Chapter 245 Shovel Officers

After repeatedly confirming that the two new wolf-dogs would not cause any trouble, Luo Xun decided to let the two stay near the tunnel entrance for the time being. They had previously built a circular open space near the entrance specially made it easier for the car to reverse and turn. It was convenient to let the two wolves stay, as for further inside – was their plantation and other places, including the parking lot. Almost every room had something, how could they let the two wolves run amuck?

Fortunately, while they were waiting, the rain became lighter. The two wolves could be let out soon and they would worry about space later.

Luo Xun went back first while letting the two dogs stay accompanied by Puppy. Back in the basement, Luo Xun thought for a moment. “Kill a few quails and send them over.” They were producing surplus and the upstairs room was crowded. Luo Xun had to think about whether they should separate a part into the greenhouse, but now it seems that they would be used as feed.

It was enough for their two baby eagles to eat as well as the meat-loving wolves. Luo Xun guessed and killed six at once while pulling out pork from the fridge. Two quails for the eagles with the rest and the pork was given to the two wolves.

Luo Xun worked together with Zhang Yi and Xu Mei. The rest of the people were following Yan Fei and Yu Xinran with the task of digging holes.

This time when digging, they found that the deeper, the more fertile and humid the earth was. Fortunately, the rain had seeped into the soil and Song Lingling was on the side to deal with the water left behind by desertification. The three together worked fast while the non-ability users dealt with the remaining labor, specifically moving the sand into the warehouse to dry. Although Song Lingling could dry the soil, they thought it was better to use sun that would also do some sterilization.

The group of people worked without the concept of time, Yan Fei helped Yu Xinran dig a hole, the former made a metal staircase so that Yu Xinran could work unimpeded going deep enough for the floor. He controlled the metal and stretched it in all directions linking it to the metal walls already in place. Then he marked boundaries with fine wire and then let the girl work horizontally.

Gradually, the amount of sand increased. Luo Xun and the others had been working and when they came to, everyone’s stomach was growling. They looked around and realized that the two women were gone. With peace of mind they guessed that they had left early for the kitchen to cook.

“We’ll keep working…until four in the afternoon. After dinner we’ll rest.” Luo Xun looked at the team. The tired group put down their work and Yan Fei covered up the half-finished wall before heading upstairs.

Upstairs, they found Puppy who had run back from the tunnel. She ran and jumped in greeting.

“How come you’re back? Those two…” Luo Xun had not finished when he saw a big head poke in, another head also squeezed inside. He met one’s eyes who retreated, leaving the other in front.


Well, they had already come. Although there was a lot of clutter in the hall, the debris was in metal boxes that the pair of wolves could not break.

“Let’s take a bath and get ready for dinner. As for those two…” Luo Xun said and then sniffed the air, “What’s that smell?”

“Yeah, it seems strange?”


The group of people smelled the odor and walked towards the tunnel. The two wolves realized something and stepped away. Luo Xun had an unobstructed view …”Poop.”

What a large dump! It really stank! Why couldn’t they have run to the exit to do their business? Not at the entrance!

Luo Xun felt black lines at the back of his head. Puppy had been trained to go under the tree but these two big wolves…He had second thoughts keeping them if they had to deal with this sort of thing every day.

“Fine, don’t take a bath before cleaning up this pile of droppings.” Although everyone had to deal with the rabbit’s nest and the two chicks, it could not be compared! This was on another level!

The team of people who had worked hard then had to use water and scrub the ground clean inside the tunnel. For metal sections, Yan Fei could take control of the metal and anything else would fall off, so it was easier to handle.

After they finished the all-important shoveling job, they climbed up to where Xu Mei greeted them with dinner. “The meal is ready!”

“Wait, wait, wait! We’re taking a bath first!”

The two women were stunned as the men rushed to the bathrooms, leaving only Yu Xinran. “What’s wrong with them? Did they fall into the sandpit?”

Yu Xinran shook her head and laughed, “No, the big doggies were stinky, after working for a while, they stink too!”

The two women laughed and took off their aprons while bringing Yu Xinran to the washroom for a bath before dinner. For some reason, the guys took extra long baths today.

Today’s meal was delicious and a welcome reprieve. This team had seen all sorts of disgusting scenes in the apocalypse, so the droppings did not deter their appetite in the slightest.

After dinner, Luo Xun went back to his room and observed the situation outside. He confirmed that it was still raining but the hail had stopped and there was nothing broken at home. “We should wait until the rain has stopped and then let the two out.” But then Luo Xun thought of while cleaning, he almost threw up. He changed his mind, the two wolves would get sent out tomorrow.

Yan Fei smiled and looked at Luo Xun in his pajamas, waiting for how long he would ruminate on the matter.

Luo Xun was not occupied for long, he complained a bit before turning around to see his half-clothed lover, face filled with temptation. His heart pounded a few times, even after this long, this electric feeling did not leave, how could people resist?

So Luo Xun acted like a wolf and pounced.

Puppy had a good time with the two big dogs and did not go upstairs, so she slept in the basement. The pair had already fed the baby and had planned on playing video games. In the end, the machine was left off..but it was still a good day.

Luo Xun was suffering the usual waist pain while looking at the hazy sky and rain. His heart sighed in regret as he could not chase out the two wolves. He climbed down the stairs to wash up, eat breakfast and prepare for work.

Not just Luo Xun, the others also did not mention kicking out the two wolves out. It rained heavily for three days straight and the two big wolves stayed with them. Luo Xun and the others were busy the entire time. They filled their storage, created more open space and finished the third underground floor.

This time they dug out a basement higher than the previous two floors. Since Luo Xun decided to place a layer of soil for grass and vegetables, it needed a certain depth. It would also solve their nesting rabbit problems.

But in the early morning of the fourth day, Luo Xun had very important things to do – release the wolves and dry sand!

Because today was when the sky finally cleared up!

Looking at the two dogs clinging and looking back, Luo Xun felt a slightly sad feeling coupled with teeth grinding. These two definitely had gotten used to freely eating and drinking without having to work hard!

The two stayed for so long that they almost wiped out the frozen pork in the fridge. As for the quails…if Luo Xun had not changed their diet, he was afraid that there would be none left.

The two wolves were not gone for long, Luo Xun was ready to go deal with the sand when they heard howling in the area.

“What’s the matter?”

“It couldn’t be something chasing them right?”

“Look over there!”

They had spent the last three days together, even if they complained, feelings had been developed. How could they let others bully the two right after leaving their doors?

The group of people sealed the entrance and ran over. Around the corner, they saw the two wolves on the road. Luo Xun saw the reason for the noise – the previous hail and unexpectedly killed a mutant animal!

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  1. See, they can be useful xDD Well.. maybe lol
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  2. What would have happened to thos cute wolves/dogs if the Otaku Squad hadn’t taken them in?! 😨

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