IPMH Chapter 4

Other than Pei Wen, only his ex-girlfriend Ji Jiaying had the password to Yu Feng’s home. If it was not the former that sent the lunch, it was from the latter. Yu Feng’s mood was a bit complicated after finishing the train of thought.

He did not expect that his icy proud ex-girlfriend would use this way to quietly care after having broken up four years ago. Yu Feng had dated Ji Jiaying during his most difficult years.

In order to escape Tang Yujun’s control, he deliberately chose a school in Beijing, where he met fellow S-city person Ji Jiaying. She was not only beautiful but also talented, a department flower from the start.

Yu Feng also did not know why she looked at his gloomy self. The first confession was rejected, but she pursued him for half a year. Then the two of them got together. Unbreakable love from the end of that semester until when they were talking about graduating from college.

Yu Feng returned to S-city from Beijing to start up a business, a game company. At that time Ji Jiaying only knew that her boyfriend came from a good background. She did not know why his temper was reticent, during difficult times, he did not ask his family for a single penny.

Ji Jiaying did not know that this was during the most precarious period of time for the household. She only knew that Yu Feng was very busy every day, unsmiling and always tired as if his heart was burdened.

Then Yu Feng proposed a break-up, to let Ji Jiaying find a better family to be with.

At that time, Yu Feng had drunkenly said, “Jiaying, I am not a good boyfriend, will not be a good husband, even more, unlikely a good father. If you follow me, you won’t be happy, we should break up.”

After these years, Ji Jiaying was no longer a college girl. She was clear that things between her and Yu Feng could only be like so.

By the time they broke up, she was the art director of the gaming company and owned five percent of the company shares. This could be considered a gift of sorts to her.

As a girl with a hidden spine of steel, Ji Jiaying agreed to separate. After a month of traveling, they returned to the relationship between friend and colleague. Usually, when the two met in the company, her attitude was very professional without giving much face.

Yu Feng’s face was thick, but he was still embarrassed to call his ex-girlfriend and ask whether lunch was homemade or ordered from a restaurant. If it was a restaurant…could she give him the phone number?

That was how that situation was concluded.

In the meantime, Su Xing spent an afternoon cleaning up the yard. Then he brought out the decayed wood furniture from the first floor and burned it in the vacant lot.

Su Xing did this because he felt that the open space could be turned into a vegetable patch. The burned ashes could make the land more fertile. At the same time, it would act as fertilizer, that would also deal with the decaying leaves in the yard. The sun shone through the area.

When it was time to till the soil, he could bury it and let the leaves break down to provide nutrients for the crops. Su Xing kept the fire going until it went out. He prepared a fire ditch nearby to stop the flames from spreading.

Then he went back to the first-floor lobby and continued to sweep away the cobwebs and clean the floor along with the windows.

Su Xing was so busy he had no time for nonsense, he ate some food and slept dreamlessly. It was not until later that his stomach started to grumble.

Su Xing locked the yard and went to the second floor. He cautiously looked around and found the owner was exercising in the gym room. “…..” He could not help but look up and down at the good-looking body. Perhaps when he had time he would also come and do some exercise.

But as he waved his sore arms from his exertion, he felt that today in the mountains, he had already done a lot of exercise.

While the house owner was doing exercise, Su Xing sped up washing, cutting and marinating the meat before preparing the white cauliflower. This vegetable was so cheap in town, it only cost two dollars for a large one.

It was the local’s own produce, very fresh, crispy and sweet. It sold well and what as favorite of the children. If cooking your own meals in Beijing would make people poor, then cooking your own food in your hometown saved a lot of money.

Because the price was very cheap, when Su Xing was driving his tricycle back through the market, he saw them and bought some back.

Local lean pork was six dollars a pound. The local chicken was a little more expensive, but certainly not as much as in Beijing. Su Xing was considered well off in Beijing, it was normal to spend fifty to sixty dollars to prepare a meal.

Here, with fifty or sixty dollars, he thought he could eat for two days.

He used his own pot while drying the vegetables. He cooked however he wanted since the owner of the house could not hear him. If the house owner suddenly came over, he would only see the gas stove turned on.

After finishing cooking, Su Xing put his food on the table at sat in an unoccupied corner. Then while the house owner was still in the bathroom, he put the food box into the black space like at noon.

Would the box and cutlery, which had been delivered repeatedly, get sent smoothly?

Su Xing had some doubts, so when he went into the living room and saw the box, he breathed a sigh of relief. It could be retransmitted. That would save him money on cutlery.

Su Xing grabbed the box and put it directly on the table before sitting down and starting to eat.

The reason why he did so was very simple. One was to thank the other side for providing their living space, although they were not aware of it. The other was for a poor, lonely person, it was not a lot of trouble to prepare a meal.

Despite the risk, Su Xing still did so.

*Click* The bathroom door was opened with a powerful palm.

A man in a bath towel exited the bathroom. Although he was fit and muscular, his height of 1.9 meters made him look too thin. This man was Yu Feng.

Water dripped from his hair, he passed the dining room and saw the food box on the table. But he clearly remembered that he had left the box in the kitchen at noon…

Yu Feng raised an eyebrow in confusion before going to open the box.

Faced with the smell of food, he had an indescribable expression because he could not believe that Ji Jiaying brought him food again?

It was impossible. Yu Feng walked to the kitchen to confirm that it was the same box from noon. Then came the question, when did Ji Jiaying take the food box and send over another meal?

Yu Feng could not figure it out, he opened his mobile phone and called Ji Jiaying and directly asked. “Director, did you visit my house today?”

The female director had a cold voice. “No.”

Yu Feng paused, frowned and said. “Really?”

Ji Jiaying was angered and she slammed the pen in her hand on the table. “Boss, do you think there is no work to be done? It’s fine if you don’t come to work, but this old lady has work to do! Who has free time to go to your house?”

Yu Feng was speechless.

After venting, Ji Jiaying calmed down and asked, “Did your house get robbed? Looking for a suspect?”

“No, I’m not.” Yu Feng knew that she was not lying and answered. “It’s all right. You’re still working overtime at the company?”

“Obviously, why else would I get angry?”

Yu Feng said, “Eat first before you keep working, I’m also going to have dinner first.”

Then he hung up, Ji Jiaying was angry enough to almost throw her phone. This was the boss and ex-boyfriend, he would not even get her takeaway!

After hanging up, Yu Feng now had no clue as to who delivered the meal. But it was not from someone with a vendetta that wanted to poison him. So he went back to the table, sat down and ate all the food.

The taste was similar to the meal at noon. He could not say where it was delicious but every mouthful was refreshing. The only deficiency was also the same, he had not eaten his fill.

Yu Feng had a dark expression as he muttered. “Why are the portions so small? Feeding a rabbit?”

Su Xing heard and his pale face turned red in embarrassment because he had prepared the food with his own appetite in mind….He did not think that it would not be enough for the other party.

Su Xing scratched his face and packed up his dishes and chopsticks in the kitchen. He intended to wait for the house owner to wash first. In the meantime, he was thinking, what should he make for dinner?

After nine o’clock, the owner went into the study, most likely also his office.

Su Xing secretly opened a kitchen cabinet and took out the flour. He kneaded dough, chopped onions and beat eggs to make spring onion pancakes.

Thinking of the two consecutive meals with spiciness, Su Xing could not bear it and made some chili sauce on the side.

If the house owner did not use the sauce, it would show that people’s tastes were too different and they could not be friends.

At half-past ten, Su Xing delivered the scallion pancakes. Since he was hungry, he sat at the table and ate some with chili sauce.

Very delicious, fragrant and tender pancakes. There was the smell of fried eggs and green onion. Every bite was full of flavor, with the fragrant spicy chili sauce, even someone not hungry could eat several pieces.

In the study, Yu Feng suddenly smelled something from the open door but thought that he was imagining things.

“…..” He had not eaten his fill at night, how could he have the heart to work when faced with this smell.

In order to see what was going on, Yu Feng left the study and followed his nose all the way to the dining room. He found a single plate on the table filled with green onion pancakes. They were still hot and overflowing with fragrance.

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12 thoughts on “IPMH Chapter 4

  1. Thank you for the chapter !
    Wonder how freak out the owner would be now that he know it’s neither the ex or his secretary
    Or maybe would he be calm and investigate? changing password as precaution or installing cameras
    Or maybe he ignores and think it as a house fairy or ghost haha

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  2. If I had to spend 50-60 dollars on a single meal, I think I’d just eat dirt 😭, but also ML!? First time can be excused, but eating food that suddenly appears 3 times?! Boy you’re gonna get poisoned like that 😂


    1. The translator probably just translated Chinese yuan to dollar without converting the number, so in this translation 1 yuan = 1 dollar when it’s actually 0.14 dollars

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    2. I think $50-$60 dollars would be a week of grocery’s for me. Especially since I have staples (like onion, potato, dried pasta, and spices) in my pantry already. I could probably go as far as $50 for the whole mouth, if I stretch it and cut all snacks and go meatless most days.


  3. Ah? I suddenly lost interest. Obviously Yu Feng is the boss so why the hell Ji Jiaying talking to him like shit? I understand, they were in a relationship in the past. So what? Yes, that question came out of the blue. So what? Doesn’t she got a share because of Yu Feng gave her as a compensation? Can’t she respect him as her boss? Where does her mind wander? A disrespectful employee towards to her employer is so disappointing. I thought she’s smart, yes, but when it comes to emotions she’s so, so….. 😒


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