IPMH Chapter 8

Due to this, Yu Feng had not slept well for several nights. His eyes were obviously bloodshot, he looked gaunt and dispirited. In order to have enough energy for work tomorrow, Yu Feng left his study at nine o’clock and made a pot of tea for himself in the living room. He slowly savored the drink.

But he still remembered that Sky Online was soon to be tested. He held a list of information and carefully read. In general, beta testing would involve picking more famous and popular players instead of random selection as thought of the public.

Yu Feng ticked off names while sipping tea. Soon the list of one hundred players was finalized.

“What’s that smell?” Yu Feng sniffed the air and looked up. There was a fresh, sweet smell in the air. It was neither like fish nor meat but it smelled particularly appetizing.

With his previous experiences, Yu Feng soon guessed that the mysterious entity had sent him food? He immediately put down his papers and went to the dining room, it was indeed a delivery. Wait a minute….this phenomenon of being fed three meals a day, why did he feel embarrassed? But such a cheeky man would not maintain this feeling for too long.

He opened the box in silence. He first smelled the fresh scent of ginger and onion. It was the same aroma he smelled in the living room.

“Crab porridge?” Yu Feng’s eyebrows rose. He saw a few exposed legs and part of the shell. The crab was clean and nestled inside the soft white porridge.

Su Xing was not sure if the house owner liked to eat ginger or onion but he could not leave them out. Since crab was a cold food, it was easy to get stomach pain without ginger and onions. Second, it warmed the stomach, eating a bowl of hot porridge would let one sleep soundly at night.

“Sky Online beta tester list…” While Su Xing was holding his porridge, he accidentally saw the papers on the living room table.

Su Xing felt the game sounded familiar. It seemed to be the game that was recently getting hyped online. He suddenly realized that the house owner was an IT video game developer of the elite. No wonder he was so stressed, ate and slept poorly with an unhappy look…

Su Xing thought that he was pitiful in his heart.

With a bowl of hot ginger crab porridge in his belly, Yu Feng who always had stomach pain felt a comforting warmth and even felt sleepy. For Yu Feng who slept poorly, he was both surprised and happy. He quickly abandoned the bowl and directly washed up to go to bed.

Within ten minutes, he was asleep in bed.

At the same time, Su Xing had finished his porridge. He went into the kitchen to see the mess left behind and could not help but feel that the other party did not have it easy. The man had to worry about work every day for money but did not have anyone around to help clean up.

Su Xing could not help but think that the other man was like him, also a lonely person? He felt touched and softly washed the extra set of dishes in and out of the field. Then he whispered, “Our meeting was fate. As long as I live here, you will not go hungry.”

At this same time, he thought about adding some fruit so he could eat healthier. Anyway, how much would it cost to feed one extra person? While thinking, Su Xing wiped his hands clean and went into the living room to read.

Before he knew it, the temperature dropped as night came. Su Xing put down his book and grabbed a jacket from this luggage. He hurried downstairs to find the dogs downstairs. The mountain temperature was not too different from the owner’s house.

The two dogs heard Su Xing’s footsteps and immediately clambered over and hovered around his feet.

“Are you cold?” Su Xing crouched down and played with their fur. Then he put his coat in the corner as a makeshift nest.

The two dogs seemed to know that this was their bed. They laid down while raising their heads and licking Su Xing’s fingers. The man petted their heads before saying goodbye and leaving the yard.

Back on the second floor after washing his hands, Su Xing heard a strange sound from the house owner’s bedroom. It seemed like he was in the midst of a dream.

“….” Su Xing peeked through the bedroom door only to realize that the house owner was having a nightmare instead.

He did not think much as he walked in. He covered the owner’s forehead with his palm and was surprised to find beads of sweat. On closer inspection, the owner was not only sweating, he was also trembling and looked particularly uncomfortable. Su Xing was worried but did not know what to do.

After thinking about it, he quickly walked to the bathroom and wrung out a hot towel to cover the owner’s eyes and forehead. He thought that the other would be a little more comfortable.

“It’s all right…” Watching the suffering person lying in the bed, Su Xing held the other’s hand and whispered. He tried to solve the problem in a ridiculous way. “Don’t be afraid, it’s just a nightmare and not true.”

Su Xing actually did not know whether this would be useful but he repeated it several times anyway. Then he noticed that the house owner had his hand in a slightly painful vice grip.

Fortunately, after some effort, the man suffering a nightmare seemed to have found a safe haven. Not only did his whimpers stop, he also gradually calmed down. That was great.

Su Xing breathed a sigh of relief. As if the nightmare was his own, there was a layer of cold sweat on his back. But the owner was still tightly holding Su Xing’s hand, making him a little embarrassed.

“…” Su Xing slowly pried his hand away from the other. It took some time because the other man was holding on too tight….it was like grabbing a life-saving straw. For the nth time, Su Xing sincerely felt that the house owner was pitiful.

Su Xing deliberately stayed by the bed for a while. Then he picked up the cooled towel and quietly left. “Good night.” Su Xing wished him a good night’s sleep.

Yu Feng slowly woke up in his bedroom to see sunlight peeking in from the cracks in the curtains. Sunlight? Wasn’t he always woken in the middle of the night by a nightmare?

“????” Yu Feng’s confused brain woke up and he sat up in surprise. He took out his phone and checked the time, it was 8:30 in the morning…In other words, Yu Feng the bad sleeper slept from ten o’clock last night until this morning? That was a ridiculous idea, but the sun told him it was true.

The energy in his body from getting enough sleep also told him it was true. Eating and sleeping well yesterday let Yu Feng clearly feel long-lost comfort in the morning. He took a deep breath and lifted his quilt. He confirmed he was feeling good, no dizziness, only a sense of fullness. Yu Feng could not help but show a happy smile.

Suddenly, a thought raced through Yu Feng’s mind, he immediately went into the kitchen and found his dishes cleaned out set aside. There was a food box to enjoy on the oval table.

“This early?” He raised an eyebrow but did not rush to open the box. He first washed up and dressed.

Finally, the box was opened. In front was a row of beautiful, golden shaped egg cakes. Yu Feng grabbed one and took a bite. He tasted hints of radish, shredded ham and onion that was very delicious. It was more light and refreshing than the previous egg cake. He could not get enough.

Nearby was a bowl of porridge. At first Yu Feng thought it was plain white porridge but when he scooped a mouthful, he learned the truth. Of course, Su Xing made this porridge filled with cod meat, ginger and lilies.

The thick porridge slid down his throat, the cod was soft and tender. Yu Feng who did not like breakfast could not help but have a whole bowl before going out.

The game company’s headquarters was located in the bustling downtown business district in a towering building on the 23rd floor. It covered an area of more than 1700 square meters. In the golden S-city it can be called a large company.

At the start when Yu Feng rented the office along with his friends, not to mention losing money, they could not even afford to pay the rent. But in the end, the 22-year-old fresh graduates developed their first game from scratch with their own research and development. Their success stunned the industry’s old giants.

Yu Feng’s home was not far from the company, only a ten-minute drive away. The boss’s sudden return surprised the staff, or shocked to be more accurate.

At ten o’clock in the morning, the marketing department was having a meeting. The staff were unfocused, inadvertently looking at the back door. Their scalps were numb when faced with their boss smiling at them. They quickly turned to each other with haunted whispers. “Mother, look at the back door! He’s listening from the wall with a smile on his face…”

The employee next also had shivers while trembling. “Laughing? You’re not mistaken are you?”

There was a saying circulating through the company…do not be afraid when the boss frowns but be scared when he laughs and smiles. It could be inferred that Yu Feng had a reputation in the company.

Not because he was too young to work for, the company had a number of employees from programmers to front-line positions that all worked under the 27 year-old boss.

The marketing manager stopped to ask. “Boss?”

Yu Feng had the information in hand so he signaled to continue while he casually returned to his office. He followed up with, “Call someone to send the invitation codes.”

“Yes.” Pei Wen looked at his boss in surprise. “Boss, did you eat an elixir?”

Yu Feng turned around in his chair and asked. “What do you mean?”

Was there any need to ask? “Look at yourself in the mirror.” Pei Wen said with a laugh. “Yesterday you looked as miserable as a fugitive and today you’re full of energy.”

Even a straight man like Pei Wen could tell that their boss was really handsome. Enough that countless players would be attracted solely by his appearance.

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