IPMH Chapter 18

It was still early, after the live broadcast, Su Xing rushed home to prepare spicy fish head and squirrel-like fish. He wanted to do something nice and make up for what happened last night.

Fine, last Su Xing lost his temper and neither prepared dinner nor woke up in the middle of the night to take care of the owner’s nightmares.

After a day, Su Xing finally admitted that it was him and not the other side in the wrong. After all, for Flying Clouds in the game, Su Xing was only a stranger. It was natural that he would be treated with a distant attitude.

There was nothing to be angry about when he thought about it. Instead, Flying Clouds deserved an apology for getting his privacy invaded.

Su Xing’s idea of an apology was naturally to make the other a big dinner. There was  spicy fish head, squirrel-like fish and fungus and winter soup.

Because fried fungus was easy to store, Su Xing bought a lot in one go. When able, he usually added some when cooking. After all, the ingredient was good for the kidneys, suitable for men to eat.

Then Su Xing thought of the ketchup he had bought but not opened.

“Ah…” Su Xing was distressed when pouring an entire bottle of ketchup on the fish. In the future, he could not make the dish often, not because he was lacking fish, but instead lacking ketchup.

All done. Three fragrant dishes, freshly made and ready to sell. However, due to the limited size of the food box, it could not be packed.

Su Xing thought a bit before abandoning the packaging and directly left the food on the owner’s table.

Right, when Su Xing previously delivered food, the house owner knew of his presence and did not exclude him….that was true?

Otherwise, he could not explain why the house owner took the initiative to disappear for some time, only coming out to eat a bit after mealtime?

As it turned out, Su Xing’s guess was not wrong.

Since Yu Feng knew the mysterious entity did not want him to investigate the matter, he would simply accept that someone was cooking for him and eat the food.

It showed that Yu Feng did not really care about many things. Including himself.

But that did not mean others were free to bother him. In this world, Yu Feng was the only one who could control his life. This conceited mindset…Yu Feng would be the perfect definition of a boss.

At least for now, his meals were firmly in another’s hands.

The overflowing fragrance of bright red peppers, mixed with tender fish head meat caused people’s mouths to water. If the spicy fish head made people drool, then the sweet and sour squirrel fish made people lose control of their hands. He used his chopsticks to pick up a piece of fish, wrapped in orange-red sauce, crispy outside with a tender interior.

The rich three-layered taste; sauce, crispy outside, and tender fish achieved a magical effect and captured Yu Feng’s taste buds. He ate several mouthfuls in a row and could not stop.

This dish was too appetizing. Even Yu Feng who did not like to eat rice could wolf it down when accompanied with sweet and sour fish.

With a stomach padded with food, Yu Feng boldly tasted the spicy fish head. The flavored fish meat had a smooth and delicate taste. The taste of pepper and garlic danced across his taste buds and brought Yu Feng great enjoyment.

It was inevitably a little spicy.

“…” Yu Feng cooled down his mouth while patting his belly. He wondered if the mysterious entity was from Szechuan or Hunan, why else did they love to put peppers in all the dishes.

However, the dishes were well made.

After eating his fill, he barely held down a bowl of soup. Then the boss’s eyes inexplicably moved over towards the dish of washed green grapes.

Yu Feng really felt full, but the grapes looked really juicy, one string would not be much. Yu Feng picked some up and counted as he ate. He was perplexed with the satisfaction of eating other people’s food. After all, Yu Feng had not felt like eating grapes he bought in the past.

That was strange.

Su Xing passed by the table and glanced at the house owner. He was surprised to find that he had swept all the dishes and soup into his stomach.

Su Xing felt that the house owner’s appetite was enormous. He was glad that the surrounding mountains were lush with fish and plants, otherwise, there would not be enough for him to eat.

“Cough.“ Su Xing set aside his thoughts and went into the kitchen. He set down the dog’s food and accompanied them to eat. After he washed the bowls and played with the dogs for a while, he said, “Okay, I’m going to play games, I’ll take you out tomorrow.”

“Bark, bark!” The two dogs fondly sat around Su Xing’s feet and refused to let him leave.

“Still want to play…I’ll give a hug.” Su Xing loved these two dogs and bent down. He hugged the pair, each one leaning against a shoulder. “Huh, you two have grown so fast?” They were heavier than compared to a few days ago.

“Woof…” The dogs pressed their wet noses against Su Xing’s cheek. Their dependence was self-evident.

“Ah, I love you too.” Su Xing said in understanding.

After a while, Su Xing finally separated himself from the sticky dogs and let them rest. “Go to sleep. Good night.”

The dog’s eyes were shiny as the young man’s back disappeared from the yard, then the pair fell into dreamland.

Eight in the evening was rush hour for online gamers and the servers were bursting once again. When Su Xing came online, there were 21 players in front of him.

While waiting, Su Xing idly checked the forum on his phone to see if there was anyone complaining about the server congestion and other remarks. The result was he saw Flying Cloud’s hot post on the forum.

Su Xing was curious and checked. He found that Flying Clouds had not only cleared up their relation but also declared war on player Demon. Plus, a lot of people left messages underneath.

Panda Superman: [As far I know, this is the first time Flying Clouds appeared in person! He seemed to be really furious! Haha.]

Little Dog Left: [Where is Sweet Sour Lotus Root?]

Her First Smile: [Breaking news, much drama.]

Graceful Paulownia: [Play your mother, it’s up to you to maintain your own reputation.]

Buddha Fly: [God, what reputation of Flying Cloud?]

Otherwise You Think: [God, I know Flying Clouds has a reputation?]

“Ha…” Su Xing happily laughed, he held his face in his hands in fear of his laugh being too ugly. Today’s source of happiness was Flying Cloud’s post!

Chime…a string of music rang out. It turned out the 21 players had entered the server. Su Xing’s new character also appeared on the computer screen smiling at him.

Su Xing put down his cell phone and was ready to seriously play the game. Today, his objective was to complete tasks and make money. In order to learn martial skills and to participate in groups.

But the newbie did not expect to receive numerous tips and countless players wanting to add him as a friend once he came online.

Su Xing frowned…then found the settings and disabled the search option. For those who tried to add him, he pushed the reject button without pause.

After SU Xing’s ears were clear, he took control of his character and started his daily tasks. But before Su Xing left the city, he was surrounded by players that wanted to become friends. They came in waves and refused to give up.

The usually even-tempered Su Xing felt anger start to build.

Sweet and Sour Lotus Root: [Go look for Flying Clouds, don’t come to me.]

Flying Clouds himself had spoken, so Su Xing passed the ball without guilt.

Flying Clouds walked through Blood Moon City seeking out the newbie. He found the sorry-looking level 30 player surrounded by layers of other players. He looked very pitiful.

Mozi Nuo: [Flying Clouds is coming!]

Who knew who had seen Flying Clouds name, but when the crowd noticed, they looked around for the player. Su Xing was relieved to be out of town. Yu Feng swung around the city and followed.

System: [Player Flying Clouds requests to become your friend. Agree or Refuse.]

Su Xing did not hesitate to click and refuse.

System: [Player Flying Clouds requests to become your friend. Agree or Refuse.]

Su Xing was very angry.

Flying Clouds: [Did you make a mistake just now?]

Someone refused to be Flying Cloud’s friend? Su Xing looked at the screen, only to find himself agreeing for Flying Clouds to be a friend.

Yu Feng had not investigated anything before putting forward a pertinent suggestion. [You saw the situation right? You should abandon your account name, it’s a junk one anyway.]

Su Xing looked incredulously at the message sent to him and the corner of his mouth turned down. What was this man talking about?

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