Chapter 246 Otaku Squad Zoo

The land was full…not actually, just a few animals were larger and made it look exaggerated.

It was not just in front of them, inside and around the pond, there were dead mutant animals lying around.

“Oh my God, so much meat!” He Qiankun spoke what he and Zhang Yi’s hearts were thinking.

“Oh my God! If two more days passed, it would have stunk!” That was Luo Xun thinking about future consequences.

The two people who had called out their hearts came forward to examine the bodies.

Was it possible to eat animal carcasses that were smashed to death in the wild, outside and washed in the rain for three days?

Some parts were fine, but they did not want to think about the wounded parts.

Some of them died early, directly from the hail. Some still lingered for a day or two before passing so they were better.

Fortunately, although most of the animal meat could not be eaten, they could dig out the crystal cores and peel off the animal skins. Even more fortunate, they did not feed the two wolves before letting them out so the two had food to eat.

Luo Xun picked, dug out the cores, skinned the fur and cut and cut some relatively fresh meat to bring back. The remaining bodies were piled to the side – after all, there were some carnivores in the area. They could not eat meat, but those other animals could. It would not affect them since they would pass through their base and it was far away enough that any smalls would not reach them either.

Once they were finished, they drove back with the harvested cores and meat. Luo Xun went near the pond to check the situation outside. He confirmed that there were no dangerous animals nearby or mutant plants. This was the first time they went to the pond’s edge.

The original fields had been turned into ponds which had a few dead animals floating. Luo Xun and Song Lingling disucssed how to get those animals to shore. If they rotted, it would pollute the entire water source. Although they did not use that water, those two wolves may drink it. What would they do if they got stomach aches?

Suddenly, Yu Xinran jumped in excitement. “Fish, fish! There are fish in the water!”

At that, Luo Xun quickly looked at the water. He had previously speculated that there may be fish in the water, but with the number of mutant animals on the edge, they had not actively approached for safety reasons and put the matter aside.

“Try to see if they have any abilities.” Luo Xun lit up and looked at the other ability users on the team.

Wind and water caused no abnormalities in the swimming fish. Xu Mei released a small fireball that floated on the water and found that none of the fish had anything.

Luo Xun had Song Lingling help grab them out – it was simple for water users to catch fish. She did not need to attack, only direct the fish and flat a belt of water in front of the team.

The fish out of water obviously panicked since it’s space suddenly became a lot smaller. Zhang Yi solidified the air around the waterball so that the fish could not swim out.

The fish were in good shape…and normal. If the current body was already fully grown, then it would be fine, but there would be issues if it continued to grow.

“It’s about two kilograms. Not large or small.” Luo Xun touched his chin and looked around. “Kill one to see if there is a crystal core in the head.”

He just finished speaking when Zhang Yi immediately created a wind blade and chopped off the fish’s head.

Luo Xun said nothing and only raised an eyebrow while helplessly shook his head. He took the head and pulled out his knife to pry open the head. Sure enough, there was a crystal core, but it was small and transparent.

“Catch some to bring back for our indoor pond!” Luo Xun made up his mind and spoke to Song Lingling. “We can make the greenhouse pond a bit bigger and we have pebbles to spare.”

“Yes! There’s still some open space behind the house, enough to dig a small pool!” Li Tie and the others also added an idea.

“Luo Xun, what about this fish?” He Qiankun pointed at the fish Zhang Yi had sliced in half.

“Bring it back, we’ll make boiled fish tonight!” They had many peppers at home! The plants were also growing well and it would not be long before another batch. They absolutely had enough!

Yan Fei and a few others came back in their cars to pick up the rest of the team. Yan Fei had just delivered the harvested meat and skin. They did not expect to come back and catch fish.

It was easy to have Song Lingling and Zhang Yi work together to catch fish. Luo Xun was even surprised to find that the water also had freshwater shrimp and small crabs! After a closer look, they found a bunch of crayfish near the water’s edge.

Luo Xun suspected that these had been present with the original rice, but after the farm was abandoned along with heavy rain, they might have been mixed with the aquatic products.

After seeing these things, Luo Xu and the others ran to the other fields to check. Sure enough, there were many aquatic animals nearby. No wonder the water birds gathered more and more.

Just as they were busily transporting seafood inside, Puppy popped out from somewhere and rushed Luo Xun with a wagging tail. One side jumping around while also greeting the team.

Everyone saw that she must have found something since she was covered in mud. They all followed together.

Puppy took the team to the place with the two wolves. They saw the team and shook their tails. Next to them, the team found a few small sheep and deer.

The animals were obviously just babies since their shape was somewhat different from normal sheep and deer. During their collection, they had seen sheep and deer, but most of their meat had rotted, likely they were the babies’ parents.

After checking and confirming that they were not dangerous, Luo Xun simply loaded them as well.

The electric car made four or five full runs before Luo Xun and the team could go home. As for the two wolves – they were left outside to celebrate. If they wanted to return, the door would be available. In the meantime, Puppy followed Yu Xinran to play around. When it was time to go home, she ran back and jumped in.

“I had thought she might have stayed outside.” Luo Xun could not find Puppy for a while and was worried for half a day. He did not expect that she would come back.

Yan Fei knew that Luo Xun was actually soft-hearted, he just smiled and did say anything.

The caught fish were placed in a metal tank. After getting transported home, Luo Xun grabbed a glass cylinder that he had bought before and loaded some of the fish and shrimp.

As for the crayfish and crabs, they were left in straw baskets.

Now they were busy with the brook that had been intended to humidify the greenhouse. It had to be deepened and widened. Of course, the artificial stream would only be half a meter deep. The bottom would be sprinkled with pebbles to avoid the water becoming turbid. At the back of the house, they also dug a hole that would act as a moat out of the greenhouse.

The location of the vacant lot was below where they left the agricultural vehicles. But since there were several huge cars on top, there would be no problems but they were afraid to put anything underneath it …So it had been empty all this time and was only now in use.

Built a pool and placed fish. After that work, they climbed the greenhouse and thoroughly cleaned the roof of the previously dried earth.

It was evening after all this was finished. They had been planning on letting the two wolves out and dealing with farmland. But in the end finding fish had eaten up half the day and their plans had changed unexpectedly.

However, everyone was excited despite the delay since they had a lot of gains today. Not to mention the three lambs and two small deer, even just the seafood was exciting enough.

With the first killed fish along with two extra ones, Luo Xun had enough to make two pots of boiled fish. Bright red chili oil, white fish and fresh soup. The team who had not eaten fish for two years nearly licked the plate clean!

Today’s fish were basically carp, mackerel and other herbivorous fish. Luo Xun and the team already had a variety of vegetables available. Even more, Luo Xun also specially selected some plants from the roadside that could be used to feed rabbits. They brought back the whole plant to be planted underground. It could also be used to feed the sheep, fawns and even fish.

The sky was black by the time the team had eaten and drank their fill. They went up to wash and rest when suddenly they heard the wolves from outside.

Looking at each other and guessed that the two wolves should be in the direction of the tunnel entrance. They were likely coming back for the night.
“Alas…the base has become a zoo.” Luo Xun sighed helplessly but could only open the door for the pair of wolves.

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  1. And so came the first apocalyptic farm in existence lol

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  2. Damn, should I be thankful that they are not living in Australia? Kangaroos there are way scarier than mutated animals, man. Imagine, those kangaroos underwent mutation as well. Then I might as well better off dead, lmao.


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