Chapter 255 Battle Three

Right after Luo Xun discovered that the two eagles had abilities, he studied how to make good use of their power.

Communication was not possible so there was no way to give them specific orders for targets. But they could make them attack on command – a big step forward considering the language barrier on both sides.

In addition, they learned last time that they could not solely rely on the mutant plants for defense when zombie waves passed through. They needed to be more like the A-city base with more defenses. The traps were part of the new fortifications along with the walls.

At first, they wanted to use the metal and batteries inside their home to power up the defenses, but they had a limited number. Plus they had just passed a long winter, with the snow blocking the roof, they could not replenish electricity.

Then the situation with the zombie waves and mutant plants occurred, how could they clear out the area?

Fortunately, they discovered the two eagle’s powers.

Although there was no equipment on hand to collect the energy the eagles spit out, they could still use the energy to defend themselves in a pinch. In previous tests, they confirmed that the electricity could be transmitted through a special metal wall.

They did not know whether it was because they were mutant animal offspring but their electrical power was very powerful. A single spark could cause great damage. It was the same on the metal walls, the energy spread quickly and all the zombies that covered the walls were struck and started smoking.

A higher voltage would have killed a person or at least enough to be unable to move for half a day, which was a funeral sentence. Especially with such a wide-range shock, just those two electric balls were enough to make the first wave of zombies paralyzed for half a minute.

Half a minute later, the second shot came so the zombies once again experienced an electric current through their bodies. One should know that they were standing near a fence in the snow with muddy soil, it was enough to be fatal!

Not long after, the surrounding mutant plants finished digesting their previous prey. Then they stretched out again for more food to grab…

The traps, devil vines, electric shocks coupled with Yan Fei manipulating the metal to create a net along with Zhang Yi and Xu Mei who targeted the enemies. The attacks varied and they cooperated with each other while relying on the stockpile of crystal cores at home that they had painstakingly collected.

Fortunately, there were no more flying zombies after the fourth day, the ones who had rushed towards their base were dealt with. The remainder used some ranged attacks or kept up with the rest of the army once the human scent became too faint.

Only a group of ground zombies still rushed into the devil vines towards their smaller base.

Luo Xun and the others could only grit their teeth and endure, any retreat would be despair. So they had to hold on and wait.

“There’s movement on the ground.” The group of people was stationed in the basement, power had been restored and several defensive countermeasures had been used. Yan Fei, who had been resting also had his eyes on the screen.

“Underground? Zombie in the earth?” Luo Xun immediately sat up. “Or is it mice?” This zombie wave had a variety of zombies, not just humans. But if they were mice, why did they not appear at the start?

“Not sure, seems like earth type zombies.” Yan Fei sensed through the metal walls. “But not too many, I should be able to handle them.”

Luo Xun sighed and held out a large, white crystal core for Yan Fei to absorb and deal with the underground threats.

It was still night, no more accurately it was the dark before dawn. The result was that those damned zombies were moving forward and actually hit the ground!

Fortunately, Luo Xun had been worried about metal zombies smoothly entering their base and had set up monitors to pick out any with metal armor. Most of them had actually already been dealt with by the devil vines.

The rest that approached the wall were put down at once with careful precision.

Luo Xun breathed a sigh of relief and Yan Fei opened his eyes. “Killed, more than forty total.”

More than forty earth zombies, but fortunately they did not dig down with other types such as metal, otherwise, they would be at a disadvantage.

What about the bodies that had piled up like mountains outside?

Who had the energy to pay attention to that? Their life was more important right now.

After about half an hour, dawn finally broke and the sun peeked out from the horizon.

A couple people woke up with their alarm clock, sat up and rubbed their faces. They turned to Luo Xun and asked, “What’s the situation outside?”

Luo Xun answered while shooting. “No change, wait another twenty minutes and let the eagles go another round.”

“Okay.” The two eagles were mutant animals and did not use crystal cores. They could only rely on resting to slowly recover. Each day they could discharge two rounds and they required rest after each time.

Their base had been surrounded by zombies for six days. It had to be said that without the tireless mutant plants, defending against so many incoming zombies was a pipe dream.

Xu Mei got up. “Lingling and I are going to get something to eat.”

“Okay, make sure to bring your cell phone.” The base was not small so they must ensure smooth communication. Fortunately, they had arranged signal receivers, wifi and other things on base. They could communicate no matter what room they were in. Otherwise, the isolation effect of the metals was enough to block all modern wireless devices.

After checking the conditions outside the wall, Luo Xun sat down for twenty minutes. Then the two rested eagles were ready to spew out more electricity.

After this round of counter-attack, the power on base was restored again. Li Tie and Han Li went to pick up the ladies while Yan Fei began to manipulate the outermost layer of metal to deal with zombies.

“We’ve got the latest satellite photos, let’s check them out.” He Qiankun and Wu Xin were responsible for checking the news and had sent them to Luo Xun.

“Good, you check. I’ll keep watch.”

All the members had their orders and were busy such as Wang Duo helping carry crystal cores from the warehouse. Only Zhang Yi kept his eyes closed as if he had not awoken. Yu Xinran happily put her arm around Puppy’s neck while mumbling something.

A short while later the other came back. Xu Mei had not made anything complicated, she used some dry noodles to make a large pot of tomato egg noodles.

Luo Xun had prepared the dry foods in advance in case of defensive battles. Afraid of having no time to prepare troublesome foods, everyone could only rely on these simple foods.

“Luo Xun! Quick! Look at this photo!” He Qiankun yelled with excitement.

The team could not keep eating and they all gathered in front of his computer.


There was only one enlarged satellite photo that took up the entire screen. This photo was very familiar to Luo Xun and the others because they paid the most attention to surveillance near their home. Naturally, they could recognize the terrain from above at a glance.

Now, the zombie wave was on the map, outside their base, and without end. But finally …they could see the tail end!

Seeing that end, it proved that they had reached the light at the end of the tunnel! Just persevere and hold on for a few more days. When the last wave of zombies were gone or wiped out, it would be over for a while!

Luo Xun took a deep breath and did not cheer with the rest. He carefully observed the zombies still surrounding their base.

The others who saw the photo might not see anything. At best they knew that the mutant plants were blocking the zombies. But Luo Xun could clearly distinguish the fortifications from home, the mutant plant area and where they had planted traps.

“This photo was taken yesterday afternoon as the satellite passed by, after a night…the tail should have reached around where we placed the traps. Today if we pay attention to the cameras we might be able to see the end for ourselves.” After Luo Xun finished, the room broke out into cheers that could not be stopped.

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