IPMH Chapter 14

In fact, Su Xing did not have any background in selling clothes. He just felt that it would not matter even if no one bought any. Anyway, selling silverberries for a thousand dollars was a windfall. Using it to buy ten of uncle Niu’s clothes was worth the cost.

After returning, Su Xing found the video on his phone and published it on the platform. “This is an elder from my village, I went to see him today. Anyone interested in buying the elder’s clothes can contact me.”

Soon, as people believed in Su Xing asked how much the clothes cost. Learning that one was only one hundred and fifty dollars, they were happy to pay. After all, the price was not high, ordering one dinner in the city was more expensive.

After two consecutive purchases, someone in the comments lamented: [You are the cheapest and most real blogger on this platform.]

Su Xing then replied: [Haha, it’s because I am not aiming to make money.]

Blue LuluDa: [Host, are there still clothes? I want to buy one to hand in my study.]

Su Xing: [There is one left, you came just in time.]

Two days later, the buyers received the posted silverberries. Their feedback was very good, said with the host’s careful packaging, the fruit was not damaged and also fresh.

Two days later, the clothes also arrived. Su Xing’s phone received pictures and feedback. They did not know whether to laugh or cry when they discovered that they had purchased decorations…In addition, those who were actually looking for these clothes would not buy them online.

Su Xing showed the pictures to uncle Niu, who felt a tad disjointed yet very proud. His work was recognized by others and was hanging in a fancy study room.

Su Xing was also very happy, the seeds he planted in the vegetable field had sprouted. The sprouts were green, delicate, and needed careful nurturing.

While watering at sunset, Su Xing was quick to share his plant’s vitality with his fans.

“Look, I made this bamboo barrel myself. It’s suitable for the new seedlings. Once they’ve grown a bit, I need to change to a bigger one.”

The youth’s happy voice accompanied by the sunset passed into the audience’s ears. Each person felt their personal kind of immersive comfort.

“Little White, Little Yellow, time to go home!” Su Xing shouted.

The two dogs heard the owner’s call and stopped chasing each other’s tails to happily run over from the grass.

Life Makes No Sense: [Ha, this is healing, I’m longing for life.]

French Fries Mood: [Very good, I’m lovingly envious!]

French Fries Mood the programmer seemed somewhat careless with money. Today he rewarded Su Xing with 200 dollars.

As a result, Su Xing bluntly said, “Thank you for the gift, but you don’t need to send anything. The platform takes a portion as commission, so gifts actually go to them and I don’t get much money.”

As soon as that was said, the audience watching the live broadcast knew that the host was not making money to live and were more willing to pay attention to him.

These days, Su Xing was finishing up the empty space. Perhaps he could plant trees and flowers to make a beautiful hidden garden? The scale of the project was not definite, it could take more than a year and a half.

Su Xing also did not think much further if he did not have to. He was free right now to fill his days with activity of his choosing.

In S-city, Sky Online finally was released to the public. Busy boss Yu Feng breathed a sigh of relief.

During that time, the mysterious being had not disappeared. It delivered three meals a deal and even…helped tidy up around the house?

Yu Feng found it a bit interesting. In his mind, he nicknamed it Snail Girl from the folk tale. After all, a man would not deign to cook and clean for another man.

After the new game was online, a large number of players immediately poured in. The server was quickly full and each entry needed to wait in the queue.

Su Xing waited a long time on his Lenovo laptop before his newly created character, “Sweet and Sour Lotus Root” entered the server.

At present, there were a total of four areas, Heaven and Earth, Profound Qing Region, Moon Dance Spirit, and Flying Spring Jade.

Just looking at the names, one would realize it was a xianxia game. The beautiful, magical scenery, exquisite and dynamic characters were not lesser than the storyline. Whether it was

Battles between immortals or the love and hate relationships between characters, everything was there in Sky Online.

“Wow, the scenery is really beautiful.” Su Xing logged in and sincerely sighed.

He was currently playing as a clean-faced Taoist male dressed in a plain gray-blue robe. He had an attribute-less sword by his waist and a fly-whisk in hand.

These were a Taoist’s weapons, one for offense and the other for support. That was to say, a Taoist could kill enemies and help companions, which had its advantages. The dual-role Taoist was an all-rounder, but a master of none. It was considered a suboptimal class.

Only rookies who had just started the game would choose this trash job class.

Young rookie Su Xing completely did not know the pros and cons, he felt that as a Taoist, being able to heal while fighting was very good.

At the moment, he could not do much but fight against starter enemies near the main road. After half an hour, he finally got himself to level fifteen and could team up with others to fight!

System: [Player Flying Clouds invites you to join the party. Agree or Refuse.]

A prompt box appeared with options for the player to choose from. Su Xing did not have amnesia and his memory was good. Seeing the ID, he was surprised and remembered that this was the house owner’s game character. Why has he invited him to his team?

It was a little strange, but Su Xing had no reason to refuse.

Su Xing nodded in agreement and opened the team’s page. Unsurprisingly, he saw a mighty demon with a beautiful face, long hair, and red eyes. He was wearing a dark grey printed robe, holding a trident, and wearing a nice pair of leather boots.

{Team} Flying Clouds: [Sweet Sour Lotus Root?]

{Team} Sweet Sour Lotus Root: [Yes, do you know me?]

On the surface, he was calm but his heart was pounding. Su Xing immediately remembered the situation related to Flying Clouds in the game forum. He thought he would not be discovered when someone intervened.

So he regretted not picking a different ID before coming out.

{Team} Flying Clouds: [You were the one to say I was young, handsome, and rich in the forum?]

Su Xing felt his vision darken as he almost fainted…sure enough, it was about his interjection. But meeting this way, seemed a little too unscientific?

{Team} Sweet Sour Lotus Root: [Sorry, I didn’t mean to…]

{Team} Flying Clouds: [Hmm? What are you apologizing for? I just wanted to ask how you know I am handsome and rich? Do you know me?]

{Team} Sweet Sour Lotus Root: [I don’t know you.]

Speaking with the house owner in-game, Su Xing had a mysterious feeling. He supposed the two people were fated to meet?

If it was a man and a woman, would it be possible to become lovers? But since it was two men, most likely they would be friends. Su Xing felt that he could endure the fact that the house owner did not eat spicy foods.

{Team} Flying Clouds: [Then it was a spur of the moment comment?]

{Team} Sweet Sour Lotus Root: [Yes.]

Yu Feng raised an eyebrow at the cold answer. Either he did not know enough to understand Sweet Sour Lotus Root, or his character was just chilly.

{Team} Flying Clouds: [Do you me to carry you?]

{Team} Sweet Sour Lotus Root: [Sure.]

{Team} Flying Clouds: [….]

Young novice Su Xing was not actually cold, he just felt…saying more would make things worse, it was better to say less.

There were two reasons why Yu Feng decided to carry a brand-new, level 15 newbie. One, he had good feelings towards the newbie’s game ID. Two, it was a reward for the other defending him.

After this time, the two would be strangers.

{Team} Flying Clouds: [Keep up.]

{Team} Sweet Sour Lotus Root: [Ok.]

Gray clothes fluttered as Su Xing followed the tall demon past a section before pausing to type: [You aren’t asking me what quest?]

Yu Feng paused to think, Sky Online is a world I created, no need to ask….

But he typed out a few words: [You tell me then.]

While Su Xing was playing, he found that he was worthy of the title of an absolute newbie. If he started typing, he could not control his character: [If you are online, I can use voice to tell you.]

Then Su Xing added: [My hand is injured.]

Yu Feng frowned, knowing that he had never used his number to speak with people in-game.

Sweet Sour Lotus Root: [But if that’s a problem for you, I’ll slowly type it out.]

It could be inferred that the other party was speaking truthfully.

Yu Feng sent out a string of room numbers: [It’s all right. You come in.]

Soon after, a game ID entered the room. Yu Feng started the conversation. “Can you hear me?”

Su Xing adjusted his headset. “Yes.”

There was a long pause so Su Xing could not help but ask. “Flying Clouds, can you hear me?”

Yu Feng rubbed his ears and swept away his previous impression of an ice-cold character. “Yes, can hear you. How old are you?”

Su Xing was silent in response to the question. “….”

He recalled that the other person did not ask about his levels, but about his age.

While he was at a loss, Yu Feng spoke with a serious voice. “Primary or junior high school? If you are in primary school, uncle will not carry you. Quickly shut down your computer and do your homework.”

Even as a game maker, the president was seriously studious.

Author’s Note: Su Xing: ????

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9 thoughts on “IPMH Chapter 14

  1. Lolololol does he actually sound that young? Is there a problem with Yu Feng’s ears? Or did Su Xing accidentally install a voice changer? XDD find out in the next episode of “food is the best. I won’t question anything as long as you give me food” XD thanks for the chapter hahaha 😀 xD

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I completely sympathise because my voice sounds high that people always mistake me for a primary school student even though I am much older 😭😭😭


  2. I completely sympathise because my voice sounds high that people always mistake me for a primary school student even though I am much older 😭😭😭


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