Chapter 244 A lot of Food

The couple stood in front of the window and watched the mutant plants waving like tentacles. After a while, Luo Xun quickly elbowed Yan Fei to have him test the mutant plants from the roof.

Yan Fei covered the glass with metal lest it get crushed by the crazy mutant plants. They were using metal to test the branch’s strength, who knew what could happen.

When the greenhouse was built, Luo Xun deliberately built the building higher than the surrounding mutant plants. But now the circle of plants outside the building was taller than before. Fortunately, although it was a little higher it would not pose a problem and the metal should not be damaged.

“Let’s ignore them for the time being, as long as we don’t make a lot of movements, they won’t take the initiative to launch an attack.” The base walls were made of cold and thick metal which also had a soundproofing effect. As long as the plants had no sense of touch, they would not attack something inanimate.

Luo Xun was holding a telescope to watch Yan Fei’s actions. He nodded and relaxed, “I told them, we’ll put the rabbits in the basement and then grab metal to raise the greenhouse.” Luo Xun frowned, “If they keep growing longer…what do we do?”

If those mutant plants grew taller and taller, would they have to follow? What kind of life would they end up with?

“Don’t worry, they are plants after all so there is a growth limit so they won’t grow into space.” Yan Fei comforted him and then reminded, “But we have to be careful and keep our distance from the plants. If we don’t pay attention they will pull us in.”

“Yes, the next time we go out, we’ll figure out the farthest they can stretch.” Luo Xun nodded, turned and went out to inform the others.

After all, sometimes they went up to the roof for drying something or cleaning up debris. If one of them was accidentally attacked by a mutant plant, not even their bones would remain.

The mutant plant’s sudden growth was temporarily put aside and Luo Xun took a night off. The next morning they went to take care of the crops and to prepare for pit digging.

However, before they entered the basement, thunder sounded from the sky along with flashes of light. The wind was blowing, causing the trees to bend along with heavy rain.

“Oh my God, it’s raining and so heavily.”

For safety reasons, when Luo Xun was dealing with the crops, Yan Fei had completely sealed the roof, lest the wind and rain damage the glass.

In the middle of the conversation, cracking sounds came from outside and rumbling sounds became louder and denser.

“…Hail?!” The team was instantly stunned while huddling in front of the window. Fortunately, the iron shelf was covered and there were metal blinds as protection. The hail could not hit the glass.

“Bark, bark.” Suddenly Puppy grabbed Luo Xun’s pant leg and kept pulling him.

Luo Xun was wearing looser pants so Puppy almost pulled off his pants if he had not grabbed them.

“What’s the matter?” Luo Xun grabbed his pants and rubbed Puppy’s head to appease her. But the dog was still whimpering on the ground and flopped onto Luo Xun’s head.

“Uncle, is she trying to bring those two big dogs back?” Yu Xinran crouched down and helped calm her down while asking Luo Xun.

“Big dog?” Luo Xun started and then suddenly – “Those two wolves?!”

Although the underground passage had become much larger after several expansions, could it really hold the two wolves? What’s more, although they had cooperated with the two wolves, it was always from a distance. Were they really going to get those two inside?

But Puppy was anxiously asking for help and the whole house did have the heart to say “no” – even Zhang Yi the usually cold one was silent.

Adding Yu Xinran…the cuteness was overpowering.

In this way, Luo Xun actually ran to the tunnel entrance and then…

Looking at each other, Yan Fei opened the door and Song Lingling was responsible for cleaning up the rain.

With the hail crackling on the ground, the team’s hearts could not help but feel uneasy. Although the two wolves looked relatively strong, could they really withstand all the hail?

*Bark, bark* When the door was opened, Puppy roared from outside. She was clever enough to call outside but no intention of getting pelted with hail. Just when Luo Xun wondered if the two wolves would hear anything, rumbling sounds responded and the two wolves appeared.

“Quick, get out of the way! If you get hit, you’ll get turned into meatloaf!”

The two wolves were very large but they were not as burly as at first glance.

Or they should say, the two wolves were about two or three meters tall but it was all fluff to everyone’s surprise! Yes, it was an illusion!

Now the two wolves entered the tunnel and did not have to bend over. Mostly because their fur was slicked down from the rain. The previous image of the long, fluffy hair had collapsed.

From the original tall and powerful wolf suddenly changed into the image of a hapless, soaked dog.

The two wolves came in and there was enough space to shake their fur!

Fortunately, Song Lingling responded in time to help them dry their fur and send all the water outside the tunnel. This allowed the team to dodge an impromptu bath.

Yan Fei raised a hand and sealed the entrance so avoid any leaks.

Then the team looked at each other…They were huddled near the two wolves and wanted to go back. But after seeing the two’s appearances, Luo Xun no longer feared the wolves. But now the problem was…

“As long as it’s raining outside, are we going to have to keep them?” Wang Duo raised a hand and brushed the wolf’s tail.

“…Then keep it for now.” Luo Xun felt a little powerless. Setting aside the issue of space, their appetite was not small! It could be noted that they had the quails they were raising? But there were two chicks waiting to eat! All of them were rice buckets!

With such an emergency, Luo Xun suddenly felt that they should consider moving to the second floor?

But if they want to move…did that mean they’re going to dig two more basements?

Looking at the two obediently lying on the ground, their behaviour resembles that of dogs. It was also up to them to consider whether to dig out more space for these two.

Well, it was not impossible. Of course, the premise was that these two animals that they did not know whether they were wolves or dogs could be trained. In thought, Luo Xun looked at the animal lying down with raised limbs while Yu Xinran was scratching it’s soft belly.

These two were dogs! Definitely a dog!

Outside the base, hail poured down, sounding like ping pong balls bouncing off the metal. The mutant plants were waving and dancing like arms.

Luo Xun observed for half a day and confirmed that they could return and start digging. The rain outside was heavy but it was not likely to seep into the ground under their base.

Although Luo Xun intended to use the three underground to raise rabbits, but actually thinking about it, how many did they have? How many were they planning on keeping? If the new area was as large as the above layer, there would be at least five acres of area for them to use! It would be no problem to house the two dogs. If they wanted to fill the entire basement, who knew how long it would take.

As for the two wolves…at least after the hailstorm and heavy rain, they would let the two out first. If they wanted to stay then there would be enough space to dig out and let them live during the winter weather.

After all, these two were mutant animals and it would be a waste to not use it. With the two birds, after their wings grew in, Luo Xun would find a way to let know about the dangers of the mutant plants.

Looking at their dog, where would they dare let her out? Fortunately, her small size was enough for her to play at home. But the same could not be said of the four new additions.

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  1. Pfft! Looks like Luo Xun and the Otaku squad are collecting a group of animals to farm and raise next after farming vegetables and grains. Thank you for the new update! Can’t wait to see what will happen next. d(*v*)b

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  2. Gracias por el capitulo.
    Tengo una pregunta.

    El personaje de luo xun llega a tener poderes? O alguno de los 5 chicos universitarios que estan en el grupo otaku?

    Pd. Porfa que alguien me de spoiler. Estoy en el capitulo 140 y aun no se ve eso.😭😭😭


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