IPMH Chapter 12

The boss appeared late at night and also issued a big red envelope, the active WeChat group became even more lively. They grabbed Yu Feng and did not let him go.

Planning Department Yamei: [Boss, how do you know that it was a success, do you have a test account?]

Tester Ben: [Yamei, what nonsense, we went back and forth testing thousands of times, why would we need the boss to test it himself?]

Marketing Bobo: [I say, didn’t you see the news? The major game platforms have exploded with good reviews of the content? Have a little confidence in your company’s work, okay?]

Artman: [Ah! Ah, ah! Game god’s live room has exploded! Can’t be more satisfied. Our game is on fire!]

Tester Ben: [Fire/Fire/Fire]

Planning Department Yamei: [Eh? What about the boss? Sent a red envelope and ran away?]

They chatted emptily, Yu Feng had turned off his computer and was ready to sleep….But then he realized that something was missing tonight? Right, it was supper.

Yu Feng let his study and went into the dining room. He found two wrapped meat sandwiches on the table with the words ‘lazy’ scrawled all over them.

Who knew why, but Yu Feng smirked and laughed happily. Perhaps it was because he could tell the difference between putting in effort versus not bothering to cook regarding what was recently prepared.

When the other side wanted to cook, it must be exquisite and artistic, each mouthful like a ceremony. When the other side was too lazy to cook, the taste of the dish was still good but was not beautifully plated. Did not care if it was eaten or not.

Tonight, there were only two sandwiches, one with green peppers, the other was pure meat. Yu Feng sensed that the other side might not know his tastes and would always deliberately prepare two. He considerately did not say anything.

That was correct, Yu Feng took such a strange occurrence as normal and was even considerate of the other party. If someone else experienced this, they may be scared to death.

But Yu Feng’s life experience could not be compared with the average person. He had no expectations for people, but this ambiguous distant situation was strangely suitable for him.

Yu Feng thought to himself to just let it be. After eating both delicious sandwiches, he drank a glass of water and went to bed.

Speaking of sleep, it might have been because of his recent good mood, Yu Feng felt that the quality of his sleep had improved.

This was to be expected, because every day in the middle of the night, the guest in the living room would get woken up and have to check on his situation. Usually, as long as Su Xing applied a warm towel while coaxing and holding hands, the owner would soundly sleep. Then Su Xing could lie down.

This was the reason Su Xing had to go to bed early every night, otherwise, it would be hard to work without enough sleep.

“Ah, good morning.” Su Xing stood in front of the window staring at the lush mountains and greeted nature.

After breakfast, he put on work clothes, hiking shoes, carried a backpack and went into the mountains together with the dogs.

The excited dogs were cheerfully wagging their tails, running and jumping around with their half-grown bodies. They wanted Su Xing to chase them.

Su Xing opened his phone and filmed a small video of the mountain path and the two brave dogs. “Good morning everyone, today the dogs and I are taking a walk in the mountains. Don’t know what we’ll encounter or harvest, but we won’t know until we get there, right?”

The fog had not dispersed from the early morning mountains. Though Su Xing was still a novice at photography, he more or less shot a wonderland of beauty.

Coupled with a nice voice and sultry breathing, it would undoubtedly cause throbbing hearts among the netizens, garnering their concern and care.

Since the misty, dew-filled morning scenery was too beautiful, Su Xing started the live broadcast with the camera on his forehead. He took everyone to find the water source.

At this time, the audience of the broadcast saw a natural small waterfall flowing day and night in the mountains. The path was beautiful, seemingly waiting for people to discover its beauty.

The mountains in May were lush and green. Near the stream, ferns of many sizes were growing. Fresh, tender and green with vitality.

To the side, a clump of what resembled small red lanterns was hidden near the rocks. The hundreds of people in the audience were stunned.

Su Xing smiled and said, “It’s a mountain raspberry, can be booked and also used in medicine.”

It was considered a rare ingredient, difficult to get fresh, ripe fruits. So Su Xing immediately climbed over and picked a few bright berries to taste. “Completely ripened, very sweet and juicy, I want to pick some to bring back. Leftovers can be dried. Right, raspberries are valuable in Chinese medicine, can nourish the liver and kidneys…Um, can also be used for liver deficiency…”

The live audience broadcast saw so many red raspberries, one by one they began to drool. As if they were tasting the sweet and sour juice on their taste buds, they went crazy when coupled with the live stream.

The one member of the audience messaged: [So many raspberries, can you eat them all on your own? How about you pick some and sell to us?]

Su Xing was regretful, “The raspberries are prone to decay, I am afraid it cannot be shared with you.”

After eating a plate worth of berries, Su Xing continued on his journey and encountered a group of silverberry trees. There were strings of berries on top, bright red and oval, the size of two thumbs. They resembled ancient lanterns.

The live broadcast audience sighed, this red color looked very festive, such nice trees, really want to pick some.

Su Xing laughed as he climbed up the tree to eat some of the fruit. “Friends, silverberry tastes sweet, a bit like fresh dates, but more juicy as you can imagine.”

The drooling crowd decided that after the live broadcast they would go buy dates to sate their cravings. There were more than a thousand people in the live room, the numbers relied on people’s desire for fruit and harvest.

The nation loved a good harvest and food. So seeing the trees full of fruit, was a feast for the eyes. There were many former rural workers who had grown up and moved to the city. Since they had not tasted any nostalgia from childhood for a long time, it was inevitable that they would be touched.

So Su Xing received his first gift from this live stream. Although, it was not much, only 100 dollars.

Su Xing heard the system prompt and sweetly said, “Thank you French Fries Mood for the gift.” Then he added, “If you don’t mind, send your address through private messaging and I’ll send you some silverberries since these can be kept for a few days.”

As soon as Su Xing opened his mouth, the audience exploded and sent gifts one after another.

Three Cat Marks: [Host! Look at me, look at me! I also want silverberries. I really want to taste them again. Please send me a little, I can pay for them!]

In addition, there were many city people who had not tasted it before. They thought that wild fruit from the mountains was very natural and pure so they rushed to buy.

Su Xing had not planned on selling wild fruit. Facing the audience’s fiery messages, he could only say, “I can only carry a person’s load, can only sell ten portions of silverberries. Each one hundred dollars, weighing about two pounds. I will contact through private message for addresses, first come first serve.”

The audience protested: [This grove of silverberry trees has at least hundreds of pounds of fruit and you only sell ten portions? Aren’t you recklessly wasting natural resources?

Su Xing helplessly said, “But I can’t pick that much alone, I can only carry twenty pounds back.”

Audience: [Come back tomorrow!]

Su Xing cruelly refused. “No, tomorrow I need to plant the field.”

Audience: [!!! Little brother in the countryside, how can you be shy and have a temper?]

Only ten and all were suddenly snatched by single men in their twenties. The rest could only cling onto hope while relentlessly begging Su Xing to come back tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the host was very shy. He picked a sack worth of fruit and went back. He stopped by the waterfall to pick more raspberries and went back home with the dogs.

Halfway through the journey, Su Xing was about to turn off the live broadcast, when his two dogs stopped and started barking.

“What’s the matter?” Su Xing could not turn off his phone when he walked forward. He saw a large python slowly moving through the grass. On slower inspection, there was a dying monkey under the snake’s belly. Next to the stone, there was a small monkey making faint noises, as if calling to the dead female monkey.

Su Xing did not think much and immediately dropped his things. He looked around to find a branch….

The people in the live room saw that the host was taking action and felt their souls leave their bodies. Many people messaged the host: “Host! Don’t be impulsive! That’s a python? How can you deal with it yourself?!]

However, the phone was on Su Xing’s forehead, he could not see what the audience was writing.

At this time, Su Xing only had one thought, pry away the snake and rescue the mother monkey. He held a long sickle in his left hand, which would be used to prevent the python from counterattacking. The right hand held a sharp branch and he aimed for the python’s chrysanthemum.

If once was not enough, then twice. If twice was not enough, then thrice.

The python was immediately disturbed by Su Xing’s attack. The audience all saw the scene and felt chills down their spine. They felt cold sweat for Su Xing, this was too risky!

Su Xing was very calm. He entangled the python’s head with the sickle while stabbing at the python’s tail end.

Audience: [What a show! Host brother, take it easy!]

Soon after, everyone was holding their breath and something amazing happened. When the sharp branch finally pierced the python’s chrysanthemum, Su Xing’s brutal attack, the python let go and then fled into the deep mountains.

Audience: [Shocked! Host defeated the python!]

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5 thoughts on “IPMH Chapter 12

  1. Idk it feels more like disturbing the natural course of nature, saving a dying monkey, leaves a starving snake and something else would have to do so it feel very counterproductive to fight a hungry snake for it’s meal and not feed it something else so it doesn’t come back. I know this is supposed to be a display of kindness but this seems very… Ridiculous reminds me of the scene where he didn’t like the ferocious mutt but took the runt instead. To me it seem like his kindness is rhetorical and biased for a select group of people and not in general. I personally disagree with his way of kindness because to me it’s not really kindness it just feels like he does something nice to not have a guilty conscience over it but never goes deeper then that, surface kindess

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Not all people think about the big picture when doing an act of kindness. This situation is like seeing a dog being killed by a coyote. If you have even the shred of kindness in you, you will certainly help that dog. Sure, the coyote will go hungry and maybe eat another animal later on it you would not really care do you? You will only care that at least you manage to save the dog. Just because we have a monkey, a wild animal, here does not make it any different. Humans also tend to help the weaker one rather than the stronger. That is human nature. Being able to think of the whole natural order is an acquired ability not an instinct. I also don’t understand why choosing the runt makes it seems like he is only doing it to not have any guilty conscience. Isn’t it just logical to choose the runt because it needed help the most? Also you said it, ferocious pup? Would you adopt a ferocious pup? Most people will not do it, not without having the ability to make sure that you can help it. I don’t understand why you make it seem that his kindness is so shallow and so bad when most “kind” people also do these things that he did. Your comment seems like your just picking apart and projecting this character.

      Liked by 3 people

    2. I think he is saving the mother monkey because of the baby monkey. You have to remember, he’s someone struggling with the death of his father and being an orphan. He doesn’t have the mindset to see someone else orphaned if he can prevent it. It’s brought him too much heartache.

      For the runt, I think he just liked the small dog. He needs to nurture as part of his recovery. That’s why he’s taking care of his ‘housemate’. What would he do with the ferocious dog? He’s not looking for a dog for protection or hunting. It makes sense to get two dogs of gentle disposition to keep him company and a feeling of being relied on. It’s what he needs for healing. I don’t see it being about kindness at all.

      It is true that sometimes we engage in acts of kindness that are more about relieving our sense of guilt than truly solving the problem. It can be a shallow compassion that is rather selfish because we give what is easy, rather than what may be really needed.


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