IPMH Chapter 24 

Su Xing looked at his hand that had been taken back and hesitantly said, “This gentleman can really joke around.” He did not know what else he could do or say.

But the house owner had a poisonous tongue as usual. Mr. Han was young and handsome, it was a large stretch to call him a shady middle-aged or old man. Su Xing would be a fool to not notice that the atmosphere between the two was not right.

“Gentleman, let’s go together.” Su Xing tried to mitigate the heated atmosphere….But no one seemed to listen to him.

Han Muzhen and Yu Feng, two equally tall men, stood opposing each other. Neither yielded to the other, their eyes locked as if dueling. It seemed like sparks were crackling between the two.

“Don’t go too far.” Han Muzhen whispered to Yu Feng. “I respect that you are my father’s student, but that does not mean you can meddle in my private affairs.”

Over the years, Professor Han would always take Yu Feng out to eat with the family on New Year’s Day and they formed a good relationship.

Han Muzhen disdained Professor and Elder Han’s love for Yu Feng, mostly because this person was cunning and insidious. He was completely different in front of him compared to when in front of elders!

Anyway, Han Muzhen did not appreciate Yu Feng, this sharp-tongued lone wolf. Even after the latter became an entrepreneurial success in S-city and among the top thirty richest people in the nation, this could not change his view of the man.

Moreover, when Yu Feng learned that Han Muzhen was gay, afterward every time Yu Feng looked at him, it was with an expression of disgust. Though this was wronging Yu Feng, he did not have an opinion of being gay but was opposed to Han Muzhen picking up young boys like an animal.

He ignored Han Muzhen’s warning and said, “I am not intervening in your private affairs, I am meddling in his private matters.”

With Yu Feng’s words, Su Xing noticed a finger pointing at himself. He was speechless. What was with this situation?

“Oh? What’s your relationship?” Han Muzhen inquired, turning to face Su Xing. Slugs and pond fish, he thought.

But Mr. Han looked like he was about to explode with anger. As one of the victims of the house owner’s poisonous tongue, Su Xing was embarrassed to stand idle.

“Mr. Han, this is the first time Mr. Feng and I have met each other.” Su Xing then added. “But I did catch a glance of Mr. Feng first.” That was the truth.

Han Muzhen looked at Su Xing’s eyes. “So this is your first time meeting…” He had a good sense of people, it was heartwarming that Su Xing tried to help with the situation between the two men.

“Let’s go.” Yu Feng patted Su Xing’s shoulder. “I’ll take you upstairs.”

“Ah.” Su Xing calculated in his heart and looked at Han Muzhen without directly following Yu Feng. “Mr. Han you go ahead.”

Affinity aside, as a guest, he had to keep in mind Mr. Han’s face. That was a simple truth.

In other words, it was to lighten up Han Muzhen’s mood after getting angry by Yu Feng. “Yes, let’s go.” He stood beside Su Xing, who felt slightly uncomfortable being sandwiched between the two fighting people.

Su Xing nodded while looking at the gloomy house owner. He sighed, these rich people definitely had bad tempers.

“Mr. Feng, you first?” Su Xing spoke.

The unhappy boss snorted and felt childish when facing Su Xing’s cautious expression. Why was he standing off against this little brother?

“It doesn’t matter, you go first.” Yu Feng turned back into his usual cold appearance as if nothing could enter his eyes.

“Okay.” Su Xing accepted and walked close behind Han Muzhen. After a couple of steps, he looked back to see the house owner following along.

Yu Feng noticed this peeping act. Since the man seemed to not cause any further trouble, Su Xing was assured that the latter would keep up. Speaking of that, Yu Feng thought that if the other side fell into Han Muzhen’s hands without his intervention, it would be deserved.

He followed in step with an expressionless face. Then he noticed that the little marshmallow that was one head shorter while sitting, now only stood to his shoulder height…

“How old are you?”

“Eh?” The young man acted like the question was heard regularly, he was sure that this was not the first time his age was asked.

Yu Feng did not notice the youth suddenly stopped so the pair collided, a body walking into a pillow. Su Xing panicked and flailed in time to steady himself.

At the same time, Yu Feng steadied the guy from the back. “How are you so careless?” He put on his facade and was even extra patient with Su Xing. He even helped pick up and return the backpack.

“…Thank you.” Su Xing’s heart was pounding and he patted his chest. Had..that been truly accidental?

No, it was clear that the house owner had bumped into him…But Su Xing squinted at the muscled man and frowned. He chose to keep quiet to be on the safe side.

“Are you in high school?” Yu Feng continued to ask about Su Xing’s age. It might have had something to do with Han Muzhen, who had been speaking.

“I’m attending university.” Su Xing carried his backpack and felt this scene seemed very familiar.

“Still in your teens then?” Yu Feng looked at the young man with bright and clear eyes.

“Nineteen. What about you?” Su Xing answered and looked back in curiosity. How old was this young house owner with extraordinary achievements?

“Twenty-seven.” Then he added. “Han Muzhen is thirty and has had a lot of ex-boyfriends.” He squinted meaningfully at Su Xing’s face. “Do you understand?”

Su Xing blankly shook his head. “…Okay.” Why did the owner tell him that? Was he homophobic?

They reached Elder Han’s room and Yu Feng whispered to Su Xing. “Grandpa Han likes children so you don’t have to be nervous.”

Su Xing whispered back. “Thank you, but I am not a child.”

“Sure.” Yu Feng smirked, definitely did not look like a child. Su Xing could only laugh as he was not good with words.

Elder Han, ninety years old was sitting in a wheelchair in good spirits.

“Grandpa.” Han Muzhen walked over and crouched to hold his grandfather’s wrinkled hands. “How are you feeling? Everything going well?” He helped set out some clothes.

Elder Han was old and had a stroke a few years ago, resulting in reduced language capability and slower response times. He nodded to his grandson and his eyes brightened at the doorway.

“Su Xing, come here.” Han Muzhen ordered, ignoring Yu Feng’s existence.

Su Xing carefully stepped forward and spoke with a soft, clear voice. “Grandpa Han, a few days ago I accidentally saved a mother-child pair of monkeys in the mountains. They gave me two reishi mushrooms.” The youth who had no living relatives, smiled while continuing. “This box has one of the mushrooms, the younger generation wishes you a happy birthday and for fortune to smile upon you.”

Elder Han faced the youth and listened to his tale. His eyes were like a clear pond as he reached to hold Su Xing’s hand. “Good, you are…a good child.”

Elder Han went to great lengths to say the words smoothly and repeated, “Good child.”

Su Xing started and ducked his head in embarrassment. “Grandpa Han…” He held the other’s hand and shook it.

A thousand words contained in one sentence. “You take care of your body.”

Grandpa Han spoke. “You have a promising future.”

Su Xing nodded. “Okay, I will work hard and not let you down.”


Su Xing smiled. “Yes, a sophomore.” He hid some details that would have been a nuisance in the situation.

Grandpa Han continued to ask some other questions. Although his speech was not clear and could only say one word, Su Xing estimated that he could guess the gist of the meaning. It was a miracle that one old and one young could talk about their days.

“Dad? Work?” Elder Han asked what kind of work Su Xing’s did.

Su Xing answered truthfully. “He did some business in the past, then stopped.”

Elder Han nodded and then asked. “Mother?”

Su Xing shook his head with a faint smile. “My father said that I was delivered from far away in a balloon.”

“….” Both Grandpa Han and Han Muzhen were speechless.

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12 thoughts on “IPMH Chapter 24 

  1. So I just found this gem like a few hrs ago and read until the latest ch in one sitting. So far I’m liking it and I’m looking forward to see more interaction between yu feng and su xing. Thank you so much for picking this up. Have a beautiful day xD

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  2. This chapter was incredibly touching. I’ve worked with older people in health care who’ve had similar communication difficulties. They long to communicate with others, but it’s very difficult.

    Also, seems our ML is a bit childish and has some growing up to do.

    Thanks for the great translation ♥️


  3. Baby SX in a balloon is such a cute image
    Thank you for the hard work! I always look forward to new chapters! ❤

    Would it be possible to fix the "Next chapter" and "Table of Contents" links? They're not working


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