Chapter 242 Little Brother and Prey

“This is the dumbest eagle I have seen my life.” Luo Xun saw Zhang Yi helped the other falling bird. The first one fell could be due to carelessness, but this one…obviously it was following the first! It was silly and bold.

“Luo Xun, what are we going to do?” Those two eagles with down were only half-grown, but they were still huge! Around the size of a small house while squatting.

Luo Xun looked up at the skyscraper, then looked at the one beside it and finally at the two ugly chicks covered in a mix of down and feathers. To be honest, when they grew up, they would look more handsome, this in-between stage was the ugliest.

Now, these two birds in the “ugliest” stage were as pitiful as sheep facing hunters, crouching in fear while staring at the group of “scary creatures”.

Now what? Luo Xun would like to say tough luck, however with his ears were filled with the squealing. The chicks with their lonely, helpless appearances looked towards the roof. He looked at his companions. “Do you want to find a way to send them up?”

The crowd looked at each other then looked away from the two snuggling birds and reluctantly asked, “Can’t we keep them?”

Luo Xun’s expression was a little uncomfortable, then he looked at Yu Xinran who was filled with expectation and Puppy who seemed ready to pounce. “Their food intake is too large…and it’s not know how big they will grow.”

Birds were not dogs, they could occasionally help the two silly wolves with hunting but even then they were free-roaming so they weren’t being raised. Not to mention the two eagles, they not only needed fresh meat but also enough space to fly! If if was cute, little ones, that the girls wanted to keep, there was plenty of space but these two…

Yu Xinran’s eyes were filled with regret while looking between Luo Xun at the two baby eagles.

Then, Zhang Yi suddenly frowned and said, “How did they grow until now?”

“Hmm?” Luo Xun was in a fog and looked puzzled.

Zhang Yi looked back, “August is mostly over, in a month or two the birds will migrate. These two don’t even have fully grown feathers, how would they keep up when the birds fly south in the winter?”

The team opened their mouths and then looked at the baby eagles. Under the mottled mess, they looked a little thin.

“….Are eagles migratory birds?” Wang Duo could not help but ask.

“Do you have a brain? You remember the weather last year, even if they are not migratory, they won’t be able to catch food. Wouldn’t they starve if they did not head south?” Zhang Yi rolled his eyes and then looked at the high roof. “There are no other animals above.”

Luo Xun conflictingly looked at the solid windows and then at the two eagles. “Yu Xinran?!”

The others turned around at Luo Xun’s cry and were frightened to find – Yu Xinran had run over when they were not looking and was happily feeding beef to the two eagles!

How sharp was the eagle’s beak?! And they might have potential abilities! One wrong move…

But Yu Xinran was beside the birds and successfully attracted the bird’s attention! If they rushed over to grab her, who knew what would happen!

Everyone’s heart rushed to their throats, only Zhang Yi and Yan Fei could quietly use their abilities to protect the little girl. However, Luo Xun had another headache – Puppy was standing next to the girl and smelling the two birds!

“Come on, eat.” The little girl was not stupid and she carefully presented the meat strips.

The two eagles seemed cautious but they were carnivores. With a slight pause, the smaller one stretched forward and took a strip off meat. Right after the other one grabbed the remaining meat.

Once she saw her food getting eaten by the two eagles, Yu Xinran turned around and smiled at the adults behind her like a flower. In the morning light with the two eagles who resembled a dog when not moving, made for an interesting picture.

Yu Xinran did not have an earth-shattering appearance like the two women on the team and she was a quiet girl. But her current smile was the most beautiful they had seen.

Luo Xun suddenly felt his heart soften and could not help but nod which caused Yu Xinran to jump in excitement.

Behind her the two eagles did not have any adverse reactions from the food, on the contrary, they seemed to want more!

They poured mushroom juice down the big pit in order to destroy the corpses and Yan Fei dealt with the metal in the cars. Yu Xinran was sitting happily in the truck, leaning against a large cage while feeding the two chicks snacks. Puppy was fearlessly accompanying her.

In front, Luo Xun was driving while looking at the sky from time to time. He was confused, “Why haven’t we seen the two parent eagles?” He still felt a little guilty about taking their children away.

For safety reasons, they did not climb on top of the building. There might be more eagles and there might be people living in the building.

However, Luo Xun wondered, if it was reasonable to think that there would always be an adult bird caring for the baby birds. But in this case, other than those two baby chicks, there was no trace of the adult eagle, which was very strange.

“Let’s take them back first, the adults are likely to move to our place to catch prey.” Yan Fei offered some words of comfort.

Luo Xun could only temporarily give up. Although he wanted to return the babies to their parents, he had no solutions at the moment and wondered about the two baby birds…

“Ah, how are we going to raise these two eagles later?” Luo Xun felt a new headache start. Although their base was pretty large with high roofs, would two floors be enough? It did not matter now since they could not fly but in the future …Where would they keep them? Not to mention there were so many mutant plants around! How could he not worry?

It would be good to know if the parents were only going to be gone for a while….but they could not communicate with the two eagles.

This time,  Luo Xun had left their base and spent nearly two days on the road. They wandered for a few days due to the people following them. When everyone counted the days – they had been out for more than ten days!

Ten days, would the vegetables at base grown old and tough?

When they drove back home, they felt the ground trembling as a group of mutant rabbits were running in the opposite direction! Yes, it was a bunch of variant rabbits!

Looking at the two familiar figures behind the rabbits, there was a sense of deja-vu.

“Why does this happen everytime we come back?” Thinking of the two bottomless stomachs in the back of the truck, Luo Xun grit his teeth but still told everyone to get ready for hunting.

See the familiar red truck along with the familiar scents, the two wolves herded the rabbits in their direction.

Luo Xun looked at this group of animals and had a flash of inspiration. He immediately ordered Yan Fei, “Try to catch some alive!”

Yan Fei quickly understood his meaning and immediately created some metal traps. Yu Xinran also sanded out a large pit in the instructed location.

Luo Xun trusted the two wolves in certain aspects. Although it was not a fight, they guessed that most likely, they were a group of mutant rabbits without abilities!

Such good prey! Easy to fight, high numbers and low intelligence! There was no better hunting target!

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 242 Little Brother and Prey

  1. How big are those? Maybe they could keep some rabbits as well?
    Also those chicks were most likely pushed out by their sturdier brothers but its strange that ZY didn’t detect anyone else on the roof

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  2. Lol they just keep increasing the scope of their farm. First came the dogs, then the eagle chicks, now it’s going to be rabbits. They really are working hard XD

    Thanks for the chapter (/^▽^)/

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  3. Ooh~ new family members x3
    I bet those wolves are like “Oh, our food slaves are back! Go, kill some for us!” xDDD

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  4. Okay the typical eagle that lives in china is the golden eagle which typically lays a clutch size of 1-3 eggs so the two baby birds are about right

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