IPMH CHapter 19

The president of an acclaimed company momentarily did not realize what kind of existence he was angry at. He nonchalantly typed more words.

[A level 30 Tao character was like a water bottle on the roadside. Although it could be recycled, it was only worth five cents. One more or less was no change.]

Flying Clouds: [If you want, I can help you practice a magic-user. Demons are the king of the game.]

Seeing that, Su Xing was so angry that he did not want to speak to this man again.

“You are a bottle of mineral water…” Why did this hateful and poisonous house owner say that other’s characters were only worth five cents?

In the real world, Su Xing bit his lower lip and clicked his mouse. He slammed the delete friend button while realizing that his emotions were out of control. Su Xing finally knew why his emotions were turbulent when facing the owner and why he had a hard time accepting the bad attitude.

Because he really wanted to be friends with the house owner. Unfortunately, the other party seemed to not have this idea…which was why Su Xing was not happy.

“Forget it.” Su Xing understood that friendship cannot be forced, so he convinced himself to treat the owner as any other person.

So Su Xing retracted the idea of deleting friends and typed out a message. [Thank you but I don’t need your help raising a character. Goodbye, I’m off to do quests.]

Yu Feng watched the newbie player leave while tapping a finger on the keyboard. He felt a tad dismayed. However, such a separation was not Yu Feng’s style.

Not long after, the little newbie received a transaction request. He opened it up and saw 500 gold coins and some other valuable items.

Su Xing was speechless, what did the house owner send these valuable items for? So he refused the trade.

The rejected president stared blankly at the system message. He left the keyboard and leaned against the chair to grab a cigarette for himself. Around ten minutes passed.

Flying Clouds: [If I were you, I would wait for the flames to die down before logging on again.]

Even Yu Feng could sense the Taoist’s antipathy. So after saying that, he moved his character and ran elsewhere.

Sweet Sour Lotus Root: [Thank you for the reminder, Flying Clouds.]

The private message, hidden among the list of conversations, was not opened.

While completing missions, Su Xing actually received a lot of harassment. He decided to listen to the house owner’s advice and temporarily gave up on playing the game. When the heat on Sweet Sour Lotus Root died then, he would check again.

At the same time, Yu Feng saw his own eyes, the newbie player’s name change to gray.

His bad mood inexplicably lightened up. “Really obedient.”

“Achoo!” The talked-about Su Xing had sneezed twice in one day. He worried that he was coming down with a cold and went to look for his medical supplies. But he could not find a trace of the bag.

“….” Su Xing could enter the kitchen and soak two pieces of ginger in boiling water along with two spoonfuls of brown sugar.

His cheeks felt warm after drinking down the remedy. Then Su Xing went to bed.

Over in S-city, Yu Feng had several cups of black tea in order to resist the incoming situation. He did not want to sleep, not because he could not.

It was just a disgusting nightmare, but after a period of peace, it came back to haunt him. This made Yu Feng very irritable while pondering why he was not awoken by nightmares a few days ago. But no matter how hard he thought, he could not think of any changes.

The beautiful but gloomy man smoked several cigarettes before heading into his room to sleep.

At midnight, light-sleeper Su Xing once again heard pained whispers from the main bedroom. “Another nightmare?” The sleepy youth rubbed his eyes, put on slippers and tottered into the room. He brought a warm towel and sat by the man’s side. Oh, and also held hands.

“Don’t be afraid.” Su Xing sat on the edge of the bed while still yawning. His voice seemed vague and mysterious.

Miraculously, every time the house owner had a nightmare, as long as he heard Su Xing’s words, regardless of tone, his situation would immediately improve.

“Mm…” The owner’s eyebrows loosed, transitioning from pinched to calm. His breathing slowed, all the while he was firmly holding Su Xing’s hand.

Su Xing saw how uncomfortable the owner was and felt embarrassed about his complaints regarding his poisonous mouth. Maybe…the house owner had experienced unknown pain to become cold in the game.

Fine, he was projecting a bit, seeing other’s pain, and thinking of his own emotions at the same time.

Su Xing’s state of mind was lightened. “Good night, Flying Clouds.” His tone is light and bright.

The emotion seemed to affect Yu Feng’s sleep. It let him dream painlessly, with calm breathing. He slept until dawn.

Yu Feng woke and silently looked at the ceiling. He recalled he seemed to have a dream last night. Not a nightmare, but a comfortable dream.

The warmth was like floating on clouds, a feeling that he wanted to grab. After returning to reality, there was a trace of loss in his heart. Because there was nothing similar in reality, only people he dared not to relax in front of.

“…” Yu Feng snorted and got up in a bad mood, ready to work.

Su Xing woke up and made breakfast. It was leftover sticky rice with scallop and chicken. In addition to the dried scallops, there was corn, carrot, and other vegetables wrapped in leaves. The dish tasted rich, fresh, and juicy.

The dried scallops Su Xing brought from Beijing were a tad expensive but they weighed little and added a lot of flavors. The dish was finished and delicious. Yu Feng had eaten it twice in a row but was not tired of it.

The wealthy Yu Feng suddenly noticed that the leaf-wrapped chicken rice only had two scallops. Compared to the volume of rice, the number of scallops was very small.

Combined with the common ingredients the mysterious entity used to cook, there had not been a lot of seafood or more expensive meat. Yu Feng guessed that the mysterious entity was not rich. However, this non-rich person always prepared three meals a day for him.

Thinking of that, Yu Feng muttered to himself. “…Haven’t made supper for the past two days.”

Su Xing’s nose felt itchy as he was moving furniture in uncle Niu’s home. “I’ll first bring back the table and chairs and move the bed tomorrow. Then you can help me install it.”

“Okay then.” Uncle Niu smiled, these days he really liked Su Xing. “No need to hurry back, I can cook a meal.”

They clapped hands and he turned around towards the kitchen.

“No need, uncle Niu.” Su Xing spoke. “Wait until you come over tomorrow and we can eat together.”

“Are you going back now?” Uncle Niu persevered. “Why don’t you wait a bit for me to quickly make something.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Su Xing smiled in refusal. He finally checked that the ropes were tightened and drove his tricycle back home.

“Woof, woof!” The dogs noticed their owner came back. They followed the vehicle back into the yard with their tails wagging.

Su Xing dismounted, carefully untied the ropes, and put down each bamboo chair on the ground. There was no hurry to move things into the hall with the sunlit courtyard.

The bamboo furniture set consisted of three chairs, a table, and a multi-functional cabinet. Items could be placed inside and on top. Uncle Niu’s creations were dainty but also had some sturdiness.

After Su Xing moved the furniture, his body was slightly sweating. He took advantage of the house owner out at work to go upstairs for a quick bath before cooking.

These days, Su Xing had clearly noticed that the house owner was not a regular nine-to-five worker. He had free time on weekends but did not go out and no one came to visit…or there were no friends at all.

Su Xing guessed so because the owner’s mobile phone rarely rang. When it did, he was talking about business. He was certain that the owner was single.

Wait, Su Xing was mistaken. The owner was not a single dog, Su Xing was one while the owner was a golden bachelor. One that was super handsome.

Su Xing and agreed with his thoughts.

Then he opened the fridge, which other than a few bottles of wine, was filled with ingredients. For lunch, Su Xing planned to make pearl meatballs and snow pea scrambled eggs. The pearl meatballs would be made with sticky rice, pork filling, and dates.

Because he did not have water chestnut, he used ground carrot and corn kernels as a replacement. He mixed that with the meat, added spices and formed medium-sized balls. Then he wrapped them in a layer of cooked sticky rice to become a round white pearl.

An eight-inch porcelain plate could only hold twenty white crystal pearls. After being steamed, sprinkled with green onion, it was both good-looking and appetizing. It was also delicious, a must-have for New Year’s Day celebrations.

Su Xing was also very fond of eating them.

After such a good job, he could not help but have a taste. Nice and chewy, Su Xing hummed in contentment since he liked rice. “Good taste.”

Su Xing sped up and finished the snow pea scrambled eggs. For the house owner that had a large appetite, he prepared twelve pearl meatballs.

He opened the box, ready to pack the meal…only to find wads of cash inside. Fine, a bunch of shining hundred-dollar bills. Su Xing clicked his tongue, did the house owner like to throw money at people?

Although the owner was indeed very rich, this money could not be accepted. Su Xing thought as he reached forward and found a note.

Su Xing opened the note. The first thing he noticed was that the house owner’s writing was sharp and elegant looking.

The note: Please continue making dinner. Thank you

Su Xing was speechless. The house owner even handed over a bribe along with a note. Was this not identical to ordering takeout?

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