IPMH Chapter 22

That night, Su Xing made one last dinner for the house owner while also leaving a short note. [Out for a few days, unsure when to return. Please forage for yourself.]

This feeling felt like his reluctance to leave little White and Yellow. Su Xing felt something was wrong, how could the house owner compare with his dogs, he clearly cared more about his pets.

Yu Feng was silent. After the boss came back from work to eat, he saw the small note and frowned. “Uncertain when to return?”

That meant he did not know when he would be able to have a meal that suited his appetite. However, Yu Feng also noticed from the note that the mystery entity was not a ghost, but a real living person.

He could not tell what he was feeling, he did not have any good feelings towards people and did not want to get closer. If the mysterious girl delivered meals because she saw him, then he would not accept to make things clear.

Even if that meant there would be no more delicious meals to eat. He refused to create any ambiguity.

The next morning, Su Xing got up early and made himself a bowl of noodles. Because they were not easy to store, along with the fact that the house owner got up late, Su Xing only made one bowl.

However, he still saw the owner’s note. It read: [Why did you give me a meal? If it’s because you like me, don’t send more. I am single and not looking for love.]

Su Xing read the note, the expression on his face was particularly indescribable. “Really…”

A moment later he spurned the house owner’s narcissism but felt that his character was still decent, although his words were not always nice to hear.

Su Xing picked up a pen to write a reply. [I do not like you, and I am a man.]

Su Xing only dared to reveal that bit of his own information. He had to be careful with future communication with the house owner. Then he packed up his things and left out the door.

This time, Su Xing booked a regular train ticket. It saved a lot of money, but the trip would take a lot longer. When Yu Feng woke up, Su Xing had already arrived at the station and was seated inside.

“Achoo!” Su Xing sneezed. He lifted his hand to rub his nose. Then he called the housing agent to ask if his house had been rented out.

The agent was embarrassed as he spoke to Su Xing. “Boss, your house is priced slightly higher than the market, I already said the rent was not good…” He meant that it was not rented out yet.

Su Xing hesitated and simply said. “That’s fine, I don’t want to reduce the price. If no one rents it can stay empty.”

When he left, Su Xing worried that he would be unable to live in the countryside which was why he thought of renting out the Beijing house. In the end, he went home only to find the place was full of treasures. As long as he was diligent, he could feed himself.

Therefore, Su Xing thought that having a house in Beijing was also good if he ever wanted to come and visit.

Meanwhile, Yu Feng was at home looking for his customary lunch box. The result was an empty container with only a note.

After reading the content, his expression changed to one of surprise. “It is a man?” The mysterious person who made beautiful and delicious meals was a man?

Yu Feng was surprised, he imagined that men could only open their mouths to eat rice (including himself)…It seemed weird.

But this was also good, he determined that his heart was not moved. It was much simpler since the other party was a man.

At ten o’clock in the evening, SU Xing’s train finally arrived in Beijing. After spending an entire day on the train, he got off and felt faint, unable to tell north from south. Su Xing lamented that it was taking a long-distance train was too hard.

Su Xing with the reishi mushroom in his backpack sat in a small shop near the station and ate a bowl of lamb ramen.

His almost dead phone screen started to flash on the table.

Su Xing’s voice echoed through the phone. “Hello, Mr. Han?”

The other side said, “Why didn’t you answer my previous call?”

Su Xing rubbed his eyes and apologetically explained. “My phone had close to no battery so I shut it down.” Also, since his dad’s death, there seemed to be no one left to contact.

The stoic voice seemed to soften a little. “Okay, I heard from Mr. Huang that you set off for Beijing today. I presumed that you arrived.”

“Ah.” Su Xing looked at the brightly lit station with a tired smile. “I am in the railway station and will call a car home.”

Han Muzhen was speechless. He obviously could not understand why he was on a slower train. He idly asked, “Why not fly?”

Su Xing shyly smiled but there was nothing to hide. “It was cheaper to take the train.”

Han Muzhen who was from a wealthy family was silent. He looked at his watch and said, “Do you need me to pick you up at the railway station?”

Su Xing shook his head. “No, the car I called is going to arrive soon.”

The well-bred Han Muzhen did not push further after being refused. “The day after tomorrow is my grandfather’s birthday, you can come on that day.”

Su Xing answered, “Okay, that’s good.” The image of a warm and happy elder’s birthday celebration appeared in his mind.

“That’s what I called to let you know. I’ll send you the address, see you at ten o’clock in two days.” Han Muzhen hung up.

Soon after, Su Xing received a home address on his cell phone. It was a long way from Su Xing’s home.

Su Xing arrived home. It was too late to be sad, he fell asleep upon hitting the bed, tossing and turning in his sleep. Su Xing woke early in the morning and tears overflowed as his return to his familiar home sunk in.

Su Xing cried like a child and hugged the pillow while he descended into depressed sobbing. He also called out to his dad, looking sad and pathetic.

After crying, Su Xing felt that his heart was much lighter. Much better than his previous state of wanting to cry but not being able to. Dr. Fang had said it was good to be able to vent.

Thinking of the doctor, Su Xing quickly got up from the bed. He was heading out today and the timing was rather urgent.

Twenty minutes later, Su Xing walked out the door carrying a backpack and wearing sports pants, a short sleeve t-shirt, white shoes, and a sun hat. He was already not used to walking the streets of Beijing after his home’s fresh air.

Let’s wear a mask. The wind was also very strong, enough that people could not open their eyes.

Dr. Fang received a call from Su Xing in the morning and asked if he could come to visit.

“Good morning Dr. Fang.” Su Xing greeted but was a little shy and slowly approached.

“Good morning, come and sit down.” Dr. Fang greeted Su Xing cordially while pulling out a chair.

“Thank you, but…I cannot stay, I just came to see you.” Su Xing smiled and continued. “I have plans today and cannot delay.”

Then he dug into his backpack. “Yes, I also brought back some kudzu root from the countryside. Although there’s only one, it’s pretty big and heavy.”

Dr. Fang looked at the youth like a treasure, who sent kudzu to him, in surprise but also sincerely showed a happy smile. “Good, wild kudzu root is a good thing. Thank you Su Xing.”

Su Xing felt shy after being praised and said. “You’re welcome.”

Then after exchanging a few words, he spoke. “I want to see my father. I am afraid there won’t be enough time so I’ll leave first. Goodbye Dr. Fang.” Su Xing walked out of the room with slight sadness but still a hope-filled expression.

The last time he left, the situation had been different. Since he was going to visit his father, Su Xing bought a bouquet of lilies at the flower shop. This was his father’s favorite flower, it had good meaning and smell.

Su Xing held the flowers in his arms and gently sniffed. He quietly missed his father while watching the scenery while on route. The people who saw this red-eyed young man did not know what sad thing he encountered but were stingy with blessings of the heart.

Qingshan cemetery was located on the outskirts. Su Xing placed the lilies in front of his father’s tombstone while gently whispering. “Dad, I came to see you, are you happy? Look at this dirty place..good thing there are no rats…Your son will help clean up.”

“Oh yeah, I went back home you know? What you said was true, the second floor is magical…” Su Xing wiped the corner of his eye as he laughed brokenly. “The house owner is really unlucky, unable to eat or sleep well every day. But with me around…I gave him some cooking and helped clean…he fattened up.”

“Do you blame me for leasing out the house? Taking the house that you worked hard to buy and lending it out to others?” Su Xing’s shoulders trembled. “But I am only nineteen years old…only nineteen…”

Dad had died. Beijing’s sunsets were not always yellow and orange, sometimes they were gray. Today was such an example.

Su Xing left Qingshan cemetery, went home to clean up, and then made himself dinner.

“I wonder if uncle Niu and the dogs have eaten yet…” Su Xing pondered with a mouthful of food, then he thought about if the house owner who did not like takeout had eaten?

S-city airport, said house owner that disdained takeaway, “Achoo!” Yu Feng sneezed then blankly wiped his face with a paper towel. Then he looked at the time. The plane was taking off and heading towards Beijing.

Tomorrow was Professor Han’s father’s 90th birthday. As the annual celebration would also have the younger generation attending, Yu Feng would not be absent this year.

After the plane took off, lights shone outside the window.

Yu Feng gazed at the S-city night sky before the flight attendant came over and asked. “Hello sir, what would you like to eat?”

“No need.” Yu Feng firmly refused, so the flight attendant left. His expression then soured as he rubbed his stomach. “Who wants to eat airplane food. I won’t have any during this lifetime.”

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  1. OMG OMG OMG! Could it be? The first IRL meeting?? Hehehehhehe, I laugh every time Su Xing talks about fattening up Yu Feng. Thank you so much for the chapter!! I love this story, I really look forward to it every week!

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  2. I completely forgot that Su Xing is suffering from depression. Hope that Yu Feng would stop being mean.

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