IPMH Chapter 20

Su Xing acted like he had not seen the note or the money. After packing up the meal, he placed the message and the bills on top of the box.

For the past few days, Yu Feng went home to eat lunch. He would then rest for a while before returning to work. When Yu Feng saw the things on top of the food box, he frowned in thought. Did not accept money? Was it a spirit?

If Su Xing knew what the house owner was thinking, he would have been startled. At the moment, Su Xing was neatly dressed with his backpack, ready to head out.

“I’m off.” The young man wearing a straw hat greeted the two dogs, locked the door, and went up the hill.

This time, in addition to picking some raspberries, Su Xing also wanted to see if he could find other wild plants that could be eaten. For example, yams and kudzu, which were common mountain plants.

The afternoon sun shone through the dense leaves. The dappled light shined on the dogs, creating a dream-like effect.

Su Xing could not help but open the broadcast platform and greet the viewers. “Good afternoon. I went into the mountains again today since I don’t have anything else to do. I want to try my luck and see if I can find some yams.”

The audience in the live room was not large because everyone was taking a nap at the moment. So Su Xing did not say much more and continued upstream. Then a green and white plant that someone soon recognized as Su Xing continued forward.

Scarlet Jasmine: [Ah! It’s lily of the valley!]

Fear of Time: [Such beautiful scenery~]

Scarlet Jasmine: [Can the host help take some photos? I love lily of the valley, but it’s so hard to find in the wild.]

Su Xing had similar thoughts. He smiled upon seeing the flowering lily of the valley while softly saying, “We came upon some blooming bell flowers, I’ll take a few photos now.”

While taking pictures, Su Xing’s words seemed particularly quiet in the mountains. “Bellflowers are also called lily of the valley, or Mary’s tears, all very good names. They flower every year May-June so we came at the right time. Oh yeah, lily of the valley means ‘return of happiness’.”

Scarlet Jasmine: [Crying tears, truly return of happiness. My first love sent these flowers, now we are together and will never separate.]

Su Xing took a nice picture. He checked the room and saw the fan’s message. He smiled and said. “Bless everyone who saw the flowers with me today. I hope you’ll all be happy.”

The combination of a handsome face, tender words, and beautiful scenery firmly grasped the audience’s hearts. Perhaps there were many good-looking people and talkers in the world, but there were few relaxing people like the host.

“Let’s keep going.” Su Xing put his phone back on his forehead and used his straw hat to occasionally fan himself.

Kudzu liked to grow in drier, shady areas, so the small hillsides near the stream were ideal locations.

“We found some wild kudzu!” The young host’s voice was cheerful as he put down his backpack and dug around with a small trowel.

The two dogs had their tongues out while laying around. They were observant and alert, like two patron saints guarding Su Xing.

As soon as there was any movement, the owner would be immediately notified.

“In May and June, the kudzu has grown for a long time, not the best time to harvest.” Su Xing said while wiping his sweat. “December to February is the best time because the plants are dormant.”

Su Xing then added. “Wild kudzu contains special medicinal components, can regulate the endocrine system, balance yin and yang, soothe headaches and also improve the body’s metabolism. It’s very good medicine.”

“Good, this root is quite big.” While speaking, Su Xingpulled out a fat kudzu root, wiped off the mud, and threw it into his bag.

The live room had also burst into liveliness, asking the host if this wild kudzu was for sale? The young man was focused on digging up kudzu and did not think about selling things.

“Woof!” The dogs suddenly barked, which caught Su Xing’s attention.

This was a dangerous mountain, Su Xing dared not be negligent. He quickly put down his things and followed the dog’s line of sight. “What’s the matter?”

Then Su Xing smiled and waved. “Hello! It’s the mother and son monkey!” They were watching from within a tree.

When Su Xing waved in greeting, the monkey hugged her child while descending the tree and ran to the human’s side.

Su Xing happily gushed, “It’s the monkey mother and child from that day, everyone remembers right?”

After greeting Su Xing, the mother monkey found a stone to sit on. It was like an uninvited guest came over to watch others working. Su Xing reached into his pocket and found a White Rabbit milk candy. He held it out to the baby monkey. “Here, it’s delicious.”

The little monkey timidly looked between the candy and Su Xing, seeming to want to reach out but dared not. At this moment, the mother monkey opened her mouth, as if to encourage the other. So the baby monkey plucked up the courage to extend a hand, grab the candy and stuff it into his mouth.

Su Xing started, thinking he should have helped the monkey peel off the wrapper ahead of time…

The little monkey quickly bit off the wrapper and enjoyed the treat. Su Xing felt his IQ was lacking.

Su Xing bobbed his head while turning to place the kudzu roots into his bag.

“Jiji..” The mother monkey climbed onto Su Xing’s foot and pulled at his pant leg.

“Huh?” Su Xing seemed to understand the monkey’s message from her actions and asked in surprise, “You want me to go with you?”

The mother monkey continued to pull on Su Xing’s pants. Su Xing was not sure whether to laugh or cry but also felt a bit of curiosity. Where did the monkey want him to go?

“Wait, I need to grab my things.” Su Xing carried a backpack with tools, along with a snakeskin bag loaded with kudzu. He followed the monkey down the hill and into the mountain depths.

The audience also saw the monkey pull on the host’s pants and said, this monkey seemed to be nice, but the young host must not be fooled! There was also a joke that the mother monkey thought the host was good-looking and wanted to take him home…

The holes in their brains were too big to be true…

The mother monkey was very fast and disappeared into the mountains as Su Xing and the two dogs lagged behind.  Su Xing did not know how long he had been running but felt like he was about to faint. Then he saw the monkey poised on top of a tall stone.

Su Xing sat down on the ground filled with leaves and drank a few mouthfuls of water from his canteen. This was a lot more comfortable.

The baby monkey also came along and looked at Su Xing drinking water.

Su Xing fed the baby monkey while laughing. “This monkey, is it because I gave you candy?”

The little monkey could not understand human language and could only stare at Su Xing with big, watery eyes. The mother monkey rubbed the other’s head before turning around back to the stone.

Su Xing followed along to explore. The chat blew up again because they saw two huge mushroom-like things next to a huge dead log.

Autumn Cat: [Dig them out! Are they reishi mushrooms?!]

When the host approached and crouched in front of the two things, the audience was certain that they were reishi mushrooms.

Full of Heart: [This a wild mushroom, based on the size it’s been growing at least a few decades up to a hundred years. Could be called blood reishi, the effect should be dozens of times stronger. Very suitable for the elderly and frail to supplement their bodies.]

Puppy Doesn’t Eat Fish: [God, how much are those two reishi mushrooms worth? The little host made a fortune.]

Full of Heart: [Year-old authentic wild reishi costs thousands of dollars a pound and the older the more valuable. For these two plants, the host should get at least two hundred thousand.]

Ordinary Ten Years: [Host, from what we can see, these two mushrooms are absolutely not fake, they’re real reishi mushrooms. If I could afford them, I would buy.]

Su Xing did not know that the live room was on fire. He stared at the huge mushrooms and dared not to reach out to touch. Were these really…reishi mushrooms? The mother monkey specially brought him over to show these two reishi mushrooms.

Su Xing felt his eyes redden. He looked back at the mother monkey, who was helping the little monkey pick out lice.

“Thank you.” Su Xing carefully picked up the plate-sized reishi mushroom. He had nowhere to put it except together with the kudzu.

Su Xing was like a child who picked up a treasure, he looked very excited and a little restless. So he hurried back down the road to bring the mushrooms back home.

He noticed that the mother monkey no longer followed him and waved goodbye. “Bye, I’ll come to visit you next time.”

At that moment, a phone call was made to the young director of a Beijing company.

“Director Han, I found something good that might be helpful for your old father’s body.”

For the sake of his father’s weakening body and health, director Han had been receiving calls from several people. Although skeptical, he asked with some hope. “What good thing?”

The man answered, “Hundred-year-old blood reishi mushroom.”

Two minutes later, a recorded video was sent to director Han’s phone. It was Su Xing’s live broadcast in the mountain. He initially recorded the video for the fans to watch foraging, only to encounter blood reishi mushroom.

Director Han’s full name was Han Muzhen, thirty years old this year. He was cautious and suspicious. Generally, he would not believe in such absurd luck.

But with his father so weak, unable to really eat anything. Regardless of whether the blood reishi would help, why not buy the mushroom to at least try.

“I want his contact details.” Han Muzhen ordered the man who had called.

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