Chapter 243 New Changes On Base

When the rabbits jumped towards the team, Yan Fei and Yu Xinran joined forces to create traps with great effect! Ones that bypassed the trap had to dodge and were killed by the others. In the end, Luo Xun counted that they had actually caught eleven mutant rabbits!

Only these eleven rabbits took up a lot of space so Yan Fei had to temporarily cage them and load onto the back of the truck with the two chicks. Sure enough, the rabbits had no abilities, which as in line with the two wolves usual method of operation.

The four killed rabbits were skinned and handed over to the wolves who were waiting for their food with their tongues out. Luo Xun took the skins and drove back to the base entrance.

“You know, this group of rabbits was much smaller than the one we met before, but the fur is much softer. We can make a few coats once the fur is treated.” Luo Xun’s mood was good, they had just harvested a full truck of rabbits which could be compared to what they gathered from the city base.

Yan Fei also laughed, “Where are you going to raise these rabbits?” He already knew what Luo Xun had in mind – their team just added two eagles along with the two wolves. The nest of rabbits along with their quails would perhaps be enough to supply these meat eaters.

Luo Xun squinted and sharply smiled. “Let’s continue digging and make the farm bigger or make the basement area larger. We can plant some grass and vegetables there.” Rabbits bred quickly, as long as they were adequately fed and watered, more would be born in a year! Plus they only had to initially hunt and then they could get rid of any worries of not being able to eat meat!

Luo Xun’s mood was very happy since the two bottomless buckets were no longer a problem. Who let them deal with a group of mutant rabbits?

They drove the car to the main entrance gate and opened the underpass.

The team moved upstairs and downstairs. They harvested the overgrown vegetables for the rabbit cage and then brought the two eagle chicks to the nursery room. Their home still had a lot of straw which they used with the rabbit fur to create a nest. It was temporarily placed on a flat surface next to the grape trellis, swings and stone chairs. It was a good place for Luo Xun to sunbathe.

After this was done, the team basked in the comfortable feeling of air conditioning and could not help but say, “One’s own home is always the best.”

“Right! Who can stand it if it’s hot outside?”

“Let’s dig for the next few days so we don’t have to go outside.”

“August is already half over and it will be much cooler in September.”

“But if we dig three underground layers, do we have enough metal on hand?”

With that, the team as one looked at Yan Fei.

Yan Fei answered, “Before we had a lot, I also collected some on the way back. Should be enough to build a basement.” However when they were finished, they would have to keep collecting more for their reserves outside.

Knowing that there was enough metal, the team was relieved that they did not have to consider the issue for now.

On base, whether it was the basement or the greenhouse, the temperature and humidity were much more comfortable than outside. They really did not want to leave and suffer outside for the time being.

So as they had discussed, they temporarily set a very leisurely work arrangement plan. Each separated upon arriving at base and went to do what they wanted.

Luo Xun went to the bathroom for a quick shower before turning on the TV and spending a while picking out a CD to play.

Yan Fei had also taken a shower and was sitting next to Luo Xun with raised eyebrows.

“Play together?” Luo Xun chose a well-known western masterpiece where two people wandered around with weapons. He did not think about the plot holes – their apocalypse only had zombies and wildlife changes, no one would have survived if it was combined with a biological invasion.

Yan Fei nodded his head while Luo Xun looked at the in-game map. The latter did not see that the man next to him had something brewing in his eyes.

Half an hour later, the television was showing the pause screen and Luo Xun was grabbing the bed sheets. At this time he had no time to think, but later he would wonder how long until the day was over. If someone didn’t get to play would they go mad?

The next morning, all the Otaku squad members were up all night. However this was expected and they were not going to start early in the morning. The work was all scheduled for the afternoon.

But everyone’s reasons for getting up late were different. Luo Xun and Zhang Yi had the same reason while Li Tie, He Qiankun and Xu Mei had another reason for sleeping in.

After heavy physical exertion, Luo Xun felt like his waist was on fire. He swept a glance at Zhang Yi whose whole body was moisturized with some kind of dazzling glow. Luo Xun wanted to find a mirror to see whether his appearance was as obvious.

Not noticing anything amiss, Wu Xin sat down while yawning, “Luo Xun, what game did you play last night?” They generally liked to play in the game room during the day and then play their own preferences in their bedroom.

Luo Xun’s expression was stiff thinking back to the helpless TV that was still showing the pause screen from last night.

Han Li, who was sitting on the other side, grinned while elbowing his friend and whispering. “Stupid, do you have to ask what game those two played?”

Wu Xin and Han Li then erupted into lewd laughter.

Luo Xun glanced at the two helplessly while passing Yan Fei his breakfast, this group of guys were too idle! And this group, as long as they had games to play, finding a companion was not a priority. Before at base, did they not say that if they did not find someone within a few years something would happen?

But now, with games completely filling their leisure time, he was afraid that those thoughts had completely left their minds.

The team rested after their early afternoon meal and looked after the two eagles along with the flowers and fruit trees. Luo Xun went to the basement to care for the crops. By the way, Luo Xun had also set up a shelf to plant sugar cane!

The sugar cane bought from base had been carefully watered and cared for during the last few days on the road. At home they counted and only two of the total forty were withered while the rest were okay for replanting.

Of course, Luo Xun specially selected some for everyone to eat as a snack. Although it was a bit dry, the taste was definitely that of true sugar cane.

They planted the sugar cane and placed the mushroom wood. Luo Xun walked over to the cage that Yan Fei made containing the rabbits and left some vegetables along with dried plants for them to eat.

Yan Fei also purposely created a drawer underneath the cage, after all, the droppings could be used for fertilizer.

After finishing these tasks, the team had a meeting and decided to dig and connect the third layer of the basement. It would be dedicated to raising rabbits.

Fortunately, when Luo Xun went to the market, although a lot of things were overpriced and in scarce numbers, they found a lot of fluorescent lights. At that time, Luo Xun’s intention was having replacements in case their bulbs blew out. But now it would be perfect for the new basement floor.

As for the septic tank that was originally at the underground third floor…There was Yan Fei who directly shifted it down one layer.

After negotiating the matter, Luo Xun set the height and thickness of the walls as well as the type of crops to be sown on the ground floor. Evening had already fallen at this time.

After a simple dinner, the group of people went home. Luo Xun returned to his room and stood outside the window looking at the gloomy sky. “Is it going to rain again?”

Yan Fei put the baby in the crib – he had fallen asleep while everyone else was eating. He also looked outside, sure enough the gray sky looked depressing and a sure sign of rain. “We are lucky that we returned before it started.”

“I hope that not a lot of water gets absorbed into the ground, otherwise we can’t dry the soil in the next few days…” Luo Xun suddenly noticed that something was not right. He blinked in doubt, then raised a hand to rub his eyes. Finally he grabbed Yan Fei and said, “Did you see that? Are those mutated plants growing taller?!”

Yan Fei was surprised but also looked. His expression darkened – they were really …growing taller!!

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10 thoughts on “Chapter 243 New Changes On Base

  1. Well, you guys are farming them right? Mixing the soil causes more fertilizer… XD XD XD Or it’s the baby. XD XD XD

    For some of the squad members, games > sex/romance

    Bunnies!! We can raise all the various bear children now!!


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  2. “And this group, as long as they had games to play, finding a companion was not a priority.”
    I agree xDD

    As long as it isn’t another flood from the sky? :’D
    Their family keeps growing :3

    Thx for the ch (ㅅ˘ㅂ˘)

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  3. Bunnies!

    Zhang Yi has a natural talent. His night life is like an exercise for him. He won’t feel exhausted for it. Luo Xun, humans adapt well. You need to work hard (≧▽≦)


  4. The author seems to have some drastic gaps in their knowledge… things like how candling (checking for fertility) works with eggs, everything about dogs, how a septic tank functions…. just to get started. They should have done more research. Those are all very simple things to check into. Bet Puppy really, really stinks by now – just think of how much water it would take to wash a chow chow… better to shave it, wash the hair and use it for cushions. Horrible breed choice for a post-apocalypse pet! At least the writing has grown more comprehensible, though it still requires re-interpretation.


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