IPMH Chapter 13

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The process of repulsing the python took more than ten minutes.

Su Xing did not mind the live room exploding, he was more worried about the injured female monkey. He hurried over, fed the monkey some water and kneaded the monkey’s chest. Along with the timid little monkey, Su Xing could not keep them here.

After careful consideration, Su Xing resolutely carried the mother and baby monkey together. His load came from thirty to forty pounds, immediately became at least fifty or sixty pounds, maybe even heavier.

While walking down the road, Su Xing remembered that his phone was still recording. He gasped and said, “Friends, I don’t know if the monkey I am holding can be saved, but if I do nothing, they will die…So, should I call or take them home and have a look…”

At this time, the broadcast room had become overcrowded with the audience discussing the young host’s rescue from the python. It also piqued people’s attention, suddenly Su Xing’s fans increased by thousands.

While Su Xing was stabbing at the python, a mob of people poured into the live room and saw the lively spirit of the countryside people that could not be explained by science.

French Fries Mood: [Man, you’re so brave. I don’t think I could do something like you.]

1766496031: [Before this point, when I saw your fine appearance, also thought your personality would be delicate. But in reality….you are a real man, I admire you!]

There were more similar messages, praising Su Xing’s bravery and manliness. They also discussed what they would do if they encountered this situation in the wild.

The audience that grew up in the countryside were fine and it was not the first time they had seen a snake. If things were okay, they would choose to fight. Most of the city people, who had never seen a snake before in their life, not to mention such a large python, made no secret that they would choose not to fight.

Of course, there was nothing wrong with doing nothing, after all, safety first. Protecting oneself was of key importance. Later the lively audience did not leave and were concerned and the monkey mother and son’s safety.

They watched the host return home and place the exhausted female monkey in the shaded first floor hall. The baby monkey was lying on the mother’s chest with water eyes. Their arms were wrapped tightly around her neck, eyes filled with panic.

“Don’t be afraid.” Su Xing smiled at the baby monkey and pulled out some raspberries and silverberries along with water. He waited for the monkey to come over and eat.

“Woof, wu…” The two dogs barked at the door, they seemed curious yet afraid to come inside. Mostly because Su Xing had shown them that they could not scare the monkey.

“Go.” Su Xing closed the door and was finally free to take down his phone. He noticed that there was almost no battery left and it was getting late. “Guys, go have lunch. I’ll see you next time.”

Su Xing apologetically sped up the pace while holding his phone because he came back past lunchtime. He did not know if the house owner had eaten?

The answer was of course not.

Today was Saturday, Yu Feng got up at ten o’clock and had breakfast. Now it was half past one and he was not hungry yet. But he was also curious, lunch was usually very punctual, why was it suddenly late today?

Could it be that the mysterious being knew that he worked weekend nights and was not hungry now? That was too far fetched.

Yu Feng wondered while sort of waiting until past two o’clock. He was hungry so he came out to check again. He found the box there again.

He narrowed his eyes like a delighted lynx and walked over to open the box. He could not resist the dish of delicate red raspberries.

This little thing easily made people feel good. He did not wait and threw one into his mouth. Sour and sweet, it reminded him of the taste of nature.

Then he did something he never thought he would do…take a photo of this wonderful lunch with fruit and send it to his friends.

Bright, fresh raspberries on a white porcelain dish. Faintly reflecting the afternoon light like a pile of precious rubies. With green beans, fungus and bell peppers and fried meat, it was a red, green and black feast for the eyes.

Su Xing was too late for leeks, so he had to fry two eggs for the house owner. He sprinkled a little green onion and flavored it with a little soy sauce.

Very simple and completely unlike a famous company president’s meal! But it made people fill with happiness and their mouths water, what was going on?

Cold Laugh: [Boss, you’re having that for lunch?]

Pei Wen: [ (^-^) Sending this to all your friends, when did you get a girlfriend?]

Flying Bear: [Eh? Raspberry? I saw raspberries today Boss! This fruit can be dried and used in medicine. Can nourish the liver and kidneys and cure illnesses!]

For this honest child from the tech department, Yu Feng gave him a smile: [Student Flying Bear, your Boss’s kidney is very good. I’ll thank you not to have any doubts.]

Regarding the girlfriend comment, Yu Feng was too lazy to clarify. There was nothing wrong with being misunderstood. This way, Yu Feng’s situation would stabilize. If people thought the boss had a girlfriend, they would not try and secure the boss’s heart.

After lunch, Su Xing was at the first floor taking care of the injured mother monkey. Su Xing finally felt some relief watching her slowly recover while eating fruit and feeding the baby monkey.

By the way, he also recorded the mother and baby monkey to let everyone feel at ease.

“Now the mother and baby monkey are safe, we don’t have to worry. Tomorrow morning I am going to send them back to the mountain and send the silverberries to the friends who bought them via courier. Thank you.]

After publishing the video, Su Xing looked at his current number of fans and was shocked. How had the number gone straight past ten thousand?

He soon received a lot of messages and likes on the recently published video…Su Xing was surprised while wracking his brain, was this the so called sudden rise to popularity?

Although ten thousand fans was far from the point of being famous, it was a great achievement for Su Xing who had a few hundred fans only a few days ago.

In response to the fan’s strong demands, Su Xing took several consecutive videos of the mother and baby monkey. Everyone found it incredibly satisfying to watch the mother and son eat wild fruit.

The rescued female monkey held her baby in her left hand and raspberries in her right. While eating she curiously looked at Su Xing. In short, Su Xing was not regarded as a threat.

So Su xing left the mother and baby to rest. He was in the yard packing silver-berries to send via express the next day.

Early the next morning, Su Xing sent the mother and baby monkey back to the mountains. He shot a farewell video that showed the rescued mother and baby monkey run down the road, climb up a tree and watch Su Xing.

Su Xing was worried that they would encounter danger. He waved his hand and shouted, “Go back to the mountains! Good bye!”

The two sides looked at each other for awhile and then Su Xing turned away. The netizens who watched him post the video cautioned him to avoid pythons in the future.

Cool Ferryman: [Since yesterday, I’ve felt that the anchor is a good person, unlike other people.]

Listen to Broken Heart2: [He is still young and has not experienced the dark side of society. This is good, I hope he stays like that.]

Let Pig Choose Good Name: [One will suffer in society right? Some people’s comments are really insensitive. If others do something later, will people think they are ugly? Needless to say, things are like that.]

Winter Wood Feather Dance: [Yes, seeing more of human nature’s ugliness makes me like this kind of young man more. If it was me, I would also be willing to abandon the city and retreat to the countryside.]

The comments were mixed and heated.

Su Xing did not think much. Before noon, he immediately drove out and posted the ten orders of silver-berries. Then he quickly purchased some ingredients back in town. He stopped by uncle Niu’s house to drop of some fresh raspberries and silverberries for the elderly man to taste.

Uncle Niu saw these familiar fruits and had black lines on the back of his head. He helplessly asked, “You went up the mountain?”

Su Xing, this man who went left when told to go right, dryly smiled and changed the topic. “Hey, uncle Niu, if someone wanted to buy your clothes, would you sell them?”

Uncle Niu looked up from his chair-making. “Who would want to buy them?”

Su Xing simply explained, “Now there are online stores, you know? Didn’t I record your work that day? I posted it on a platform so that guests could see and buy.”

“Is there such a thing?” Uncle Niu made clothes for sale, of course he was willing to sell. “But I made these clothes a while ago, they aren’t new. If someone wants to buy, I’ll make a new set.”

“No, no need.” Su Xing quickly said. “These pieces can also be sold. What do you think about one hundred and fifty per piece?”

Uncle Niu was scared stiff at the price doubling, he would not accept and finally agreed to sell one hundred dollars per piece. Su Xing handed over the silver-berry money and took the ten clothes hanging in the house.

Su Xing sadly thought, two pounds of wild silver-berries cost the same as the clothes uncle Niu spent a few days to make, it was really touching.

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