IPMH Chapter 17

Demon had obviously not left and was fanning the flames in the forum. Seeing Flying Clouds had personally appeared with a post, he was not only not afraid, he even felt quite proud.

Demon: [Ha ha ha. Flying Clouds and Night Fangfei want to deal with me. Let’s wait and see.]

Demon: [@ Night Fangfei, You should thank me, giving you two lovebirds an opportunity. Otherwise, you would only be able to make eyes at Flying Clouds and not confess your love.]

This man was disgusting. Night Fangfei’s side had long announced a heavy reward for taking Demon’s head.

Yu Feng was more direct and paid for Demon’s coordinates in order to rush over and kill him. But the troll was a coward when in danger he stayed in the city and continued to cause problems.

This was Yu Feng’s first time encountering such a disgusting and helpless situation. After all, he had always been the one causing trouble and not vice versa. But there was no other way, he could not use his boss status to deal with a private vendetta.

Unable to kill Demon, Yu Feng gave up the idea of vengeance killing and was ready to go offline. But before going offline, someone applied to be his friend. It turned out to be Night Fangfei.

Yu Feng thought to himself, what was this lady doing adding him? Was it about what he said before? But he did not tell a lie.

Thinking about it, Yu Feng decided to ignore it and went offline.

Before Su Xing’s exuberant exit from the game, he spent some time in the empty room and turned his anger into serenity. As a person suffering from depression, Su Xing tried to avoid the intense emotion for long periods.

Generally speaking, Su Xing’s mood was very calm, even melancholic. Not heart-tearing sadness, but something slow, persistent, and without end or release.

Tonight, he showed his temper that was reserved for close family, in front of the house owner. Su Xing was surprised. Perhaps it was due to the time the two had spent in silence.
Then he felt that his anger was a good thing. If it was not too late, he would have made a call to the doctor about his improving condition.

“Time to sleep.” Su Xing did not make dinner for the house owner. So he pulled up his quilt on the sofa and went to sleep.

Over in S-city, the boss looked at the empty table in contemplation. Was the mystery being in a bad mood tonight? Not feeling like eating?

Fortunately, he did not need to eat in order to sleep.

In the middle of the night, Yu Feng was woken up from a long-lost nightmare. He woke up sweaty, with a thundering heartbeat and unfamiliar with his surroundings.

“…..” The man’s face fell as he left the bed to take a shower in the bathroom. He tried to forget his nightmare of helpless childhood memories.

The next morning, he went to the company. The people found out the boss was in a bad mood, almost inhuman.

By definition, Sky Online had just achieved resounding success so the boss’s mood should not be so bad. The only thing people could think of was a problem with the boss’s private life.

“Boss, the PR department just told me something and I want your input.” After the meeting, Pei Wen stepped up to Yu Feng and reported. “Last night there was a lot of traffic on the game forum. They asked me if they should add oil and vinegar, or let things resolve naturally.”

“Last night? Who?”

Pei Wen replied, “Flying Clouds, Night Fangfei, and perhaps Azure Mountain.”

One was a lone player, known for his sharp-tongue and temper. The other a game goddess. This sort of dramatic story, was it not exactly what people wanted while eating melon-seeds.

If they added oil and vinegar to the situation, they could rely on it to monopolize the game market.

“Do we need to?” The boss who did not obsess over money hummed. “Pei Wen, engaging in these small things is not a good long-term plan. You need to think clearly.”

Pei Wen was silent. “….”

“I also know that player Demon is not a positive influence on the game. I don’t like this kind of person at all.”

Pei Wen was wondering what the boss meant?

Then Yu Feng patted his shoulder. “Get to work, I’m going to the technical department.”

Technical department. It was home to a group of privileged higher-ups, with bright and spacious offices, comfortable lounge areas, and few cats.

Yu Feng walked behind an employee’s chair. The programmer was named Xiong Yuanfei, he had strings of code flashing across the screen. Under the computer, he was watching a video on his state-of-the-art phone.

Okay, programmers liked to watch videos to decompress. There was nothing wrong with it.

But….to Yu Feng’s confusion, employee Xiong Yuanfei was neither watching cats or beautiful women dancing, but looking at a country youth fishing by the river….

This hobby was a bit strange.

“Is it good to watch?”

Yu Feng reached out to pat his shoulder, only for Xiong Yuanfei to get startled due to concentrating on the broadcast. He was almost scared to death. “Who?”

He turned around to see the boss and covered his phone in a panic, scratching his head in chagrin. “Oh…boss, I’m not watching this often! Just taking a look once in a while! It’s true!”

Seeing the fear, Yu Feng thought to him whether he was really that scary.

“It’s all right.” He was just asking, so reassured the man.

“Boss.” A man dressed in a lazy t-shirt that revealed his collarbone and shoulder, he completely did not look like a programmer. “I’m applying for a holiday! At least two weeks!”

This man was called Ye Xiaohan, the head of the technical department.

“You’re dreaming.” Yu Feng said with a sneer.

Ye Xiaohan narrowed his eyes and held back the impulse to throw his keyboard at the boss. After all, the keyboard was very expensive. “Then what are you doing here? Not here to comfort us?”

“Sure.” Yu Feng walked over to Ye Xiaohan’s desk and leisurely crossed his legs. “No overtime over the weekend, the boss will treat you to a meal. Does that count as comfort?”

“Roll.” Ye Xiaohan coldly laughed, their department had ground down their livers for three months, only for a weekend and a meal? Where was his conscience?

“Don’t push too far.” Yu Feng said and left without further thought.

Everyone else felt like crying in joy. A weekend without overtime was good. They had not been given a freer weekend for a long time. Girlfriends had long run to other people.

“Old Ye….” A pair of poor eyes looked at Ye Xiaohan’s smile, pleading to coax the boss.

“Got it.” Ye Xiaohan compromised at Yu Feng’s back. “Weekend is good, no need for the meal. Just turn it into cash and let them take their girlfriend out for dinner.”

However, Yu Feng also supported the bonus instead of a meal. He really did not like to eat outside things.

After speaking, Ye Xiaohan asked, “I heard you have a girlfriend?” His smirk could only be described as unspeakable.

“What about Ji Jiaying?” Ye Xiaohan whispered a question into Yu Feng’s ear. “You think she still likes you?”

Yu Feng retorted. “We’ve been apart for four years, what do you think? You don’t understand women. If she liked me, she would not stay in front of him.”

Ye Xiaohan laughed. “Yeah, people who have been in love are not the same.” Then he waved his hand. “Fine, I was worried and curious. What kind of immortal is stronger than our director?”

That subdued the lone wolf Yu Feng.

“Well…” Yu Feng lied without batting an eye and spoke as if speaking purely the truth. “Virtuous, caring, and can cook.”

Su Xing was fishing on the bank of his hometown’s river. “Achoo!”

Su Xing sneezed for no reason. He rubbed his nose in a daze then continued to stare at the calm water.

Overlord Beji: [Hahaha, the host’s expression is so cute.]

YuWen Left: [Brother, pay attention to stay warm. Don’t catch a cold.]

A strange phenomenon occurred as Su Xing’s fans increased, they divided into two groups. One was formed of those who watched the fight with the python and wanted him as a brother.

There were also female fans that added Su Xing and wanted to chat and gossip between male and female friends.

The male fans could not stand the female fans. Although he was a male, they treated the young host like a sissy. The female fans also did not like the male fans who were too simple and rough towards the host. Meanwhile, the host was oblivious to all this.

The mutual dislike was a somewhat strange phenomenon.

“Woof.” Little White, who had been fattened up, suddenly looked at the rippling water with shining amber eyes. There was something on the hook.

Su Xing immediately pulled the fishing rod, he braced himself against the weight. “It’s a big fish.” he excitedly spoke while standing up and walking backward. The big brothers were fired up.

French Fries Mood: [Woah, this fish is at least three pounds!]

Kyoto Guest: [Little brother is very skilled. How come I never caught anything large in the river?]

“Woof, woof!” Little White and Yellow saw the fish leave the water and circled in excitement with their wagging tails. It seemed like they wanted to come forward and bite the fish.

Su Xing skillfully put away the fishing rod, removed the fish, and showed it to the camera. He spoke with a smile. “Good fish, at least three pounds. Tonight’s meal will be delicious, I can make spicy fish head, or squirrel…right have you eaten squirrel-shaped fish?

Some in the messages said yes, while others said they not eaten it before.

Su Xing continued. “It is delicious, the fish is butterflied, covered in cornmeal and fried to a golden crisp. Then you add a whole bottle of ketchup. Yes, you didn’t hear wrong, a whole bottle. Easy but very delicious.”

After listening to the anchor, the audience in the live room had a strange idea. My kitchen seems to have ketchup, it’s time to use it.

Author Note: Ketchup: Do you know what despair is?

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