IPMH Chapter 6

The next day, Pei Wen recalled the workers to take down the cameras. “What the hell is going on? Why are you taking them down after setting them up?”

“I’m not comfortable being recorded.” Yu Feng answered it was a true answer to the question.

Pei Wen wondered if the boss had been debilitated by the recent events? Can’t stand the sight of cameras? “You really…don’t need to find someone to help or accompany you?”

“No, I don’t.” Yu Feng knew that Pei Wen was worried about him. But it was not warranted, he was not a frail maiden with a glass heart that would shatter at the slightest provocation.

“Then you’ll be back to work early.” Pei Wen continued. “For the beta test next Sunday, the company decided to have 100 players attend and you have to select the lucky hundred.”

“Okay.” Yu Feng had already decided to go to work tomorrow but had not told Pei Wen.

Sky Online was the second game launched by Yu Feng’s company since the five years of it starting. Their first game Magic Domain Online already had great success so the team began to painstakingly prepare for the next. The goal was to go beyond Magic Domain Online.

Many people predicted that Magic Domain Online would be the peak of their popularity. That the popularity of the first would cause the latter to run into the red. It was impossible for Sky Online to copy the success of Magic Domain Online.

The young boss Yu Feng was calm and idle, not affected in the least.

In an interview with the media, his answer was straightforward. “I am not worried, why should I? Because I am young, only twenty-seven years old, everything is possible in the future.”

Watching this interview, a lot of people woke up. It was true, Yu Feng was only twenty-seven years old. What had they done when they were twenty-seven?

For those who were not yet twenty-seven, would they be able to develop an online game like Magic Domain that burst through the market? It would be impossible for almost all.

It was no exaggeration to say that due to this interview, a huge number of female players flooded into Magic Domain Online. The Magic Domain team had a desire to use this fresh meat as an endorsement, the impulse to bolster Yu Feng’s popularity.

Unfortunately, Yu Feng was usually very low-key and rarely showed up in front of the media, so those that wanted to powder his fans had no openings.

Early in the morning, at around six o’clock, Su Xing came out the door. He rushed to town before eight o’clock, which was the liveliest time at the bazaar. He parked his car and saw a snack shack next to him.

Nothing needed to be said, Su Xing went in to eat a bowl of rice to sate his hunger. Then he carried a small box and a leather bag into the market.

According to Uncle Wang, town security was very good and the people were simple. Stealing was a rare thing.

Su Xing did not know whether that was true or false. In short, he locked his car and tied his bought tools in his leather bag so deter potential thieves.

“Young man, are you buying a dog?” A sixty-year-old man passed by Su Xing with two bamboo baskets on a bicycle.

The nest of sniffling puppies had already attracted Su Xing’s attention. “Can you stop to let me see?”

The old uncle had only casually asked and did not expect Su Xing to really want to buy a dog. He stopped and quickly advertised. “Good stock, these puppies are only a month old, look at their big skull, strong limbs and their parents were mountain hounds.”

From the mountains? Su Xing was slightly moved as he took in the old uncle’s selection of dogs. From top to bottom, the common rural yellow dog with a tiger-like brain, really good.

“How much are you selling for?” Su Xing asked with a smile.

“Fifty for one.” The old man waved his palm.

“So cheap? Then I’ll buy two.” Su Xing was pleasantly surprised by the price and happily held the puppy.

The dog considered him a stranger so its tail slightly trembled in his arms while whimpering.

“Don’t be afraid.” Su Xing noticed the unique smell of milk on the puppy as he drew near.

“What do you think of this one?” The old man seriously picked another strong dog for this young man. It was another yellow dog with ferocious eyes.

Su Xing subconsciously did not like it and decided instead of a little white dog sitting in the bamboo container. “Old man, I want this one.”

The old man was puzzled. “That one’s the runt, not as strong as the other puppies.”

Su Xing smiled, “It’s all right, I raise it up to be strong.”

With that, Su Xing spent one hundred dollars and bought two chubby puppies. He placed the holed cardboard box on the tricycle in a way to avoid the sun. It was nearly noon before Su Xing bought all his things and was content to drive home.

When he returned to the village, he remembered something. Yesterday afternoon after packing up the first floor, Su Xing had called Uncle Wang to consult with him about buying furniture.

Uncle Wang did his best to introduce him to the town’s best furniture store but finally said, “Buying furniture is not cheap, if you want something more affordable…you can go to our village’s Uncle Nui, he can make furniture.”

Of course, Su Xing already knew that buying furniture was not cheap but decided to seek out Uncle Niu for help. Not to save money, but based on what Uncle Wang said, Uncle Niu was a lonely old man.

Su Xing drove his tricycle according to the directions given by Uncle Wang and arrived directly in front of Uncle Niu’s house. It was in a rarely seen bungalow, behind a forest of bamboo directly up the mountain path.

The front area was a block of open space and indeed shelved a lot of wood and bamboo products. Almost everything had something to do with furniture.

“Uncle Niu?” Su Xing left his vehicle and called from the front door.

“Coming, who is it?” A barefoot old man came out carrying a bowl. His darker skin and spirit was very refreshing. When he saw Su Xing, he wondered who this young man was. He had not seen him before.

“Uncle Niu, my name is Su Xing. I came to ask for your help with furniture.” Su Xing introduced himself and his intentions to the old man.

The surname Su was from the village, Uncle Niu had the same surname, his full name was Su Rui Niu. Seeing the youngster’s face, although Uncle Niu had not seen it before, he saw some resemblance. He asked with some surprise. “This family…what was your father’s name?”

Su Xing answered softly. “My father was named Su Jianan and grandpa’s name was Su Shijie.”

Uncle Niu nodded. “Young man, I knew your grandfather, he was a man of patience.” There was no more to say as he could sense that the young man’s father and grandfather had passed on.

“Come in.” Uncle Niu said. “Whatever type of furniture you want, I’ll make for you.”

“Thank you, Uncle Niu.” Su Xing walked in and was surprised to see that there were a lot of clothes hanging from the walls of the house. The clothes were finely crafted and were like works of art.

“It’s beautiful.” Su Xing praised from his heart.

Uncle Niu was pouring tea when he looked up to laugh and say. “My ancestors made clothes but this sort of thing lagged behind and is no longer in use.” Changed to making furniture, weaving, and cooking.

But in recent years, society has become more and more developed. Fewer people needed to use bamboo baskets or handmade wooden furniture.

“Uncle Niu, do you mind if I help by making a video of your work?” Su Xing helplessly said. He had a sort of idea but was not sure it would work.

“Eh?” Uncle Niu did not understand what the young man was saying. But he got it when Su Xing took out his mobile phone and propped it against the wall. The elderly man showed a simple yet heartfelt smile at the camera.

After recording the video, Su Xing sat down and told Uncle Niu about the furniture he wanted. Su Xing did not hesitate to choose bamboo furniture after being told that it was a little easier to make.

Before leaving, he asked Uncle Niu. “How did you sell these clothes?” Although he did not know it anyone wanted to buy some, but what if there were?

Uncle Niu thought Su Xing was just curious, he smiled and said. “I sold them for 81 dollars before when people were buying.” After that, no one bought any sets.

Su Xing then asked. “How long does a set take to make?”

Uncle Niu held up a hand. “Three days.”

Su Xing was silent, three days to earn eight dollars with material and labor fees included.

“Uncle Niu, I bought some fruit while I was in town, I’ll get you some.” Su Xing went to his tricycle under the shade and took out a melon the size of two fists and three big red Fuji apples. He used his clothes to transport them over to Uncle Niu.

The old man was flattered since he had not received any gifts for a long time, but he waved his hand to reject. “No need, no need, young man you eat them instead. I don’t need them.”

Su Xing not only wanted to give him apples but also a fish answered. “I like your baskets, why don’t I trade these fruits for them?”

Uncle Niu thought about it with an uncomfortable expression. Su Xing immediately put the fruit on the table, grabbed a fish from his tricycle and said. “I want a big one!”

With that, Uncle Niu stuffed several boxes into his car. If one actually calculated things, Uncle Niu was the one who ate a loss. Su Xing happily drove his tricycle home after getting a good deal.

It was one o’clock in the afternoon. Yu Feng had a late breakfast and was not very hungry. But since the cameras had been removed in the morning, he had an unrealistic sense of expectation. He was very distracted.

Su Xing set down the dogs and brought the fresh vegetables upstairs. Seeing those cameras had been removed, he boldly swung into the kitchen and started preparing the food.

Today’s main ingredient was a three-pound fish. The boss said it was fished from a mountain pond raised on spring water. The meat was fresh and light. Most of that was a boast, but the breeding was certainly true.

Su Xing killed the fish and started the marinating process. In the meantime, he started to wash the lettuce. The farmer lady’s homegrown head of lettuce, it was tender and green with a lovely sweet taste.

After half an hour, the boiled fish fillet and blanched lettuce were freshly prepared. Su Xing set aside a portion of fish without spices added for the house owner that had removed the cameras.

As for his own share, of course, it was spicy. There was no soul in boiled fish slices with chili sauce.

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