IPMH Chapter 21

“Err…” The caller awkwardly said, “Director Han, there is no direct contact information. But if you want, I’ll personally send him a private message.”

The person did not expect that Han Muzhen would believe him. Therefore, as soon as possible, the person sent a message to the host that found the blood reishi. The content was extremely sincere and stated that price was not an object.

In fact, many netizens had sent Su Xing private messages with similar words. He simply could not check them all.

Fortunately, the person was lucky, the message he sent was placed on top and it was made clear that the purpose of buying the reishi mushroom was to treat an old man, not for collecting.

Su Xing was still a little hesitant, but the other side’s words persuaded him. “Brother, the old gentleman is a war veteran and has made many contributions for the country. Now his body is injured due to shrapnel, you understand?”

Su Xing’s brain stuttered and he felt his eyes start to water. He answered, “Well if that is true, I won’t accept money.”

Obviously There: [No money?]

Su Xing: [Yes, no money. Here is my contact information, we can talk in detail.]

Blood reishi mushrooms were very precious, so Su Xing wanted to find the truth before making a decision. Soon a man named Huang called Su Xing’s phone and they chatted for twenty minutes.

From Huang’s mouth, Su Xing learned the old gentleman’s deeds, who now lived in Beijing to recuperate.

“Beijing?” Su Xing thought of a feasible idea. “I also grew up in Beijing…”

Huang smiled through the phone. “I know, I can hear it in your accent.”

Su Xing said. “But I don’t live there now, I left Beijing about twenty days ago. However, I can visit Beijing and make a delivery to the old gentleman.”

Huang did not expect Su Xing to be so warm-hearted and said in surprise. “Good, let me know when you arrive and I’ll give the old man a call.”

Su Xing thought but dared not be sure. “This week I have something to do. When I set out I’ll contact you.”

Huang agreed. “Okay, okay.”

Huang hung up and immediately called Han Muzhen. “Director Han, I contacted the owner of the blood reishi mushroom, but he said…”

The grim-faced Han Muzhen frowned at the pause. “What did he say? A hungry lion, or something else?”

Huang listened and replied. “No no, the seller is not asking for an exorbitant price.” He was afraid that Han Muzhen would misunderstand Su Xing’s character. “In fact, the seller is a young man. He heard that the intended recipient participated in the war and made contributions to the country and promised to sell the reishi…but…”

Unable to speak for too long at once, Huang paused again.

“And what?” The cold-voiced man spoke.

Huang slowly spoke. “He doesn’t want money and would personally deliver the reishi mushroom to the elder.”

“Did you reveal my grandfather’s identity?” Han Muzhen immediately asked.

“No, no.” Huang swore. “I didn’t disclose anything. The seller was raised in Beijing but now lives in his hometown. He will return to Beijing soon and bring the reishi mushroom to the old man. I didn’t say anything more.” He said, fearing that Han Muzhen would not believe him.

Han Muzhen thought about it and asked for the seller’s contact information. “I will tell him personally.”

So Su Xing’s phone rang again. He was cooking so he turned on the hands-off options. He answered while cutting vegetables. “Who is it?”

Han Muzhen was silent.

Su Xing spoke further. “Hello?”

Han Muzhen finally knew what Huang meant when he said that the seller was young. His voice was so tender…that he could pinch out water from it. Most importantly, it sounded better than his previous boyfriends.

Su Xing noticed the other side was not speaking and he seemed ignored because he said that he did not want money. “Haa…” Was Su Xing chopped liver?

“Hello.” The man on the other side sounded serious. “My last name is Han, the buyer introduced during the previous call. I have some questions for you to answer.”

Su Xing stopped his knife. “Sorry? I didn’t hear you clearly.”

The director was silent. He took a breath to soothe his temper.

Su Xing tilted his head. “Please repeat yourself.”

Han Muzhen calmly asked. “Mr. Huang said you would not accept money, then what do you want?”

Su Xing paused before whispering, “I can ask for anything?”

The man on the other end of the phone thought, sure enough, there was no one in the world who did not seek benefits. “You can ask.” Han Muzhen waited for the lion to open his mouth.

Su Xing did not actually want anything but felt if he didn’t, the other side would be upset. He said with a laugh. “I want to have dinner with the old gentleman.”

Han Muzhen looked at his phone and thought he had misheard. “What did you say?”

Su Xing repeated himself. “I’d like to have dinner with the old gentleman.”

Han Muzhen was speechless and did not seem to believe it.

“It’s true.” Su Xing understood the other’s point of view, but it was getting late. “I also need to cook dinner, Mr. Han how about we talk again another day.”

“Okay.” Han Muzhen snapped back to attention. “We’ll speak another day.”

Su Xing’s voice was too pure and good, people unconsciously felt better. At the same time, Su Xing placed a short note with today’s dinner. It beautifully read: [You are fat, but still want to eat a night-time snack…]

Today the boss was lazy and did not exercise, instead playing his game in the study. After he entered the dining room to find food. Yu Feng’s eyes flashed as he saw the note on the food box.

He reached out for the note. At first glance, he saw bamboo handwriting, clear as a breeze. It was pleasing to the eye. This was certainly a good-looking and intelligent girl, Yu Feng thought to himself.

“You…” He started and coughed. The content was like a thunderbolt on a clear day.


He pinched the note and ran into the bathroom. He looked at himself in the mirror. Where was he fat?

Three minutes later, Pei Wen retrieved a picture of his boss along with the sentence. “Secretary Pei Wen, do you think I’m fat?”

Pei Wen thought to himself that this was a serious question. He carefully checked the photos and did not know why, but he felt that the boss’s cheeks had more color and looked more refreshing.

Secretary Pei Wen smiled and congratulated his boss: [Fatter.]

Yu Feng was silent. After dinner, he took an hour off, made up for the exercise he missed today, and added half an hour.

Su Xing was confused about the sudden exercise, why was the house owner doing that now? What if he got hungry afterward? He did not understand…

Su Xing thought no further about it. Anyways, it was impossible to make anything again because of the time and his smaller appetite.

The next morning, Su Xing went to uncle Niu’s to help transport the wardrobe and bed. While also escorting him back home.

At their destination, Su Xing smiled and introduced uncle Niu. “Uncle Niu, this is my home, my vegetable garden, and my two dogs little Yellow and little White. “

Uncle Niu looked around at the scenery. “Hey! This yard is really nice!”

Su Xing was also happy that someone praised his yard. “Hmm!”

That day, Su Xing and uncle Niu put the bed in place. He could sleep there with the mattress and bedding. A simple wardrobe was placed on the other side of the room.

Uncle Niu walked around while muttering. “Can put another table here…another chair over there…”

“No need.” Su Xing said in refusal. “Uncle Niu, I live alone.” There was no need for so much furniture.

“It’s alright, uncle has free time anyway.” Uncle Niu waved a hand.

“Make clothes in your free time.” Su Xing’s eyes brightened as he proudly said. “I now have 70,000 fans so I can help you sell whatever you make. But the newly made clothes should sell for two hundred, to equal your labor.”

Uncle Niu was embarrassed. “How about we equally split the profits?”

Su Xing shook his head like a rattle drum. He was no longer poor, how could he take uncle’s hard-earned money? “No need to discuss the matter, just listen to my idea okay?”


Su Xing continued. “I’ll bring some fruit down for you while you have some water. I will cook.” He sped away with some of uncle Niu’s bamboo baskets. He loaded them with some snow pears and some milk since there was not enough space in the freezer.

Uncle Niu sat around and noticed that there was no electricity in the house, how did this child live? But after some time passed, Su Xing came down with a hot meal and the pair had lunch.

“Uncle Niu, I have a favor to ask of you.” Su Xing said as he handed a slice of pear.

Uncle Niu smiled in thanks and looked carefully at the youth. “What is it? You can tell me.”

Su Xing told him that he was planning on visiting Beijing and wanted him to help look after the dogs for a few days.

“That’s fine, sure.” Uncle Niu had no issues as he ate his pear with confidence.

The two men took a break while Su Xing got up to clean up. Su Xing took some uneaten vegetables and meat from the fridge, along with some rice, and brought them to uncle Niu’s house. At the same time, to settle the furniture, he stuffed the money into uncle Niu’s arms.

Uncle Niu took the money, immediately took two bills, and stuffed them back into Su Xing’s hands, making the latter embarrassed.

Before leaving, he said. “Uncle Niu, I’m saying goodbye to the dogs, you quickly put the money away!”

At this, the two puppies were tied to uncle Niu’s door. They were whimpering, wanting Su Xing to lose the leash and bring them home.

“Be good.” Su Xing hugged the dogs several times but also felt reluctant.

In uncle Niu’s eyes, Su Xing was like a child yet to fully grow up.

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