IPMH Chapter 9

On the other side, Su Xing’s pastoral life continued. After a night of reflection, he took the dogs to the bamboo forest to cut bamboo to make a simple tripod. Once he was done he could set his phone and do live recording.

ID: Picking Stars with Your Hands

Room Name: Rural Young Man Busy Planting Fields

Some netizens accidentally entered the live stream to see green mountains and lush waters. A young man wearing a straw hat and solid clothing stood among the grass and flowers. He was swinging a hoe sloppily next to two dogs.

Dream Snow Maple: [Is this true? Really making a livelihood?]

I am called Bench: [Fake, look at those pale arms and legs, what kind of working famer has that kind of skin? So white that he might be mistaken for a girl.]

YuYu Riding Panda: [Getting famous by playing rural? Does he have no face?]

Long Time No See: [The world has really changed. People think of everything in order to be famous!]

Little Sheep King2012: [That’s funny, how do you know he’s fake? You have celestial eyes?]

I am Shenzhen Brother: [What’s the point in arguing? Whether he’s from the countryside, we’ll know if we keep watching. Real city people can’t last more than a few minutes.]

Augustma: [I’ll wait and see quietly for how long he can do it.]

Stream Cloud Trumpet: [Watching in silence +1]

Grandson Wants To Trick Me into Shouting Dad: [ *Pick nose* Laozi watched for ten minutes. Hehe, to be fair it’s better to farm for the sake of fame than some who shake their butts, right?]

MozuoSjie: [What the hell, you gangsters…are you not idle if you have the time to watch people turning the ground?]

Unknowingly there were more than a hundred people in the original live room. The casual viewers saw more than a hundred viewers watching a man till the land while sending messages and kneeled to these boring people. While there were families with idlers that neither needed to work or go to school.

At this time, Su Xing had been working for nearly half an hour. With the rising sun, his face was sweaty and his mouth dry.

They saw him carry his hoe and take a seat beside the tripod. He grabbed his retro military green kettle and had a few mouthfuls of water. He took off his straw hat and fanned himself while facing the camera. “In the future I will make a fence and grow a garden with my favorite fruits and vegetables.”

He moved the camera and continued to speak. “Look, my house is over there. There are no other people within a ten mile radius. In this direction you can see the mountains, if there’s a chance, I’ll record an outing.”

When the camera returned to Su Xing’s face, the netizens in the live room exploded. Even if Su Xing was covered in sweat, they absolutely did not believe that he was actually a country person. Because his face was too handsome and elegant with outstanding features. His skin was white and clear with a calm feeling. In short, there was not even half a point of relation with the field.

MozuoSjie: [See, this person seeking popularity, investigation complete.]

I am Shenzhen Brother: [Young brother, with your appearance who would believe that you are working? There aren’t people that look like you in the countryside!]

YuYu Riding Panda: [I told you he wanted fire and you defended him. Hehe, this was a waste of laozi’s time.]

Then the poster left. At the same time, another twenty to thirty people came.

Su Xing was not impatient and calmly spoke while wiping his sweat. “What family did not have farmers three generations past? My grandfather left this house, his family were real farmers. Then they went to do business in Beijing and gave birth to my father. When my father was a child he lived in his hometown for several years. But this my first time coming back and living here.”

I am Shenzhen Brother: [What made you give up life in Beijing and return to the countryside? Was the city too deep? Or did you lose love and get dumped by your girlfriend?]

Su Xing shook his head. “Because my grandfather and father died. Beijing is not suitable for a lone person, so I came back for a while.]

As for a few years, he could not say more. Being happy would be enough. “Okay, everyone can keep chatting, I’m going back to work.”

Those who said he wanted to be famous, inexplicably felt they were wrong after hearing Su Xing’s short explanation. If he really wanted to be famous, there would be a more tragic story, something like being millions in debt, rather than a few simple words.

Winter Snow Dance: [Life in the countryside is also very good. A house with mountains, river and fields, accompanied by dogs. A wonderful simple life.]

French Fries Mood: [Little brother, the scenery here is really good. Future live broadcasts should show more of the ecological view.]

Once the sun was high in the sky, Su Xing took them for a sort of tour upon the audience’s request. They looked at the mountain and saw the river. “This river is very beautiful, like a jade belt. When I have enough money to make a bamboo raft, I’ll take everyone to see the scenery upstream.”

Then he took the dogs home and showed the viewers his yard. “Just me and two dogs. Later I’ll raise some chickens and ducks. This is my second-hand tricycle bought for 1500 dollars. This is the grass carp I caught yesterday that I’ll eat for lunch today.”

French Fries Mood: [Man, as a programmer, I’m a little envious of your life.]

Su Xing smiled. “Programmer? Do you work at a game company? Make sure to take care of yourself since the profession is very stressful.]

The first live broadcast was over. Su Xing saw that he actually had nearly a hundred fans, much better than when he did some cooking. Su Xing was very happy, he laughed while preparing the grass carp and picking vegetables.

The thin fish was only a pound, certainly not enough for two people to eat, not to mention the dogs. He added fish balls for a more refreshing taste than regular meat balls. It would not be boring to eat and the winter mushrooms were for the sake of taste.

As a convenient and fast vegetable dish, Su Xing made spicy vermicelli with baby napa cabbage and steamed fish balls. This spicy steamed cabbage dish was very suitable for early summer as an appetizer. It was slightly spicy without being greasy, refreshing with a hint of sweetness. It suited Su Xing’s tastes.

The best part was the mung bean vermicelli under the vegetables that had absorbed the juices from the spicy meat as well. It can be considered a delicacy. Su Xing could not wait to sit down and enjoy lunch, as soon as he sent the house owner’s share.

At the same time, at Yu Feng’s game company, it was half an hour until dinner. The staff ordered takeout and went out to eat.

Pei Wen came in and asked, “Boss, what do you want for dinner?”

Yu Feng looked up from his work, glanced at his pen and said, “No need, I’ll get it myself.”

“Okay.” Pei Wen could only order his own meal.

After, Yu Feng put down his work, rubbed his eyebrows as he pulled himself away. He took a long breath, after focusing for several hours, he was a tad reluctant to leave.

“Boss, you going out for dinner?”

“Yes…” He had his car keys in hand so he would be misunderstood when he walked out.

Twenty minutes later, he returned to the company with a red-brown box and went straight to the public area where employees ate. He sat down for dinner with everyone. As a busy dragon who was never seen eating, Yu Feng’s arrival caused a big stir. The surrounding people were shocked and turned their heads whispering while watching him.

Some were looking foolishly at his face that seemed to have become more handsome. Others were looking at his lunch box, did his girlfriend send it? All the female employees thought “God, the boss has a girlfriend. No way!”

The male employees were calmer. “The boss has a girlfriend? No wonder he’s sitting down to eat, it’s the power of love.”

“Director, the boss has a girlfriend?” A fan of Yu Feng was sitting next to the art director. She only knew that the director and the boss were classmates, did not know that they were previously in a relationship so she did not hesitate to ask.

“I don’t know.” Ji Jiaying also saw the food box and her mood was complicated. So directly walked over and asked, “Boss Yu, you’re no longer single?”

Yu Feng looked at her. “Where did you hear this fake news?”

Ji Jiaying asked again. “Then who sent the food box?”

At this time, Pei Wen brought his lunch to the table. “Boss?” He looked in surprise at the container. “Hey, isn’t that the box you asked me to find?” He recognized the style and color.

Ji Jiaying listened and breathed a sigh of relief. “The original one was not sent by a girlfriend.” How could an old animal like Yu Feng take off before her?

“You think too much.” Yu Feng sat and opened the box in front of her.

The insulation effect was good, the food was still hot so he did not need to heat up the microwave.

“This dish looks really good.” Pei Wen, who only ate takeout, eyed the boss’s lunch. When he saw there was an apple, his curiosity increased significantly. “Wow, who sent it? So caring?” Also gave fruit, who would believe it was not a girlfriend!

Yu Feng saw the red apple and was also surprised. Because before it had only been meals with no fruit. He did not know why he was so shocked by an ordinary apple. He played around with it in his hand.

“Wow, spicy napa cabbage, don’t you not eat spicy food?” Ji Jiaying saw the dish and felt her mouth start to water. She subconsciously raised her chopsticks.

Fortunately she had not forgotten that she and he had broken up and were no longer able to share the same bowl of rice.

Yu Feng had a bust of confidence from somewhere. “Not spicy, only looks that way.” He set out all the food which had generous portions and said to Pei Wen and Ji Jiaying. “You also taste some.”

“Then I’ll go ahead.” Ji Jiaying said. “Yeah, it’s delicious.” She already grabbed a mouthful of cabbage.

“Is there still vermicelli left down there?” Pei Wen asked. What a talented cook, their skill was so exquisite?

Pei Wen tasted some and nodded with thumbs up. “Amazing, the taste of the meat and peppers mixed together is very appetizing.” He had not eaten such home-cooked food in S-city, which was not known for this sort of cuisine.

“It’s delicious.” He grabbed another mouthful with his chopsticks.

Yu Feng furrowed his brow and looked between his unused chopsticks to his two subordinates who took two fish balls and portions of cabbage. “Okay, eat your take away and not my lunch.”

The secretary and art director were speechless. They looked grumblingly at Yu Feng, this broken boss who would eat on his own blatantly in front of them. But seriously, the boss’s future wife is very skilled.

The director had eaten a few fish balls and sighed in her heart. They all said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach but that applied to women as well. She felt that the person’s cooking skill was sky-high.

Author Note:
Su Xing: The boss’s future wife? No thank you, I don’t agree.

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