IPMH Chapter 25

Su Xing saw that everyone was stunned, they apparently did not keep up with his rhythm. “I’m kidding.”

Although Su Xing’s father often joked around, Su Xing was very clear that he had not been delivered by balloon service.

Everyone looked at Su Xing with a complex mood. “We know.” Did the boy think that people would believe him?

“Okay, that’s good.” Su Xing adjusted the mood. He opened the box with the mushroom and handed it over to Han Muzhen. “Mr. Han, you should have a doctor check it, to make sure it is safe.”

Han Muzhen took the box from the young man. “Yes, thank you on behalf of my grandfather.”

“Muzhen…” Grandpa Han grabbed his grandson’s hand. He looked like he had something to say.

“Grandpa, you can rest assured, I know…” Han Muzhen approached and whispered in his ear. “I will give a gift in return.”

Grandpa Han listened and nodded with satisfaction. That would be courtesy. Han Muzhen knew that his grandfather had softened with age and did not want to think about complicated things. That was obvious.

Han Muzhen was not born into a simple family but also immersed in politics for many years. His eyes had practice watching people. Besides the fact that older ginger was spicier, he at least judged that Su Xing was simple-minded with a kind heart.

In fact, even if that was false, what about it? Heroes past their prime, the sun sets over western hills. How many young people remembered the blood sweat shed by the older generation?

Now, an unknown young man heard that the buyer was a veteran who participated in past wars and decided immediately to give the tonic free of charge, even hand-deliver it. Since it was sincere, why not put in a good word. The Han family was not heartless and would prepare a gift in return.

Then Han Muzhen pushed his grandfather to meet the guests. Yu Feng and Su Xing followed behind, the former handed the latter a handkerchief for his reddened eyes.

He did not often deal with this kind of emotional outburst. After all, the only girlfriend he had was the tough type, so his action was relatively clumsy.

“Thank you.” Su Xing looked sideways at the house owner in surprise. He was grateful although he did not need a tissue.

However Su Xing was confused, when did the house owner become so gentle and careful? Wasn’t the other person friendless on the internet?

Su Xing shifted his eyes and wiped his face while immersing himself in thoughts. He had doubts that the house owner could be so caring.

While they were walking, Yu Feng added some advice. “You are a man, don’t cry from such a little thing.”

Su Xing frowned in silence, but his body exuded a feeling of resistance. After all, seeing this past hero now old and sick, his heart hurt a bit now the man could not speak and needed help with everything. Also, it was not a small thing.

The boss had more than twenty years of experience, and could obviously sense Su Xing’s resistance. He thought to himself, the youth was not the old man’s child or founding.

Yu Feng walked away, showing Su Xing his cold back. It seemed like he was angry…Su Xing did not understand. He tilted his head but was still confused in the end.

At this time, there were many people in the lively, luxury villa including women and children. The scene appeared more festive and noisy. The wheelchair-bound elder Han seemed like this feeling of boisterousness.

After his appearance, women with children would approach from time to time. The picture was very harmonious. Su Xing stayed to the side but the corners of his mouth rose infected by the nice atmosphere.

“Mr. Xing.” The busy grandson Han temporarily left his invited guests to say, “I will likely be busy for a while. You take care of yourself, speak to the helper for any needs.”

Su Xing nodded. “Okay, I know that Mr. Han is very busy.”

Soon after, a red and white ball rolled to his foot. Su Xing looked down, squatted, and picked up the ball. Then he saw a big-eyed little girl looking at him…at the small ball in his hand.

“Is this your little ball?” Su Xing pinched the ball with a smile and asked the girl. “How about I play with you?”

The little girl timidly looked at him before nodding and whispering. “Okay…” Her voice was as cute and sweet as can be.

Su Xing crouched down and spoke softly. “Do you really want to play with brother? Or do you want to play by yourself?”

The girl blushed and turned her face while humming. “Play with brother.”

Yu Feng was mingling with guests when he took a quick look around. “….” He saw a young man and a little girl playing with a ball. Definitely a child.

Yu Feng and Han Muzhen were the stars of the younger generation and they were friends with many of the attending guests. Since they were busy, there was naturally no time to manage Su Xing.

“Mr. Su, the table will be ready soon, this way.” The assistant had apparently been instructed by Han Muzhen to call out Su Xing’s name.

“Thank you, did Mr. Han ask for you to call me?” Su Xing shifted his position.

The assistant said, “No, it was Mr. Feng.” Su Xing paused, then nodded and followed the helper out of the meeting room.

A very large table came into view in the dining room and shocked Su Xing the small regular citizen. It was too big. It was also dazzling with all the movement and chattering.

Su Xing slowly walked past, semi-consciously scanning the crowd for a familiar face. He did not notice guests moving next to him and he bumped into the other.

“I’m sorry, I bumped into you.” Su Xing’s body twisted as he crashed into a young man’s shoulder. As he turned around, he finally found a familiar face in the person he hit.

“Why is it you again?” The other side also recognized Su Xing. His eyes circled around Su Xing, if the latter was one of Yu Feng’s subordinates, he would have long been scolded dead.

“It’s me, sorry about being reckless.” Su Xing spoke sincerely yet carefree. “And thank you for getting someone to call me over.”

“Yeah.” The answer was blithe and apathetic while being truthful.

Su Xing looked around, the other places were filling up and he did not know where to sit. The two areas around the owner were filled with guests.

Su Xing kept looking from left to right. The boss felt he looked a little pathetic. Although he was not his responsibility, it would likely cause trouble for another party. The boss called a helper over, “Add a chair beside me.”

The helper paused. “Are you sure?” The spacing between guests and placed food had been pre-planned.

“Yes.” Yu Feng shifted to the side. “Hurry up, please, and thank you.”

The helper dared not hesitate. “Yes, please wait a moment.”

Su Xing looked at the helper in amazement as he placed a chair next to the house owner while asking him to take a seat. “Gentleman, please sit down.”

Su Xing took a deep breath, he felt that he had said the two words too many today, but he still said, “Thank you Mr. Feng.”

“Take a seat.” The padded chair was cushioned.

The server thoughtfully added a set of tableware for Su Xing but had no way to set up food because there was only enough space for one. “Sir, the food….” He trailed off.

“It doesn’t matter, that’s enough.” Yu Feng knew what the server wanted today as he glanced at the many kinds of exquisite dishes. He was not interested in those, not to mention Han Muzhen had chosen the menu.

“Mr. Feng, I feel bad for previously misunderstanding you.” Su Xing whispered at the house owner before sitting up straight.

“Ah…” Yu Feng watched as the young man became more lively, like a flower that had been watered. It was a comforting sight and Yu Feng felt that was the right expression.

Han Muzhen was busy on his feet near the table, looking everywhere for Su Xing. “Did you see a boy in a white t-shirt?” Han Muzhen called over a server.

“Yes, he is right next to Mr. Feng.” The helper pointed in the right direction.

“Yu Feng?” Han Muzhen started. It was him again?

Han Muzhen looked and moved past the group of guests while raising an eyebrow. He thought it was strange, Su Xing was not anyone famous and Yu Feng was a cold-hearted businessman, why did the latter act so caring?

“Su Xing, why are you sitting here?” Han Muzhen walked over and asked Su Xing.

“Mr. Han, you’re not busy anymore?” Su Xing responded and added, “There are so many guests, you’ve worked hard.”

“No problem, you’re too kind. I was fine.” Su Xing turned to smile at the house owner. “Mr. Feng took good care of me.”

Han Muzhen’s eyes shifted to Su Xing and Yu Feng sitting almost on the same chair. This was taking care?

“It doesn’t have to be crowded. Let’s go, I can arrange a proper seat for you.” No need to huddle with a person or share the same food, otherwise he would be wronged.

“There’s no need Mr. Han, I’m fine.” Su Xing responded seriously. If he really left with Han Muzhen, it would not save face for Yu Feng.

“Su Xing, staying here is also troubling Mr. Feng.” Han Muzhen said helplessly. “There’s only one portion of food, did you want to share Yu Feng’s food?”

Yu Feng frowned. Sure enough, Su Xing’s expression changed as he mused. “Is that so? Then I…”

“Would you be able to finish this much food? Leftovers would be a waste.” Yu Feng threw out super effective words that directly pierced Su Xing’s heart.

That was true, Su Xing could not imagine himself finishing what seemed like enough for two people. He did not have that large of an appetite. Since he and the owner had shared before, this time should be okay.

“I won’t leave then Mr. Han and just sit here.” Su Xing finally made his decision.

Han Muzhen’s liver ached in anger but he could not blatantly glare at Yu Feng. Otherwise, rumors of disharmony would ruin the festive birthday mood. Although many people knew that he and Yu Feng were at odds.

“That’s fine then.” Han Muzhen said. “You can help me take care of Su Xing.” Then he left.

“He’s really busy isn’t he?” Yu Feng looked at Su Xing before continuing. “Because of his special identity, he’s always busy with no time to accompany a lover. He changes them like objects.”

Su Xing thought the house owner was talking to himself, so he casually nodded. “Hmmm…”

“So find someone without an overbearing job that can accompany you, who will not throw others to care for you. Understand?” Yu Feng had gone to great lengths to discredit Han Muzhen.

Su Xing blinked at the seemingly flirtatious house owner and felt the corner his mouth lift into a smile. The house owner was, always, a stinky narcissist, Su Xing thought.

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