IPMH Chapter 7

The rest of the fish head and tail were stewed in a pot to extract the strong fish flavor. This was for the dogs to eat.

After delivering the owner’s meal, Su Xing hurried back to the kitchen and removed the stewed fish head from the stove. He picked out the bones leaving the fish soup and left the pot in cold. He had to do more cooking today to feed the dogs.

Su Xing had prepared his portion but there was still a lot left in the rice cooker. He just sent the house owner enough rice to fill two bowls, this time the other party would not say that he was feeding rabbits.

At 1:30 pm, a man was sitting in front of the computer, unknowingly absorbed in his work. He solved a problem reported by his subordinates and then stopped to drink water.

*Grumble* His hungry stomach protested at him.

Yu Feng had an annoyed expression as he sourly kneaded his stomach. His whole body felt tired as he raised a hand to rub his eyebrows.

Although whenever Pei Wen asked, he said he was fine. But in truth, his mood was not good and he did not want to see outsiders. To put it truthfully, of the two who died, one he had never met let alone have feelings for while the other was a workaholic that paid little attention to his wife and children. Otherwise, how could Yu Feng not have any help during his childhood.

The reason for his bad mood was complicated. On one hand, Yu Feng felt like he was becoming more and more like a carbon copy of Yu Yingfan. He and Ji Jiaying broke up before the tragedy. On the other hand…he regretted sending Tang Yujun to prison.

Thinking of that, Yu Feng felt cold with undisguised killing intent. At first, he thought he would be free as long as he sent Tang Yujun to prison. How could he know that every time he thought of her alive, he could swallow the fact that he had been tortured for more than ten years. This torture made him as angry as a resentful ghost.

Coupled with not eating or sleeping well, his mood was even worse. Yu Feng knew that should he continue like this, his body would be greatly damaged.

He closed his eyes, stood up and grabbed his car keys in preparation to go out for food. After inadvertently passing through the screen, he saw the mysterious food box that had not previously appeared during the day.

Yu Feng was stunned as he immediately walked over and opened the box. The fresh smell of fish wafted from the box, he was lured over as his stomach grumbled.

Yu Feng could no longer control himself, he grabbed a spoon and scooped up some fish soup and fillet. He ate a bite to ease his stomach’s discomfort. The first mouthful did not really have much taste, only that it was light yet salty and the meat was not tough.

When he ate a second bite, his stomach had eased a lot and Yu Feng slowed down his eating speed. Only by slowly savoring the mouthful of fish soup did he taste its natural deliciousness. He was sure that this was not something from a regular restaurant kitchen.

Everyone knew, when one was hungry, if they saw food, their mind would be blank and only focused on sending food into the mouth. After he ate until they were forty to fifty percent full. Yu Feng slowed down, carefully tasting the food with slow chews.

He looked at the green lettuce next to him that he had not cared to eat before. Yu Feng used his chopsticks to grab a portion and chewed a few times. This dish….was nothing like the lettuce he ate before, there was a lot more flavor.

He ate everything with satisfaction. Then he leaned back in the chair for a quick snooze.

On his side, Su Xing also finished his meal. He held a bowl in his left hand and a stainless steel pot in the other as he happily fed the dogs on the ground floor.

The two dogs, one white the other yellow moved freely around the yard. They seemed to have adapted to the new environment. Su Xing walked by and saw the two chasing and playing in the open space with no trouble.

“Hey! Time to eat!” Su Xing knocked the steel basin and squatted down. He poured the fish broth mixed rice into the dishes. From now, these were the dog’s food bowls, one for each to be fair.

There was also a water well, Su Xing and the dogs took a look. He loaded a basin with water to wash vegetables. The bowls and things were placed in a shady area under the shed walls.

Su Xing looked back and saw the two dogs wagging their tails, wanting to get close but not daring.

“You eat.” Su Xing smiled and returned to the second floor.

The two puppies saw him go before happily jumping to the stainless steel bowls and wolfing down their meal of fish mixed rice. The young man had not actually left and recorded a video hiding in the dark with his mobile phone.

Su Xing methodically edited the video and then published it online with a description. When he registered on the platform, it mainly focused on small videos and live broadcasts. It is currently one of the hottest platforms for many users.

It was said that the number of downloads had exceeded the number of people in the motherland, quite a staggering amount. With such large user traffic, countless ordinary people had gone through overnight fame with millions of fans.

But Su Xing uploaded videos, not for that benefit, he just wanted to express his part of life. He checked the video he made, no problems, a few views, and even two encouraging comments. Su Xing smiled and thanked each one.

In the past, he published a video and accumulated hundreds of fans. At that time he did not feel that there was an issue with the number. But today he regretted that he did not try to perform before, resulting in so few fans.

Su Xing wanted to sell clothes for Uncle Niu, how could he do so without fans?

“Alas…” The whimsical man sighed while sitting on the steps with his head in his hands. What kind of video would bring fans?

There was no shortage of bloggers relying on appearances. Su Xing’s face was pretty but he did not wear makeup, change his face or gossip about news…That was not his style. He was very conservative.

Su Xing did not think of any good plans at the moment. He put away his thoughts and climbed to the second floor. He grabbed a book and read on the sofa before having a nap.

Around 3:30 pm, Su Xing woke up and washed his face. He quickly went downstairs, took out the fishing tools bought in the morning and went to try his luck by the river.

As soon as he opened the door, the two dogs streaked like lightning bolts with wagging tails. Looking at their lively energy, Su Xing thought that they were worthy descendants of hounds.

Despite knowing that the dogs could not understand, he smiled and said. “Okay, you can follow but don’t run around too much.”

*Bark, bark* The dogs barked at their master.

“This way.” Su Xing held his fishing rod, net, and bucket while walking towards the river bank. On the way, he used a sickle to mow down the grass to create a path. The dogs had their tongues lolling as they sniffed around for a while and marked their territory.

Su Xing selected a suitable fishing spot along the bamboo-filled river bank and set up his fishing rod. He cleared the shore area with a sickle and grabbed bait directly from the soil.

*Bark, bark* The dogs moved around the water while attracting Su Xing’s attention.

“What?” He let the bait go and went over to see.

One glance later, he quickly turned around to grab his fishing net and snap up a large crab. It was an authentic river crab with a blue shell and some sand. Su Xing smiled, the river crab was rather large.

Then, Su Xing went to catch crabs along the river bank. He caught seven or eight before returning to his fishing rod. He captured a grass carp and a small cod. He looked at the sky to realize it was getting late and went home.

The two puppies followed along, their innocent eyes shined with loyalty in the darkness. Su Xing was moved, he only fed them a meal and he was rewarded with such piety.

The sun set, bathing the mountain with rays of light. Su Xing fell into reflection while walking on the riverbank and looking at the distant birds and sky.

“Dad, I’m doing fine.” The young man murmured.

When they got home, Su Xing left the two fish in the basin by the well, hoping that they would survive until tomorrow. As for the seven to eight crabs, he would clean them to eat up at night.

Before these bizarre events, Yu Feng was a staunch atheist who did not believe in the supernatural. Since eating a few of the mystery lunches in a row,  he was irritable and started to think about how he would solve the mystery.

The only clue at the moment was the cutlery that appeared out of thin air. While cleaning the tableware, he turned the box upside down and saw the manufacturer’s label on the bottom. He went online to check the company, it was eighteen thousand miles away from S-city.

“Pei Wen, check the box in the photo and see if there’s a point of sale around here.” Yu Feng sent the image and asked Pei Wen to investigate.

In the evening, Pei Wen called him back. “Boss, the shops are supermarkets don’t have what you are looking for, where did you see this?”

Yu Feng felt strange and simply answered. “It’s fine if you didn’t find it, no need to search further.”

Pei Wen was in a confused fog and felt that his boss had been rather strange lately.

Even if he found it, the manufacturer would have produced countless boxes a year, so it would have been useless anyway. It was just that there were no points of sale near S-city, which made things more confusing.

“Is there a ghost?” Yu Feng said a taboo word, but there was no trace of fear on his face, it was even rather languid.

He looked at dinner again. The box appeared on the table in an unknown way at night. If one was timid, not even mentioning eating the food, they might have been scared to death just experiencing the matter.

But Yu Feng was not a regular person. He opened the box and ate without scruples.

The alarm he placed at the window had not gone off so he determined that it was not a human matter. Yu Feng was a bright man and did not fear ghosts knocking at midnight.

The human heart was much more terrible than ghosts.

As long as the possibility of the situation caused by man was impossible, Yu Feng was not afraid of the matter. He was most afraid of probably the scarred boy in his heart. Every night in his dreams, he would look at him with pained eyes and ask why he did not kill Tang Yujun to set him free.

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    1. its because of tang yujun. she try to suffocate him in the swimming pool before and stuff. she was torturing the ML in his childhood Ig


      1. That’s right. Tang Yujun killed his mother -> became his step mother -> tortured him since childhood -> killed his father.


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