IPMH Chapter 15

Su Xing’s voice was pleasant to listen to and seemed to not match his age or appearance. When listening on the internet, people would not feel uncomfortable. Only strangers who had never heard him before would feel that his voice is young.

Su Xing rarely encountered this since he was young, so he stayed firm. “Excuse me, do I sound like a school boy?” He asked.

From this question, Yu Feng knew the answer and that he had a misunderstanding. But he was not ready to admit that. “Yes, you didn’t know yourself?”

Su Xing wrinkled his brows, he actually did not know. “I’m sorry, I’m a college student, nineteen years old now.”

Yu Feng fought against a smile, he did not think the young man was being sarcastic. “Then do you still want me to carry you…college student.”

“…” Su Xing hesitated in silence. In fact, he did not want to trouble others but coming and leaving would give an impolite and isolated impression.

He whispered, “If it’s not trouble for you.”

“There is no trouble, I will carry you once as thank you for your business.”

Su Xing was shocked and dismayed by the owner’s poisonous tongue.

“Tell me about your quest.” Yu Feng ordered.

“Okay…” Su Xing endured the uncomfortable mood and set aside any idea of refusing further in order to focus on playing the game itself.

Anyways, the other side had already said, it would be just this time. Su Xing followed behind Flying Clouds silently thinking, since the other party did not know they were sort of acquainted, he did not need to do anything.

This time he knew that he should never insert himself into the house owner’s public matters, even if said owner was harshly scolded again. Also, he did not want to stay up late.

“You stand there and don’t move, wait for me to finish fighting.” Yu Feng casually commanded and did not see Su Xing was already far away.

“Okay.” Su Xing lazily responded and watched his experience bar soar. This was the difference between a pro and a complete novice.

“!!!” It’s rising even when standing still! Isn’t that great!

Su Xing looked at his status page in surprise, the bar was almost filled. He hurried over to Yu Feng and said, “Don’t stop, kill a bit more so I can level up again…”

Yu Feng was ready to finish when his hands slipped from the keyboard. He almost died in the pile of twenty to thirty monsters.

“Cough…” If that wasn’t an elementary student, Yu Feng expressionlessly thought he would give up smoking.

Su Xing felt something was strange. “Flying Clouds, why aren’t you fighting?”

The boss had no choice but to raise his trident and continue to fight the mountain animals.

Good, the experience bar started filling up again, Su Xing cheered in his heart with his first taste of gaming. Then he controlled his newbie trash, no, he meant hand prop, to busily pick up the drop item for the quest. Thirty pieces were needed to complete the task.

“Done!” Su Xing crisply said, which awakened the young devil that was woodenly slaughtering mountain pigs.

“The next task is helping a rakshasa woman find a lost letter…” Su Xing’s voice echoed in the room, he completely forgot the previous unpleasantness. “Flying Clouds, do you think we should first find the letter or go back to Blood Moon City?”

“Both tasks need to be reported in Blood Moon City, only fools would go back first before finding the letter?”

“Oh.” Su Xing mumbled an answer. His happiness from leveling up had blinded him so he forgot that the pro in front of him was not a friend. Flying Clouds only had a moment of charity with a poisonous tongue.

While searching for the letter, Su Xing followed closely behind his newly met stranger and no longer showed any signs of closeness. Yu Feng cleared up the monsters along the way, so Su Xing got a lot of experience points.

However the chatroom was silent, Yu Feng could not help think that his headphones had broken.

“Hey?” He tentatively asked.

“Yes?” There was an immediate response filled with confusion.

“….” He paused before asking, “Are you tired? Then don’t play.”

Su Xing was not very tired but went with the flow. “Okay, thank you for today.” Then he hesitantly said, “…Good night?”

“Good night.”

Su Xing exited the chatroom, then took off his headphones and rubbed his ears. He paused for a moment before continuing to have his character “Sweet Sour Lotus Root” complete the task of finding the letter.

Yes, it was past nine o’clock so Su Xing felt a tad sleepy, but he was too interested in the game. Thinking about it, letting others carry him could easily level his character up, but he could only experience the game himself on his own. Therefore, a person slowly going at their own pace was also very good, Su Xing thought to himself.

Yu Feng looked at the empty and for a moment, did not know what to do next. Without noticing, he found himself at Xiawei Temple, the hiding place of the missing letter for the female rakshasa….

Plus, he was not the only person there, a thin gray shadow, was it not the college student who went to bed?

Flying Clouds: [Sleepy? Going to bed? Really?]

Su Xing also saw a tall black figure, filled with evil charm, standing on top of his destination. In Xiawei temple’s gloomy atmosphere, the demon seemed as terrible as a ghost.

Sweet Sour Lotus Root: [….]

Su Xing did not know what to say, was there a correct answer? Just as he was going to find an excuse to break the deadlock, the other person swung the trident in hand….

No way? Su Xing shook, afraid that the other side was going to kill him.

Flying Clouds: [What are you doing? Come and get the letter.]

It turned out that the demon character had only moved his character, not launched an attack.

Sweet Sour Lotus Root: [Okay.]

Su Xing steeled his mind and walked up the steps. He stopped in front of the phoenix-like character and obtained the letter.

Sweet and Sour Lotus Root: [Thank you, I’m leaving.]

He turned around and promptly walked down the steps. Back in the city after turning in the two quests, his experience bar filled up again and he reached level 25.

At level 30, players could join and form groups freely. Rising up so much at once, Su Xing was filled with temptation and decided not to leave before getting his newbie character to level 30.

Friends who had played large-scale online games knew that the initial levels were very easy and much later harder on, but the game was also better to play by then.

Therefore, in the early stage would find someone to carry them and power level. Only Su Xing, this person was unwilling to spend money and find a power leveler and had no friends or relatives to support this newbie, would be going around doing quests.

….However, he completed them with relish.

Whether the quest was collecting immortal soul fragments, killing water ghosts in the river, confidential information from a shadow mountain organization, Su Xing felt they were all interesting.

He would read the quest text for each mission before taking action. There were now few people who played games so seriously.

After finishing the previous tasks, Su Xing’s game character reached level 30. He could learn cultivation manuals and martial arts techniques, but those needed in-game gold and experience points.

To improve one’s strength was the only way he would have the opportunity to join a good team. Otherwise, the captain would kick you out once they looked at your character page.

Su Xing was poor both in money and knowledge. His wallet only had a few gold coins, not enough to buy skills or medicine. He could only set it aside for now and do quests outside of town to earn some money.

Just after transferring to the wild, without seeing what happened, Su Xing’s screen went gray and his character fell to the ground. He seemed to have been killed.

Though he was at a loss as to how that happened? Was it a Player-Killer?

Su Xing could only think of that as an explanation. He opened his list of enemies and saw that the person who killed him was called “Demon”, a level 50 swordsman.

Su Xing stayed down and did not resurrect, simply typing and asking about the matter.

Sweet Sour Lotus Root: [This player called Demon, did you kill the wrong person?]

Demon: [No mistake, this one killed you.]

The man’s swordsman had not left even after killing the level 30 newbie.

Sweet Sour Lotus Root: [Are you sure? I have not wronged you, what are you killing me for?]

Su Xing was even more forward.

Demon: [You’re a friend or relative of Flying Clouds right? Don’t lie, I saw him take you to finish quests. Haha.]

Su Xing understood, he was a small fish in a pond and pulled the hate from the house owner. He seemed to have enemies from all over that hated him…Why was that?

Sweet Sour Lotus Root: [What did Flying Clouds do? Why do you hate him so much?]

Demon felt like going crazy facing this newbie’s curious questions, wasn’t this guy supposed to be angry and call Flying Clouds for revenge?

Demon: [Shut up! I am not in the mood to chat with you, quickly say Flying Clouds is garbage and I’ll let you go.]

Sweet and Sour Lotus Root: [Flying Clouds is garbage. Let me go then.]

Demon: […….]

Demon was perplexed, why did this guy have no backbone? What about righteousness between good friends? Such an easy victory, he had no sense of achievement, none at all! He even felt a bit depressed!

Author’s Note:

Su Xing: I am a complete newbie with no backbone.

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