who recognized him would know when that look appeared, anyone within five meters of Yu Feng would be unlucky. At that moment, all people would run far away to avoid getting taught a lesson by the boss.

But right now, there was no one within five meters in the house. In addition, the target person may or may not exist. Yu Feng was clear about that, so he only vented his frustration. He relaxed his shoulders and silently started to eat light vegetables and soft porridge.

Half an hour later, Su Xing finished his dinner and came over to wash the dishes. He noticed that the homeowner was finished. The food box and tableware were cleaned and there was a short note.

“I want to eat meat for dinner.” Su Xing read the message with bold cursive writing. He scrunched his eyebrows in embarrassment. The other party had been in the hospital yesterday for stomach pain. It was not possible for him to have meat tonight.

On the other hand, after Yu Feng sent his request, he looked forward to dinner. In the evening, he was not busy so he logged into the game account he had neglected for the past few days.

The game was on fire, so it was unsurprisingly overfilled and players in the main city were crowded together. This was so familiar to Yu Feng that he could play with his eyes closed, so there was no attraction.

Then a thought flashed through his mind and he choked. After a while, Yu Feng grabbed a cigarette, one hand smoked while the other controlled the mouse. He arrived at a sparsely populated and plain location. There was only one novice task NPC so only newbies would stop by.

Yu Feng passed by and was reminded of his encounter with a baby Taoist not long ago. The young president frowned while smoking, two images overlapped in his mind.

One was in the game. “I am nineteen years old and a college student. Thank you.”

One was at Elder Han’s home in Beijing. A young man turned around and spoke to him. “I’m nineteen, what about you?”

Yu Feng closed his eyes and tried to catch something, but when he thought about it, the feeling disappeared. It made him feel a tad irritable.

“Cough, cough…” Yu Feng breathed in too much smoke. His lungs stung and felt comfortable. He only felt soothed after a few sips of cold water.

The first floor of Su Xing’s house had no lights and the mountain mosquitoes were like thieving demons. He needed to use mosquito incense for a while before daring to go inside. So at this time of day, Su Xing would usually read on the second floor, or play on his computer among other things.

Su Xing worried about what had recently happened. He had fretted for a whole day regarding if the leak would cause any trouble. But in the end, the homeowner was not afraid of the supernatural occurrences and even exchanged notes.

So Su Xing relaxed, for the most part, he would clean if he found something dirty and sometimes even helped the homeowner pick up clothes…He felt that the homeowner should have noticed these things.

In addition, certain things should not be looked at or touched. Su Xing carefully did not touch that bottom line. Otherwise, ‘cohabitation’ would not have lasted this long, especially when the homeowner was not clear about the other party.

But now it was good and Su Xing had the homeowner’s number and phone address. The relationship between the two had improved by a large leap.

However, Su Xing felt that since they had a good relationship and as a sincere friend, he could not agree to this wayward request of wanting meat for dinner.

So this evening, Su Xing made roasted sweet potatoes, three silk fried noodles and a bowl of egg seaweed soup. The two local, yellow-fleshed sweet potatoes were the size of a palm and well-shaped. Since they were planted by the locals, their taste was delicious. After roasting, the crispy insides were sweet and meaty, the kind of food Su Xing liked.

Three silk fried noodles were a famous dish in the Guangdong area. Friends that have been to Guangdong know this dish could appear on the table for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The specific three shredded ingredients are bean sprouts, carrot, and ham. One can also add onion or coriander according to their taste and fry until golden color.

Three silk fried noodles were very overbearing. It was mouth-watering even without a lot of meat. As soon as it appeared, the smell would spread through the room.

The hungry boss was ready to eat as soon as he sat down but he purposely rooted through the box. He finally found Su Xing’s note under the roasted sweet potatoes. He carefully moved the potato, pulled out the note, and brushed off any crumbs.

It said, “Good night.” He stared at the two simple words for a while.

The next morning, Su Xing had no farm work to do and started to clean up the old kitchen on the first floor. This kind of stove was common in the seventies and eighties but it was very robust. After cleaning up the chimney, stovetop, and replacing the pots, it could be used.

The morning sun was tender and did not burn anyone. Su Xing had no experience raising chicks and only felt that letting them bask in nature’s sun would increase their chances of survival.

So ten chicks wandered around the spacious courtyard. They wandered to one end leaving bamboo-leaf like footprints along with some feces. Then they went to the other side also leaving footprints and feces.

The dogs played on the side, chasing each other’s tails. The two species did not mix together. At this time, Su Xing had finished with the kitchen. He saw the animals and was confused.

“Really, you didn’t go while inside the house, but do the opposite the moment you’re outside!” Su Xing stood in the doorway with bulged cheeks and anger.

He made a small video to immediately expose the baby fluffs of fur. The ladies that followed him loved little furry creatures the best. All the comments praised their cuteness and desire to have one of their own!

Su Xing looked at the messages and the cute chicks before grabbing up a broom to sweep up the chicken feces. He then glared at the little yellow dog who coquettishly looked at him from three meters away.

“Woof, woof.” The young man was teased so he chased the arrogant dog with his broom.

“I dare you to play tricks on me next time.” Su Xing said acidly. The dog was too scared to step past the door and then went back to watching the chicks.

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