IPMH Chapter 10

Ji Jiaying and Pei Wen had known Yu Feng for the longest, the three were alumni from the same year. However, while Pei Wen was in school, he and Yu Feng had not really crossed paths.

It was not until after graduation that he entered S-City, joined Yu Feng and became his secretary second in command. This was because Pei Wen had studied business administration and knew nothing about video game design.

Yu Feng put Pei Wen to good use by designating company matters to him while he could focus on research and development. He also occasionally helped attract talented workers. But that did not mean Yu Feng was not busy, in fact, he was very busy.

Seventy percent of the core and details of the game were created solely by Yu Feng. Before he could create those things, he needed to spend a lot of time collecting material and gathering inspiration.

If most people play games to pass the time, then Yu Feng played games in order to find the best way to retain the most people. Yu Feng might not be in charge of much, but he was the soul of the team.

Once this man was busy, eating one meal a day of pulling three to five all-nighters in a row was normal. Ji Jiaying and Pei Wen both were clear about Yu Feng’s situation but they also thought to intervene in management so that he would not die an early death from overwork.

Unfortunately, Yu Feng seemed careless but unruly with a bad temper. It was difficult for outsiders to intervene. Then today at noon, the two were surprised to watch Yu Feng completely finish a large lunch. Nothing was left.

Although the food was delicious, Yu Feng always had a bad appetite and was reluctant to eat.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Yu Feng patted his stomach while eyeing the apple next to him.

Ji Jiaying and Pei Wen’s hearts startled and thought, “No, the boss is also going to eat that big apple?!”

Fortunately, Yu Feng just looked at it and said with pity. “I’m full, I’ll eat it in the afternoon.”

He did not wait for any response before continuing, “You eat slowly, I’ll go wash the lunch box.”

They watched as their 1.9 meters tall, unruly boss carried off a homemade lunch and an apple with satisfaction. It was very strange. Very strange.

Pei Wen looked at Ji Jiaying and asked, “Director, why do I think the boss has been very abnormal lately?”

The art director nodded with the same sentiment. “Yes, he’s been strange lately. One night I was called to ask if I had been to his house.”

Speaking of that matter, Ji Jiaying was angry enough to grind her teeth. “Recently, the company has been so busy, this lady has to work overtime every day, when would I have the free time to visit his house.”

Besides, she had not set foot in her ex-boyfriend’s house since the breakup.

“Eh?” Pei Wen suddenly realized something and said, “I got it.”

But he was not going to tell Ji Jiaying about this out-of-the-blue suitor that was pursuing her ex-boyfriend through food, that it was working.

“What do you know?” Ji Jiaying asked.

Pei Wen laughed, “Nothing, there are still some things that have not been arranged. Quickly finish your dinner and look at them after.”

“Fine.” The director remembered that there was a lot of unfinished work that needed to be done instead of trying to figure out her ex-boyfriend’s problem.

During the next two or three days, Su Xing added fruit and an occasional soup to the two dishes to make a four-course meal. But with this, his daily expenses were not small and made him stressed.

Su Xing slightly regretted his previous boast, thinking that he and the house owner had a similar appetite….In fact, the other party was embarrassingly much richer. But a gentleman had to keep his promises. Su Xing was not going to go back on his word.

These past few days, he tilled the land near the house. He poured water, rotting leaves, and carbon ash as well as buying seedlings and seeds to plant.

“Uncle Niu!” Su Xing drove to uncle Niu’s house in the morning and asked the old man. “Do you need to buy anything? I’m going into town.”

Living alone was not easy for uncle Niu, it was difficult to bring staples such as flour, rice, oil, and salt. Sure enough, the old man came out with a smile and they chatted for a while. He asked Su Xing to help deliver 30 pounds of rice, 10 pounds flour and two packs of salt.

Su Xing silently wrote it down. Uncle Niu looked warmly at him, “I have the material ready for your furniture, tomorrow will start making them.”

Su Xing answered, “Don’t worry, take your time. I don’t need it right away.”

Uncle Niu nodded as he grabbed a stack of bills from his money bag. “Young man, the money for the rice and flour.”

Su Xing quickly raised a hand to stop uncle Niu. “No need, just treat it as part of the furniture cost, you don’t have to give me money.”

Seeing that uncle Niu was not listening, Su Xing scampered over to his vehicle and ran. “Goodbye, uncle Biu!”

Uncle Niu was left in place and looked at the intersection with a smile. His heart was warmed. “This child….” He not only grew well, but he was also kind-hearted.

Su Xing came back from town at noon while delivering good rice and flour to uncle Niu. He also handed over some food and drink in exchange for information about going into the mountains.

“Are you going into the mountains?” Uncle Niu was surprised and waved his hand with disapproval. “The mountains are dangerous, not safe for you.”

“Are there wild animals?” Su Xing asked.

“None of those.” Uncle Niu answered. He looked up and down at Su Xing, a city child with pale tender skin and instructed, “However, you should not run around or go to the river.”

Su Xing understood uncle Niu’s worry and smiled. “Okay, I’ll listen to uncle Niu.” Because he did not want the old man to worry, he did not say anything further.

The next time in town, Su Xing brought back seedlings and seeds. When he got back in the evening, he was set to plant seedlings. As for the seeds, he needed to wait until the next evening.

Since the last live broadcast of tilling the ground, Su Xing felt it was boring and did not record anything further. However, today’s project of growing vegetables would be good. He felt that he could do a live broadcast.

“Good afternoon everyone, Picking Stars with Bare Hands and I’ll be live streaming about planting vegetables today.” Su Xing opened the software and nodded at the camera while holding up a seedling. “It is now May, most of the short-cycle leafy vegetables can be planted. This purple-red seedling is a leek, they taste very good as I am sure you know. It’s a little bitter but very appetizing in the summer when cooked with salted duck egg in soup. Not sure if anyone has had the dish before?”

There were beans, green peppers and cucumbers all lined up in rows.

French Fries Mood: Handsome guy, growing so many vegetables, can you eat them all yourself?

Seeing the response, Su Xing remembered that he was a programmer as he answered. “You forget I have a tricycle. If I can’t finish then I can give it to the villagers nearby.” Besides, he was not a man who ate enough for an entire family. There was an elite in addition to the two dogs.

After introducing the vegetables to be planted, Su Xing left the camera and concentrated on planting vegetables. Occasionally he called out a few recipes using the product, all from the old woman who had sold the seedlings.

At the same time, the audience gathered in the live room steadily increased. From the start with only one hundred, it slowly became more than five then eight hundred, finally breaking past a thousand.

The people watching the live even did not understand their own taste. How could they relish such a plain and boring live broadcast? It was weird.

After pondering, they concluded that the content was full of life, without performance elements and with natural scenery on the side. It was easy to produce good feelings in the pressured office workers, an impossible yearning for pastoral life…Fine, perhaps that’s a stretch.

Because the host was a good-looking young man with good character then?

He not only laughed with stars in his eyes, but he also spoke with a gentle and easy-going voice. Most importantly, was it not admirable to leave the city and return to the country to live self-sufficiently since today’s youth liked to play and not work?

So there were many viewers watching the broadcast and then visited his home page. It was not surprising to find marriage proposals in the messages.

0210 Small Evening: I want to marry this good-looking young farmer, everyone send me over!

Such a message had a good chance of becoming a hot review. Su Xing was too embarrassed to answer and acted as if he had not seen anything.

The next pause, Su Xing took the chance to casually say, “Seeing that a viewer asked me how old I am this year and if I had any thoughts toward love…Sure, I was born in 1999, not too old. I am not looking to fall in love at the moment.”

He seemed to visibly age while saying these answers while slightly dodging the camera. The audience screamed about such a good little seedling of a young man.

A bunch of young women privately messaged him for contact information. Su Xing refused and wished them a happy life, to find their destined partner as soon as possible.

Those young ladies received such a positive reply and sighed in their hearts. They were not mistaken, this live host was a serious person, a good choice for a boyfriend, husband and a father.

Unfortunately, he was only nineteen! Who knew who he would end up with in the future.

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