IPMH Chapter 11

Su Xing really did not think about falling in love, neither would seeing beautiful girls stir his hearts. Instead, he was more interested in reading books and doing handicrafts. Now, in addition to his previous hobbies, Su Xing was also interested in going up the mountain, farming and raising dogs.

From his original slump, he had unknowingly fallen into a trance with his busy pastoral days. In the evening, it was another day of working in the fields. Su Xing worked up a sweat and went back to the second floor while the owner was working out. He quickly took a bath and then wondered what he would eat tonight.

Shredded cabbage? He ate that yesterday. Crispy stuffed lotus root? Too hard and tiring to make.

“Okay…” Su Xing looked around, he could make tomato scrambled eggs that were simple and delicious. Then he could add leeks and the pork slices in garlic sauce prepared at noon.

Pork slices in garlic sauce was a famous Sichuan dish. The main ingredient was pork belly, thin but not lean, fat but not greasy. First, the meat would be blanched, remove the scum from the top, then add star anise and other ingredients to cook completely.

After cooling, he would use a knife to thinly slice the meat. However, Su Xing’s knife technique was substandard, so he could slice as thin as possible.

You can plate it however you like, flat or rolled and drizzled with spicy pepper ginger sauce. Placed next to raw cucumber slices. The combination of rich meat and fresh cucumber could not be beaten.

Su Xing did not know while continuously preparing meals for the elite house owner that the latter had not noticed the slightest spiciness. He only found a slight hint of spice.

So when Su Xing was measuring the peppers, he found that he had added too many. Finally, after finishing the house owner’s portion, Su Xing could not help but add two spoonfuls of hot sauce to his own bowl. That way both would happily eat together…

Usually, when Su Xing was busy, he would not even think about eating. Not to mention, there was an internal test for Sky Online tonight at eight. The company’s personnel were on a tight schedule and were mentally prepared to work overtime.

Everyone thought the boss would stay and accompany them working overtime.

But no, Yu Feng stood up and left with just a sentence around dinner. “I am off, I am sure that you can take care of any technical issues.”

All the employees: “???”

All the staff was incredulous, was this still the hard-working boss they knew?

“The boss is in love?” The tech team who stayed to work overtime looked at each other.

Originally, they and Yu Feng were sort of distant. As far as ten years ago, when they were junior high school students, they would lay warcraft together in internet cafes or at the school gates. At that time, they only had pocket money.

The cold and lonely Yu Feng ambivalently spent money and invited people on the internet and networked with people who loved games to their bones. Later, they all intentionally and unintentionally became programmers. Yu Feng learned game history, psychology and other topics in depth.

After graduation, everyone returned to S-city as a group.

Several young men naturally chatted about their youth, games and their future before parting. The usually silent Yu Feng had interjected in the crowd of crying young men. “I have money, you have the technology, we should make a game.”

The programmers were shocked, they stopped crying and started to speculate on the feasibility. The next day was Yu Feng’s turn. This was the typical passion of starting a new business. Fortunately, the results were successful.

With the second game coming soon, all the staff was excited, the technical department was fired up and ready to debug.

The boss Yu Feng was at home, watching his computer while eating. He also peeked at his comrades in the technical department through the voice broadcast game channel. Once online there were many fighting sounds.

Su Xing, who did not play the game, was sitting on the side but felt his blood boil. He wanted to play this game that had people’s blood pumping.

Unfortunately, it was still in the testing stage and he could not register for an account. If he wanted to catch a glimpse of the game, he could only watch the owner sign in at eight o’clock.

When the page prompted him to enter his nickname, Yu Feng entered an industry-known ID, Flying Clouds, from the saying ‘the wind is rising and the clouds are flying’.

Among the hundred test players, Flying Clouds was at the top. Major game companies were curious about his identity, but they did not know that it was Yu Feng’s ID. It was his secret.

At the same time, many of the game gods on the test list had opened the live platform. There was a large-scale powder scene stimulated with particularly chaotic scenes. Even a lot of melon seed-eating passerbys could not help but gather to see the excitement.

For example, Su Xing a pure passerby sat next to the house owner and saw the happenings from the start. He saw the broadcast regarding a war between pink and black. Then he noticed a strange phenomenon, no matter which side sprayed the other, the house owner’s game ID would be inexplicably be mentioned. However the latter did not broadcast or post anything, he was shot while lying down.

For example, one recent post: [#Trashy loser Flying Clouds, pressuring Goddess Feifei, go die!]

Su Xing glanced at the owner’s game character, only to find that the forum and broadcast were relatively empty, despite the other being cursed several times. It seemed like a big man under pressure.

Whether Flying Clouds was trashy or not, Su Xing dared not make a conclusion, but if he was a loser?

Su Xing felt that this person spouting insults had said too much. Even those who were not familiar with the house owner felt a little angry. He did not hold back and registered an account with the name of “Sweet and Sour Lotus Root” and responded to this poster.

Sweet and Sour Lotus Root: [Dare ask the owner why Flying Clouds is a loser?]

The poster thought it was a friendly and very patiently explained: [You are new so you don’t know? Flying Clouds had an account for two to three years, but did not post or show his face. Must be because he is old and ugly, perhaps with physical defects. Che, his fans insist that he’s mysteriously cold, what a joke.]

Su Xing was speechless, what was this logic? But also, being able to write such an eye-catching title was a sign of a low-quality person.

He was too lazy to argue further and only wrote back: [Flying Clouds is young, handsome and rich, you don’t have to worry about him.]

He originally thought it was just a throwaway sentence. Who knew that the poster saw Su Xing’s reply and especially opened a post with the screenshot. He wrote an extremely sarcastic answer. [Haha, Flying Clouds made another account to say that he is rich and handsome, everyone come and see! The title is too long to write, link to the content above, look at this shameless sand sculpture!]

Su Xing blankly stared at the post, then flushed with anger. This unreasonable online mob, when did he say he was one of Flying Clouds?

Writing anything further would only implicate him further. Su Xing knew that the other side would only make things messier, so he endured and did not clarify anything.

But he did not expect that after many people would private message him, asking him if he was Flying Clouds, or if he knew him? Su Xing suspected that he was about to head into a major disaster.

Feeling a tad heartless, he guiltily looked at the clueless house owner, then put down his mobile phone and returned to reading his book….

Yu Feng’s game account did not have many friends, except for one player who had been invited to previously test Magic Domain Online…Light Cold. But the two men only occasionally exchanged messages.

Light Cold was in the forums and saw the news regarding Flying Clouds. He thought it seemed interesting and went to find Yu Feng’s ID to send a message.

Flying Clouds: [What’s the matter?]

Everyone was busy exploring the game, he did not know why this lazy guy was seeking him out. Light Cold did not say anything but showed a screenshot showing Su Xing’s post about Flying Clouds.

Light Cold: [Brother, I’ve known you for so long but only learned that you are young, handsome and rich today…]

Yu Feng gave it a glance when he saw the words “Sweet and Sour Lotus Root”, he did not know why he started drooling. He was not concerned about the content of the post.

Flying Clouds: [So what if I am young, handsome and rich, do you want to pursue me? Evil laugh]

Light Cold felt goosebumps: [No need, no need. I am going to level some more, lest I get bent!]

Flying Clouds: [Hahaha.]

Light Cold: [So narcissistic, did you really blow your own trumpet?]

Flying Clouds: [No.]

Light Cold: [Then it was a friend or family member?]

Flying Clouds: [What friend or family member?]

Light Cold: [-_-II Am I not a friend?]

Flying Clouds did not reply, so Light Cold felt that he had approximated the truth. But Flying Clouds was not deliberately being cold but had entered an instance, no time to respond to any messages.

At the same time, Su Xing was reading in the living room and heard the owner playing the game in his study. He guessed that the owner would not be stopping for the next while.

The young man was a little sleepy, he got up to clean the house, including the owner’s bedroom. It was neatly organized.

Then he went to bed.

Late at night, Yu Feng leaned back in his chair with a pleasant sigh. The game was working well with no significant bugs found, which was exactly what he wanted.

Three years of hard work, the results were shown today. As the boss, this may be Yu Feng’s happiest time. He opened the company’s WeChat group, looked at the night owls and casually sent out a red envelope.

Yu Feng: [Sky Online is a big success, everyone has worked hard.]

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