Chapter 254 Battle Two

The mutant plants that stretched out from the snow seemed twice as stout as they seemed last winter.

When the first zombie wave stepped through the traps and attacked the mutant plants. It seemed this was the first time they had been seen.

The originally golden wheat color had added brown spikes growing out the back. Each of those things could grab prey and not let go!

Looking in the distance at the entangled zombies and mutant plants. Luo Xun and the team kept silent but a large shadow also arrived in the sky – the zombies with flying abilities.

Something fell from the sky and hit the metal roof covered in ice and snow.

Luo Xun and the others looked at each other – although they were in the basement, they did not forget to leave the microphone on the roof to record sounds coming from above.

As if in agreement, one after another, the flying zombies attacked the roof while circling the air.

Luo Xun and Yan Fei exchanged helpless looks. “Can only use the backup plan.”

Yan Fei nodded and stood in the corner of the room. He raised his hand and touched the wall.

Yan Fei could control metal, especially after he became level five. Because the entire base was made of metal, as long as he had contact he could tell if there was any damage or any needed renovations since he could sense the entire base.

Only because the base area was large and complexly interconnected with metal; it consumed a lot of mental energy. It was a bit of a waste so they had not tried until now.

Now, Yan Fei was not trying to probe the entire base but rather thin wires, almost invisible to the naked eye, shot from the roof into the sky. The movements were barely caught on camera.

One after another after another! Those metal lines actually formed a large net! Above the base, the zombies in the air were getting blocked.

The net seemed alive swallowing the zombies one by one. It seemed easy enough to tear those fine wires but they actually sliced the bodies into pieces!

Yan Feo had not used this sort of method to capture zombies mainly because the ones on the ground had a variety of abilities. Especially the ones with physical reinforcement for which the wire would not be effective.

But these wind type zombies were not the same, their physical defense was relatively weak. In addition, they were focused on breaking through the roof while completely ignoring the metal strands. A strong wind struck a zombie and it got sliced with Yan Fei’s wires!

However, although Yan Fei’s fighting power was strong and the wire had a considerable range, area, and height, it was not enough to fully deal with the situation.

Listening to the sounds on the roof, the team subconsciously heard the noise, got desensitized and finally even ignored it.

If a satellite had taken photos of the area at this time, it would have been a shocking scene – zombie wave entangled with dark branches, each side was unable to separate from each other.

However, Luo Xun and the others did not have the time to pay attention to these things. The city base and other people saw the zombie wave moving but did not know about the mutant plants. Coupled with some other factors, no one noticed anything suspicious.

More importantly, although a zombie wave was passing through and there were a large number of zombies, compared to the zombie ocean army, the number was not as high. More importantly – the zombies were not sticking around, the line was long and parts of the wave were headed towards the A-city base!

On the third morning, they had just changed shifts when they received news from the computer and satellite feed.

Although the satellite captured images of their base getting attacked by zombies, due to the surrounding mutant plants and zombie bodies littering the ground and the ground being muddy from being trampled everyone ignored it. The zombie “blood” was not red but a muddy green which was not too different from the ground.

If there had not been so many zombies surrounding the mutant plants, Luo Xun wondered if there would be no strange traces, just an area that zombies passed through.

But since those zombies were attacked by the mutant plants, it looked off since that was not normal.

“….Fortunately, they did not all surround us.”

Luo Xun looked through the new maps and found that the vast majority of zombies were actually moving towards the A-city base but the stragglers were more than enough to overwhelm a small base. At a glance, they could see that a portion of the zombies were still continuing in their direction so they could not let down their guard.

During these two days Yan Fei was responsible for clearing out the flying zombies but his energy was limited despite using crystal cores to supplement his reserves. He could only work three or four hours at a time before needing to lie down and rest. After that, Zhang Yi would take over with his wind ability. With his personality, he actually ran to the third floor and did long-range shooting with wind blades and air bullets.

Zhang Yi’s killing strength was obviously not as strong against those zombies but with Yu Xinran making him gravel ammunition, those air cannons were pretty strong.

Unfortunately, he could only shoot one head at a time so the efficiency was not great.

Even if the others on base wanted to help, they had no methods as the wind zombies were flying high in the air. Other than Yan Fei with his metal and Zhang Yi being able to control his projectile’s trajectory, shooting the zombies with a regular gun was too difficult. Maybe Luo Xun could have managed something but he had to stay in the basement and keep an eye on the situation outside.

“The zombies have reached the back of the mutant plants.” Luo Xun stared at the screen and reported to the team.

Those looking at the photos quickly dropped what was in their hands and all gathered in front of the monitor. Sure enough, the zombies were finally passing the mutant plants with sheer numbers. They had broken through the outermost layer of plants and was nearing the outer walls of their base!

Luo Xun took a deep breath and looked at the team. “Ready to power off, set the wall and put the eagles.”

The people were silent at the three orders.

Now there were too many zombies and some were already inside but they did not know how many had been stopped by the mutant plants. Although they could see on the screen that each all the vines were grabbing zombies but they were not made for killing, their purpose was eating zombies and other living things that entered their territory.

Even if they would not get trampled by the zombie army, even if they could maintain strength, they were plants that had a maximum absorption speed!

Now it was clear that there were enough zombies for the plants to eat their fill and a number of them would naturally be dealt with.

Their monitoring equipment confirmed that the zombies were outside their walls. Luo Xun immediately cut off all the power on base. He grabbed his flashlight and took the two eagles to a separate metal wall in the basement.

Patting the eagle’s head, Luo Xun pointed at the wall. “Discharge!”

Since the two eagles had learned of their ability, from time to time they would spit out electricity. Fortunately, the team had the sense to keep them in the greenhouse – the ceiling was relatively high and there was sprinkler equipment that was remote-controlled. Therefore there would only be a few holes scattered around.

Even so, since the two birds had an ability, naturally they had to find a way to train them in case they needed their ability.

For example, right now.

They fed the two eagles a piece of meat. The two flapped their wings, raised their necks and blue sparks appeared in their mouths. The light grew brighter and bigger – *Crackle* The attack hit the metal wall and it seemed that the entire wall was emitting blue light.

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