IPMH Chapter 5

But Yu Feng did not show a happy look, instead, his expression turned heavy. How many times had this happened? Food inexplicably appeared at home.

If the previous times could still be done by other people, this time Yu Feng did not believe that someone could deliver food smoothly while he was sober at home.

Yu Feng not only questioned the identity of the other party, but he also wanted to know why the other party was giving him food?

“Pei Wen will hire someone to install cameras for me tomorrow.” Yu Feng ordered while carrying the plate of spring onion pancakes back into his study.

Su Xing was like a wooden chicken, he even forgot to chew the food in his mouth.

Installing a camera? Fine, he quietly decided not to cook anything further for this elite man. Have him find his own food to eat.

Su Xing had eaten his fill and patted his stomach. He would be sleeping on the luxurious sofa bed today. Unlike yesterday, he had a thin blanket on his stomach. On a May night, nothing would get cold.

The next morning, Su Xing made himself a bowl of cabbage egg noodles. After eating he went to the first floor to continue work. He strove to clean up the floor within the day.

On the other side of S-city, at ten o’clock in the morning, Pei Wen came with two technicians to install indoor monitors. He was curious, what happened to the boss?

“How come you’re setting up surveillance all of a sudden?” He asked.

“Isn’t it very popular to install cameras now?” Yu Feng crossed his arms, smoking a cigarette in the middle of the room while watching the technicians work. “Especially people like me, who knows how many people are watching me?”

Pei Wen thought to himself, were there?

But their boss was a young rich entrepreneur. He was usually low-key and did not have many people looking at him. But….Pei Wen grabbed his chin, the boss was warded against the outside world, which was normal considering the impact of both his parents being murdered.

The indoor monitoring was soon installed.

While leaving, Pei Wen looked at his leisurely dressed boss and asked, “Boss, when are you going to work?”

“Taking a few days off.” Yu Feng answered and then wondered. “What’s the matter? Are there problems at the top?”

He smiled and shook his head. “No problems, just Director Jiaying…”

Yu Feng immediately stood up hearing the name of his ex-girlfriend because in any case, she was someone he had failed. “What happened to the director?”

What he feared most what that she remembered him from years ago. Not worth it.

Pei Wen coughed, “Last night the director treated the overtime employees to a meal along with wine. Said there were stories and to please listen to them…”

Yu Feng silently smoked a cigarette, his eyes filled with past vicissitudes.

“Hahaha.” The employees at the gaming company had always heard the stories of the old boss and young girl. But few people knew that the archetype of the old boss was based on the young and handsome president Yu Feng.

“I went back to the company to check on director Jiaying for you.” Pei Wen patted his boss on the shoulder and suddenly thought it was a pity that the pair had separated.

Pei Wen felt that the director was a very good person, she was clever, dainty and always knew what to do. But sometimes she would go crazy when stimulated by Yu Feng like last night.

Such a girl made of flesh and blood, who would not like her?

At noon once again, Su Xing looked at the old house’s washed windows and felt a surge of pride in his heart.

He could not wait as he happily called Dr. Fang. “Good afternoon Dr. Fang, have you had lunch?”

Su Xing had left Beijing for two or three days and this was the first time he called back.

Dr. Fang was very worried about his condition but did not dare to contact Su Xing.

However today, he suddenly received a phone call from Su Xing. Listening to him full of spirit, the doctor quickly asked, “Xing? You’re so happy?”

“Yeah.” Su Xing answered with a smile while carrying a broom in one hand. “I just returned to my hometown yesterday? The days have been fulfilling coming back to clean up the old house for the past two days. Now I want to set up the house as soon as possible the way I like. Then get two dogs, chickens, and ducks. Right, Dr. Fang, the scenery here is too beautiful, I will send you some pictures in a moment.”

Su Xing could not see Dr. Fang’s happy expression. “Okay, send them to me, I want to see how beautiful it is.”

“Okay! Hang up and I’ll send you a picture right away.” Su Xing hung up and sent the doctor the pictures of the green mountains and forest with good lighting from the morning.

Su Xing: Dr. Fang, I am going to cook, once I’m done I’ll contact you again.

Dr. Fang: Go ahead, I’ll take a closer look at the photos.

This afternoon, since he did not have to cook a meal for that male elite, Su Xing needed to cook half the amount. He simply made some fried meat with cucumber slices. After eating this meal, there was no more meat and he would have to eat eggs in the evening.

But…Su Xing looked over towards the river and wondered if he should buy some fishing tools tomorrow morning in town. As the saying goes, depend on the water and mountains when beside them. With the mountains and clear river, even without supermarkets, one could live well.

After dinner, Su Xing set his lamp to write in his journal along with a list of things he needed to buy such as knives, machetes, and other mountaineering equipment. And a small dog.

Meanwhile, after Yu Feng set up the monitoring equipment, he sat in front of his computer and watched for movement inside his house.

Time passed by slowly, the hungry Yu Feng frequently looked at the time in the lower-left corner. Finally at twelve-thirty, the table was still empty and the red-brown box was nowhere to be seen. Unable to hold out against his hunger, Yu Feng picked up his cell phone and ordered takeout.

After another half an hour, the takeout arrived but the mysterious lunch did not show up. Yu Feng opened up the takeaway box and felt reluctant towards this purchased food.

Look, this was the standard takeout. Whether it was the packaging or the smell, both had a strong commercial atmosphere. Such a meal was soulless.

Yu Feng idly picked up his chopsticks and tasted a bit but he did not want to eat anything further.

“….” He suddenly remembered that there was half a plate remaining of last night’s spring onion pancakes in the fridge. He stood up and went to the kitchen to heat them up. The smell of the chili sauce wafted out from the microwave, it was too appetizing.

Last night, Yu Feng did not eat this portion because his stomach was not well. Eating spicy foods would cause stomach aches. But now he did not care as much. After heating up the food, he was surprised to find that the chili sauce was not spicy at all. The red color seemed like a bluff…

After eating half portion of pancakes, Yu Feng was now satisfied. “The amount was enough.”

Wait a second, Yu Feng suddenly bolted upwards. Last night at dinner, he said that the amount was too little, then soon after a large plate of pancakes appeared on the table….

Yu Feng’s scalp did not go numb but he did feel a bit creeped out about being monitored. However, he did have to admit that the food was really delicious with that elusive homemade feeling.

Yu Feng looked around and spoke. “Who are you? What’s the purpose behind sending me food?” The room was quiet except for the sound of his voice.

“If you can hear me, send me food once more in the evening?” After saying this, he left the room to take a nap.

In the evening, Su Xing carefully entered the second-floor living room and saw that there were cameras in several dark corners. He snuck into the kitchen and looked up. He breathed a sigh of relief since the kitchen did not have a camera.

Since Su Xing did not go upstairs during the day, he did not know whether the house owner had ever gone out. He only knew that when he came up, the other side had been present.

In this way, Su Xing’s cooking and bathing needed to carefully timed. Fortunately, the owner’s life had a schedule, he would spend an hour every evening in the gym.

This hour was enough for Su Xing to cook and clean. Then he would wait for the other person to take a bath and return to his office so he could bathe and sleep.

Tonight, there was still no mysterious food at the table. Yu Feng had to guess that the monitors had been discovered by the other party. It looked like he was going to eat takeout tonight.

Since the start of this situation, he was already tired of eating takeout. His mood was inexplicably bad. It was like a person who had been sleeping on a hard bed, suddenly slept on a soft mattress for a few days. They would be unable to go back to sleeping on the hard bed.

He could clearly be more comfortable. Eating was the same, he could eat his fill. Why be embarrassed by his stomach?

*Ding dong* Someone rang the doorbell.

Su Xing was reading on the sofa and did not get up to open the door. Because, even if opened the door, the space outside the door was not accessible. So he watched the owner come out, open the door and receive a takeaway.

The owner opened the takeout in the living room. But after he took a few bites, he stopped and did not look like he had any appetite.

Su Xing’s soft heart acted up but who let the house owner hurt himself and had to install cameras in his house. So, he glanced over and then went to continue reading his book.

“Hey…” Yu Feng threw the takeaway into the trash and made himself a pot of tea to drink. “I’ll remove the cameras tomorrow.”

Su Xing covered his face with the book while holding back a smile. He did not think that the seemingly rich and cheeky man would toss his house back and forth for the sake of food.

Pei Wen also did not expect this. After the cameras were installed for two days, the boss wanted them removed.

“What’s the matter? The placement was bad?”

“It was fine.” Yu Feng answered. However, the food disappeared after they were set up. He wanted to test if the mysterious phenomenon would return if they were removed.

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