IPMH Chapter 16

Su Xing was not sure whether this grumpy swordsman would kill him again, so he dared not move from the ground. The other party scolded him and let out insults, but finally left in bad spirits when there was no reaction.

Su Xing breathed a sigh of relief at his luck. He immediately used the system’s free PK situation resurrection, his little character got up and continued to run missions to make money.

Along the way, he saw many players at the same level, flying through the air on a beautiful crane. The idea to capture one of his own sprouted in his mind. However, he had to finish his current task.

At the same time, Demon posted the screenshots of Flying Cloud’s friend’s spineless betrayal. His heart was not happy as he spat out insults.

Demon: [Just saw a friend of Flying Cloud, only killed him once and he caved right away….really boring.]

The Magic Sword League was filled with a large number of people, two thousand people could casually gather and form a mob. The evening was peak gaming time, so there were thousands of people online.

The screenshot immediately caused a sensation in the group. A friend or family member of Flying Clouds? Was it true? If yes, the contents of the screenshot could be extremely satisfying.

Purple Phoenix: [Sister Feifei, come take a look @ Night Fangfei]

The person being called was a sister of the Magic Sword League. Known in the gamer world as Goddess Feifei. She was very famous, highly educated, good family and a beautiful appearance.

From the start of the game, Night Fangfei rose to prominence, popular throughout the world of online games. There were not many rumors, but the most talked-about was whether there was a feud between her and Flying Clouds.

In truth, the matter was very simple. Someone enamored with her beauty asked Flying Clouds if she was the game world’s most beautiful goddess.

Then Flying Clouds said, “Are you cross-eyed?”

Most of the league knew about it so they closed their mouths as watched as their goddess was called out by Purple Phoenix.

Night Fangfei: [You specially called me for this? I have nothing to with him.]

Night Fangfei: [@ Demon, You killed a small player for no reason. Spreading the news does not help the league’s reputation. I hope you will apologize to the person you killed.]

Demon: [What? Make me apologize? Have you made a mistake?]

Night Fangfei: [You are a member of the Magic Sword League but using our name to bully weak players is not right. If you do not apologize, I can only take action myself.]

Demon: [What will you do?]

Night Fangfei: [Drive you out of the league and clarify that the matter has nothing to do with Magic Sword League. Don’t take it personally, this is the rule of the league, we are a righteous group and not an unruly mob.]

Demon: [Oh, do you think you are Azure Mountain? I don’t want to worry a high-level player, I’ll speak with him myself.]

The people worried about Demon getting expelled woke up. Other than Flying Clouds and Night Fangfei, there was also Azure Mountain Reflection. Those called Gods in the game world were not only proficient but also handsome and rich.

Many people could not forget the hundred players 2017 Christmas party. Azure Mountain booked an entire resort for the high-level players to enjoy. Night Fangfei also participated in the get-together, but the two were not in a relationship, only friendship.

Night Fangfei: [He’s so busy, do you think he has to manage your idle tricks?]

Demon had just taken a screenshot, he would certainly not lower his head and apologize after only killing one new player.

Demon: [Oh, garbage group.]

After this sentence, the player retired from the group with a clean break. Night Fangfei frowned and felt the man was going to do something.

Sure enough, someone in the group reported that Demon had posted in the forum. He said that Flying Clouds was a failure of a person, scolded by his family and friends. He also said that Night Fangfei was a con artist suppressed by Flying Clouds.

There was a picture included as proof and caused a great stir in the circle. Many people stuck around to watch the drama.

Yang Meixuan: [How did I not know that Flying Clouds, wasn’t he a famous loner?]

Swaying Heart: [Brother and Flying Clouds fought once. The reason why he doesn’t have family or friends much because of his poisonous tongue and bad temper!]

Big Man AA: [I agree! I also battled Flying Clouds, he is really bad-tempered! Arbitrary!]

An Hengyan: [I told you, this guy forced us on a failed mission but also blamed us garbage. Where is his face, he is trash!]

At this time, Su Xing was recognized in the field while running a mission. He received a message: [You are Flying Cloud’s friend? You flamed your brother on the forum.]

Su Xing: [???]

Su Xing was forced to enter the forum. One glance at the post later, he found long-suffering answers. The reason behind people hating Flying Clouds was this sort of thing. It seemed like…there was a reason?

The thing that made him dumbfounded was that his post labeled him as Flying Cloud’s friend. Being seen as a spineless small egg was a strange feeling.

After all, Su Xing was playing the game for fun, to find something for him to do. In the end, he accidentally said something and was involved in confusing speculations.

In the wild, Su Xing encountered a fan of Flying Clouds that wanted to kill him. He was even more bewildered, how would Flying Clouds have fans with his bad temper and lack of friends?

Familiar Man: [Newbie, give me Flying Clouds WeChat number and I will consider not killing you.]

Sweet Sour Lotus Root: [……Are you not afraid of Flying Clouds noticing you bullying me so much.]

Familiar Man: [Hey, you betrayed him, would he still consider you a friend? Not killing you would be a mercy.]

Su Xing also thought that, if he was Flying Clouds, he would be angry as well.

Sweet Sour Lotus Root: [Fine, kill me then.]

Didn’t the player that bullied Su Xing say that he was very spineless? Why did the information not match?

Familiar Man: [You should think things through, I’ll kill you and watch the body so you cannot play the game.]

Sweet Sour Lotus Root: [What do want his number for? Are you gay?]

Familiar Man: [You’re the gay one, my sister wants it!]

Su Xing learned that was the case. The other party glared daggers at him.

Familiar Man: [Coward with a temper, then I’ll kill you for real!]

He raised his knife, ready to attack Su Xing, when a sharp trident stabbed him through the back. An immediate kill. Flying Clouds appeared in front of Su Xing with black robe flying in the breeze.

Su Xing looked at him, he was calm with some inexplicable grievances hidden in his heart.

Sweet Sour Lotus Root: [I’m sorry…]

But since he did something wrong, Su Xing felt he should apologize. Yu Feng looked at this pure newbie who apologized twice in one day. One for saying good things about and the other for saying bad words….

Flying Clouds: [Are you a professional apologizer?]

Sweet Sour Lotus Root: [Ah?]

Flying Clouds: [You got killed twice today?]

Sweet Sour Lotus Root: […Yes.]

Flying Clouds: [Because of me?]

Sweet Sour Lotus Root: […Yes.]

Flying Clouds: [In that case, why apologize to me?]

Su Xing was asked this question. True, as the victim, why should he apologize? But that was completely right, he was killed because he had done something wrong.

Sweet Sour Lotus Root: [I made people flame you. If I didn’t say anything, nothing would have happened.]

Flying Clouds: [Oh, you think too highly of yourself. Even if you didn’t say anything, rumors about me would flare up anyway. I’m a famous figure in gaming circles while you’re a passerby, who cared about who you are.]

Sweet Sour Lotus Root: [….]

Flying Clouds: [The next time go to sleep, college student.]

Sweet Sour Lotus Root: [At first I wanted to be friends with you.]

Su Xing was slapping his cheeks in reality and felt suffocated. How could there be such a person in the world, actually killing a character like in the post. Flying Clouds was someone addicted to strength.

After this, Su Xing logged off. He left the demonic man in the empty green mountains without further words.

Familiar Man: [God Cloud, are you Flying Cloud himself? What just happened was a misunderstanding! I wasn’t going to kill that newbie, I just…]

Wanted to scare him.

The explanation had not finished when Flying Clouds turned around and cooly swept his weapon. One-third of his health was cleaved away.

Flying Clouds: [The next time you see him, walk away. Got it?]

Familiar Man: [Yes…I know, I know.]

It turned out he was actually a family or friend….

Flying Clouds: [Don’t overthink, he doesn’t have my WeChat number, he’s not a relative or friend. Remember that I have nothing to do with him.]

A lot of people were watching the drama. When Flying Clouds released that statement, it was a hot post. The name “Sweet Sour Lotus Root” became a hot search topic in the forum.

Title: [Flying Clouds has nothing to do with Sweet Sour Lotus Root. Face me directly and don’t harass him]

Content: [As per the title, for those that want to fight and the sand sculpture named Demon who takes hate out on a level 30 newbie, clean up and wait for me.]

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