IPMH Chapter 23

Su Xing wanted to go to bed early, the result was him tossing around in bed feeling slightly irritable. He sat up, gave himself a cup of hot milk, and opened a translated novel he had read before.

All of a sudden time passed fast. By the time Su Xing fell asleep, it was three o’clock in the morning.

Su Xing’s 8:20 alarm woke him up the next day. He opened his eyes and turned off the alarm from his phone screen and felt his eyes sting from staying up too late.

The youth lifted the quilt with a tired face and got up, dressed, and washed up. In the mirror, Su Xing’s face was white, eyes blank. He thought to himself, “This won’t do for seeing guests.” He washed his face.

Twenty minutes later, Su Xing’s face was mostly recovered, enough at least to meet people. Su Xing picked out a relatively new outfit from his wardrobe. It was only a t-shirt and jeans, not formal clothes.

After changing, he carefully combed his hair and felt ready. He hurried out the door wearing a mask, hat, and backpack.

Today’s weather was the same as yesterday. The sun was not very bright, there was wind, and the temperature was quite high. Su Xing thought for a moment, then chose to take five stops on the subway, then take a taxi the rest of the way.

The driver was very familiar with the area. Hearing the destination address, he asked, “Little brother, do you live there? Or finding a friend?”

Su Xing joked with the driver. “If I lived there, would I still use a taxi?”

The driver thought that was true, one who could afford to live in a villa, would obviously also own a car.

“Then to find a friend?” The driver asked.

“Yes.” Su Xing felt trapped, so he used his hat to cover his face and sat in the seat.

Then the driver called out. “We’re here.” Su Xing woke up and looked out the window to see soothing greenery.

He took out his wallet and asked. “Thank you, how much is the fare?”

After paying the fare, Su Xing walked along the clean road. The villa looked very luxurious, even a little bit intimidating.

He stood outside the security guard’s window and knocked. “Hello.”

There were two young male security guards when they saw a person outside the window, they were startled from idleness. One covered his chest and said, “Scared me to death, who are you?”

This was the Han’s villa, most guests would drive over in a private car. The security guards had never had someone knock on the windows.

“My name is Su Xing, here to deliver something to Mr. Han. Did he say anything to you?” Su Xing looked at the exquisite home and knew that the family was rich and not an idle generation.

He started to feel a bit of regret, coming over to quickly deliver the item without knowing the situation. He did not know what Mr. Han would think. But there is an old Chinese saying come what may, no way to turn back.

“Su Xing, are you Mr. Su?” The security guard had been indeed briefed by Han Muzhen, told to watch out for a guest surnamed Su.

After Su Xing’s self-introduction, he immediately came out with a polite smile. “So you are Mr. Su who has an appointment with Master Han?”

Su Xing nodded. “Yes, that’s me.”

The security guard smiled while looking at Su Xing and explained. “Mr. Han has orders to see you directly to the meeting room. However he is now busy and temporarily unavailable. I thank you for your understanding.”

Su Xing breathed a sigh of relief since Mr. Han had plans, he calmly nodded. “It’s all right, I’m just delivering something.”

The security guard motioned. “Mr. Su please enter.”

“Okay, thank you.” Su Xing clenched his backpack and followed the security guard into the luxurious and spacious villa.

“Here you are Mr. Su.” The guard took Su Xing to a large meeting room filled with various tables. Guests were gathered in twos and threes, all dressed in suits and leather shoes. They stopped talking upon Su Xing’s arrival. “Where do you want to sit?”

Su Xing saw the scene and remembered that he was wearing a t-shirt and jeans, very out of style with this place. He immediately turned to the guard. “Are you sure this is the right place?”

“Mr. Su?” The guard thought he had not been clear and repeated himself. “Yes, where do you want to sit?”

Su Xing helplessly looked at the security guard than at the room full of strangers. He felt extremely embarrassed until he saw a familiar face and his eyes widened. It was the house owner.

Su Xing was shocked, how could the house owner be in Beijing? But the overbearing man with a beautiful face was undoubtedly the house owner.

In any other situation, Su Xing would not approach, but today it was very nice to see a familiar face. When Su Xing returned to himself, he could not help but step towards the house owner.

The guard looked at Su Xing in surprise, Mr. Han’s guest also knew Mr. Yu? That was strange because he heard that the relationship between the two men was very tense.

“Hello, can I sit here?” Su Xing asked.

Yu Feng looked up to see an out-of-breath youth carrying a backpack standing in front of him. “Fine.” Yu Feng spoke but did not change his sitting position.

“Thank you.” Su Xing glanced at the small space to the left, just enough for him and a perfect fit.

The security guard wondered, could it be that Su Xing did not actually know Mr. Fu? That was bold.

The security guard shelved his thoughts and asked, “What would Mr. Su like to drink?”

Su Xing’s stomach growled, a timely reminder that he had not eaten breakfast. The slightly embarrassed youth went with the flow and said, “Please give me a cup of warm milk and snacks?”

“Haha.” In the face of Su Xing’s awkwardness, the security guard’s tone involuntarily softened. “No problem, please wait a moment Mr. Su.”

“Thanks.” Su Xing felt particularly uncomfortable in a crowded place. He tried to maintain his calm, his smile made people want to follow in kind.

Before long, the young guard returned to the meeting room with a tray full of food.

“Mr. Su, please eat.” The guard placed the food in front of Su Xing. “I have informed master Han of your arrival. He will immediately come once his meeting is done.”

“Okay, thank you.” Su Xing gave thanks again. People felt that he was polite, but also a little too distant. But when he laughed, he was very good-looking, the guard subconsciously gave a few more glances.

Yu Feng opened his eyes upon hearing the guard mention Master Han. He looked at the cotton-candy like person next to him in deep thought.

To Yu Feng’s eyes, this ordinary, green youth would not have the related qualifications. No matter how he looked at it, this kind of person would not be able to fight with the Han family. The only possibility was that Han Muzhen was targeting this person.

As for why he came to the villa, Yu Feng did not know, nor had the desire to figure out.

“Mister, do you want to eat some?” Before starting, Su Xing politely asked the house owner beside him.

“No need.” Yu Feng answered after a pause.

“Okay, I’ll eat it myself.” Su Xing was not polite. First, he set down his backpack, drank a few mouthfuls of milk while also taking a bite of the soft waffles. The strawberry sauce stained his mouth.

It tasted good with moderate sweetness. After a few mouthfuls, Su Xing felt his stomach calm down and felt much more comfortable.

There were also chocolate chip donuts and cranberry cookies. Su Xing had a bit of everything but soon became full as sweets easily filled people up.

Su Xing relaxed and rested against the sofa with his pack. In truth, he subconsciously did not want to come, but Dr. Fang had said if one always stays in their comfort zone, there would be no chance of improvement.

“What is your relationship with Han Muzhen?” Just as Su Xing was getting comfortable and about to doze off, an unexpected sound rang in his ear.

The relationship with who? Han Muzhen….that was Mr. Han right?

“No relation.” Su Xing opened his eyes to answer.

“Then you are one of Grandpa Han’s orphans?” Yu Feng was ninety-nine percent sure not because he attended elder Han’s birthday every year and would have had some kind of impression.

“Orphan?” Su Xing looked at the house owner and weighed his words. “No, I am Mr. Han’s guest.” He was confused when the house owner’s face became strange.

On the other hand, Han Muzhen finished the task at hand and hurried to the meeting room. The security guard told him that Su Xing was wearing a white t-shirt, jeans, and sports shoes. He was also very good-looking.

Han Muzhen entered the meeting room, looked around, and immediately found Su Xing. He frowned however because he was sitting with Yu Feng. Not only that, from this angle, two people were amicably chatting.

Han Muzhen’s steps were hesitant, what was going on?

With a mind full of questions, he approached the pair. “Hello, are you Su Xing?” His eyes were focused on the young man sitting with Yu Feng.

Su Xing looked up and saw a strong man wearing a suit, giving off a powerful aura. The look of one born in a rich family.

“Hello.” Su Xing quickly stood up. “Are you Mr. Han?”

Han Muzhen only faintly smiled, washing away his grim face. “Yes, that is me.”

Su Xing smiled and reached out his hand. “Nice to meet you Mr. Han, my name is Su Xing.”

Han Muzhen nodded and shook the hand. “Let’s go, I will take you to see my grandfather.”

“Okay.” Su Xing did not think much and let the other continue holding his hand. Han Muzhen felt the delicate touch was unexpectedly comfortable.

Yu Feng watched the move, his eyebrows furrowed and felt something spark in his chest. “I’ll go as well.” Yu Feng coldly stared straight at the two hand-holding.

Han Muzhen coughed but calmly said. “Yu Feng, we are talking about a private matter.”

Han Muzhen’s character rubbed Yu Feng the wrong way, how could he back down. “What private matter? Coming out of the closet to Grandpa Han with your little boyfriend?”

Han Muzhen glared back with a cold expression.

“???” Su Xing, caught in the middle, was both shocked and embarrassed.

Yu Feng knew that he was making a scene, but continued on anyway. “If not, release your claws and don’t eat someone’s tofu.”

Then he turned to the dismayed Su Xing. “Boys should learn to protect themselves. Do not casually hold hands with strangers, especially shady middle-aged and elderly men.”

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