Chapter 256 Battle Four

Luo Xun and the team had a bad time these days, although the base was very safe. But the torrent of zombies was heart-stopping. This zombie wave was different from the last time since the last one was only passing through. They did not know if there were people around so even if the zombies surrounded the mutant plants but found they were not human an inedible, they would not stick around.

This time the zombies were different, they knew that there were people here and did not find it difficult to breakthrough. So a large group of zombies was left behind, trying to break through the obstacles in order to eat the people inside.

How could they feel safe in either case while inside the base?

Fortunately, now everyone could finally see the light of day.

Sure enough, at ten o’clock, After moving the cameras at home to check the situation outside they could finally see the end tail of the zombie wave.

The last of the zombies had reached the line of traps and the mutant vines. They surrounded the base and began the final attack.

“Wait an hour, after 11:30, we’ll start a new round of counterattacks.” Luo Xun checked outside and said with a relieved smile on his face.

“Good!” All the people inside the base waved their fists with hidden excitement.

The reason for the decision to fight back after 11:30 was that Luo Xun found after long observation that they would receive satellite photos the earliest after 9:30 and the lastest around 10:40. For safety reasons, they dared not do anything large during this time at their base. In case anyone saw the photos and caused trouble.

Now their final counterattack, they could definitely not be found.

Although it would take more than an hour to start the fight, they could start preparations.

Other than those who stayed in the room to watch the outside, the rest went to grab things from one of the ice rooms.

This room was different from the others, there was no plumbing but with a large amount of ice it was a natural cooler!

Although their home had many fridges and freezers those things required energy to maintain. Plus the storage was limited, it was enough to put food and meat but after a certain amount, it was not easy to deal with.

Instead, this natural fridge was worry-free and with it in place, it could store frozen mushroom juice.

For today’s defensive battle, it was not that they did not want to fight back using mushroom juice. With the zombies and mutant vines, what better natural biological weapon than this?

But they could not use it, yes they could not.

Before they dug out the circle of traps outside the base, they half-filled it with mushroom juice so their stores were eight percent depleted. If not for the zombie army arriving, they would not use their remaining stock. Although there were mushrooms growing at home, they could not accumulate a lot in a short period of time.

At this point, it was time to use it to put an end to the battle.

They transported boxes of frozen mushroom juice from the basement to the ground floor using the elevator. It did not take long for the mushroom juice to be delivered.

At this time, He Qiankun and Wu Xin continued monitoring the situation while the others made final preparations.

Xu Mei used her fire ability to warm the metal boxes while the other watched outside. Zhang Yi and Song Lingling prepared their own crystal cores while listening to Luo Xun’s attack plans: direction, scope and so on.

Besides Xu Mei, the others would move the thawed boxes to the third floor. Once everything was transported, they were on standby.

Luo Xun held his weapon while watching outside. He Qiankun confirmed the situation and Luo Xun ordered the two main attackers. “Ready, go!”

Yan Fei opened the sealed metal window, Zhang Yi controlled the air while Song Lingling flung out the mushroom juice. The wind brought out the red liquid past the walls and rained down in all directions.

When the red rain came into contact with the zombies there came the smell of burning flesh along with plumes of white smoke. It looked like incense was burning and lingering in the air.

The mutant devil vines that seemed to have eaten their fill were suddenly awoken. Their branches twisted excitedly and waved in the air.

The mushroom juice rained in all directions. Almost all the nearby zombies were drenched and the devil vines descended on. It was as if delicious food had become even more delicious! The end result was that the vines ignored their full stomachs and continued twisting around.

Luo Xun and the others were surprised seeing the devil vines come alive and even more excited than when the zombies first arrived. None of them thought that this would happen. They wanted to just sprinkle a little mushroom juice to deal with some zombies but did not expect it would act like stomach medicine to alleviate indigestion and even increased their appetite.

“…I knew we should have sprinkled the plants with mushroom juice earlier.” Wang Duo muttered. Although they only had some mushroom juice on hand, there was enough to use as a medicine for the vines.

Luo Xun coughed. “We didn’t know before and we don’t know if there would be any adverse effects if they ate too much…” Indeed zombie waves, not a good thing, since they had only experienced one before, it was normal to be inexperienced. They would check the vines after the zombie wave. If everything was okay, they would be able to use this for defense.

But what if there were adverse reactions to overeating – what if they died? Then they would have to recultivate new vines to plant.

The team accepted and learned their lesson. The next time they encountered this kind of thing they would have a report and find an appropriate response.

Still, the red mushroom juice rained down. Regardless of whether the mutant plants would have any adverse reactions from absorbing the mushroom juice, Luo Xun would have to deal with this later. So Zhang Yi and Song Lingling had to spill as much mushroom juice on the mutant plants as possible.

Bit by bit, everyone worked from eleven to two in the afternoon. Finally, the zombies around the base were mostly dealt with. They also ran out of their stored mushroom juice.

Zhang Yi and Song Lingling absorbed crystal cores to restore their strength. After they used the juice, Song Lingling asked, “Do you want to go to the planting room and get some juice from the planted mushrooms?” There were maturing mushrooms at home so they could grab some in a pinch.

Luo Xun held a telescope to check the situation outside, he shook his head in response. “Not for the time being, let’s wait and see.” The zombies that were clinging to the walls had all been pulled away by the excited devil vines. Now they could just wait quietly and wait for the end result.

Sure enough, as Luo Xun expected with the excited devil vines almost all the zombies were entangled in the vines. But due to a large number of zombies, they were stopped but could not be eaten all at once.

Mushroom juice was still good against the dead but the small amount only caused a certain amount of damage. So in the evening, the two sides were in a deadlock.

“We’ll wait until tomorrow morning.” After checking the situation outside, the team breathed a sigh of relief and calmed their hearts.

Right? At least now there were no zombies rampaging outside the base and smashing their walls, right?

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  1. So now we are just waiting for the big BANG that sill wake them up in the middle of the night? xD

    Thx for the ch \(≧▽≦)/


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