Chapter 253 Battle One

After receiving the news of the two rebelling eagles at home, the pair rushed back to the car with their basket of eggs. They did not even take the time to park as they rushed the stairs.

They rushed past the gate into the greenhouse. In the distance they heard the sound of chaos – the beating of wings and chase noises.

Luo Xun had brought back the deer and lambs after the hail and it did not take long for them to grow up. Especially the two deer who were often seen running around in the area. Yu Xinran sometimes would ride one of them in the hillsides.

The two eagles were more likely to chase them around as a kind of friendship between pets.

But now, were they only playfully chasing them? Or did they accidentally find out about their powers? Anyway, the two deer in front would jump and the two eagles could not catch up so they would flap their wings and spit out a ball of lightning.




“Damn it! Ah! My garden!” Luo Xun heard the noises and became furious! He hated that he could not throw those two scourges outside the gate!

Those two eagles didn’t look big but they were lethal. The lightning attacks crackled and gouged holes in the garden and overturned one of the metal mushroom boxes that absorbed harmful substances.

The only fortunate thing was that the broken trees were ones that had not flowered properly?

A few members of the team struggled to keep the two in order – mainly because they did not want to hurt them, just calm them down.

“What the hell is going on?” He Qiankun asked after the two hawks were caught and stuffed back into their nests.

“We don’t know! By the time we noticed, they were already fighting!” The other had no idea what happened. They were routinely inspecting the garden and checking the trees to see if there was anything to harvest. Who would think that the two would actually fight?

Without witnesses, Luo Xun could only turn to one thing – their cameras.

The cameras could not be placed too far but were set up in many parts of the base. Generally they would not always watch, just use when needed. Most of the videos had not been deleted yet and were saved away.

Luo Xun hurried back to the basement to check the video after the eagles calmed down. They checked the recording from the greenhouse, they immediately understood what was going on – the two deer were showing off their physical fitness along with exercise as usual.

They bounced and jumped to the eagle’s nest. Then, as usual, the two eagles also came running out.

So one side was running while the other was pursuing like the wind and sand. This game was staged every day. What was different was that one accidentally fell and something sparked.

Realizing the new ability, the two eagles had a new door opened to them. So they would run and spit out thunder balls everywhere.

If the two of them had not come for goods, who knew how long this would have lasted.

Luo Xun kneaded his head, feeling a headache coming on with a tired heart. Their pets were full of energy! They could not really communicate! How were they going to manage?

Puppy and the two wolves were good and the former was very sensible and would usually not user her ability. The two wolves would have developed self-control before coming to the base, but those two eagles….they had developed an ability right after growing their feathers! How could it be?!

On New Year’s Eve, the team spent their day with the deer, sheep, eagles, and dogs. In the end, they wanted to eat the wrapped dumplings for lunch – unfortunately, as a result of the unexpected situation, they could only eat it for dinner.

They lived well this winter. Compared to the basement and greenhouse, the third floor where they lived was more prone to leakage but since Yan Fei set up the plumbing according to Luo Xun’s specifications, the temperature was controllable and comfortable.

They also ate better since they had stockpiled a large amount of food before the winter. Luo Xun also made a bunch of bacon and other things hung to dry above the kitchen. Coupled with the meat in the fridge, vegetables in the garden and fruit, their winter was relatively pleasant.

In addition, they made carpets, bedding and such with all kinds of animal fur. The whole room was covered with these things, who let them hunt so much along with what the two wolves brought back? Most of the fur was as a result of the two animal’s meals so the team could not say anything.

The baby’s birthday passed as well as the Lunar New Year. The birds that migrated north and the group of delayed zombies arrived at the end of February when the snow and ice melted.

While the ice melted, Luo Xun placed mushroom juice into the traps. The zombies would be coming soon. The metal was slightly heated so that the mushroom juice would melt in time.

Yan Fei removed the metal lid, which left a gap in the snow. As long as one was not too close, nothing looked strange.

When the first zombie passed through and stepped on the trap, the entire ice shell disappeared – the battle finally started!

Luo Xun stood in front of the monitor and silently watched from a distance. The army was like a dark cloud, he silently breathed out – they finally arrived.

This group of zombies came like a warning, that danger was approaching but there was a delay in the bulk of the wave. Now the other show had landed, although the future was worrying and their hearts were slowly sinking.

Luo Xun calculated in advance to avoid the basement and stay off the ground as much as possible. After all, they suspected the zombie’s noses were sharp, what else could they do to avoid detection. They had some defenses but the number was too small.

All the external monitors were covered in metal inlaid with two pieces of glass for protection.

In the distance, it was clear that some of the zombies had fallen into the trap but the army of zombies was still advancing.

Luo Xun frowned and looked at the seemingly endless zombie wave, his heart felt uneasy – after a while the zombies would step on themselves and bypass the traps.

Early in the morning, they quickly checked the crops in each room as well as the fruit trees and grass. The animals had long been placed together underground.

The two eagles had finally learned to not spit out lightning balls were sitting quietly next to Yu Xinran, who was also beside Puppy.

The two dogs also ran to the underground tunnel. Yan Fei had added some metal gates in case the passing zombies accidentally destroyed their tunnel and headed towards their base.

Those two silly ones and the family of baby eagles, sheep, deer and other animals were extraordinarily obedient. Even the more lively ones became well-behaved as if they knew what was going on.

Luo Xun had doubts about how far they would run if they were kept out? Like those two last year?

“They’ve passed the first trap!” A couple of people were watching the screen suddenly said, making the atmosphere in the room tense.

Sure enough, as everyone expected, although the traps were relatively deep and large with several layers, it was not enough for the zombie army! It did not take long for the traps to be filled and the wave to move towards the base.

“Do you think they know we’re here?” Looking at the zombies, Li Tie could not help but suggest.

“It’s possible.” Luo Xun did not deny it, but also reminded, “Keep an eye on them along with the mutant plants who can block for a while.”

At that time, the zombies had gone through the trap and halfway to the mutant plants. Then they reached the mutant plants that were hidden under the ice.

The large sloppy branches woke up from under the snow and ice. The mutant plants seemed particularly hungry after sleeping through the winter and were eager to face off against the enemies.

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  1. Happy holidays and thanks for the update! I’m guessing this last big battle will take up most of the remaining chapters, hopefully it ends in time for the author to give Team Otaku a proper send-off TvT


    1. I hope to, but I dont see how going to end the author the story . The group have all necessity completed for many chapters for that I dont see the end if only for the group. Well I hope for a good end 😉


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