Chapter 241 After the Battle

There were four people in the room bound with metal. One of them was out of breath due to his injuries.

Ignoring that one, Luo Xun began a simple interrogation. Of course, it would not be easy, the other side was more than aware that they had killed all but them. This could not be good and they were unlikely to leave this alive. Therefore, the three prisoners grit their teeth and were not willing to reveal information.

So, Zhang Yi squinted, smiled like a flower and brought them one by one into a black room…

“How long do you think he’s going to take?” Luo Xun looked up at the stars in the sky.

“I don’t know, it depends on how long he wants to.” Li Tie began to idly bat at mosquitoes – they were present after the apocalypse but fortunately were not zombies, otherwise, people would not be able to survive. Of course, there were mutant ones, they had been outside for the night when they encountered a man-sized mosquito. Everyone had nightmares when they tried to sleep.

“Hey, shouldn’t you go in and check? In case he decides to…the hat on your head…” Han Li elbowed Wang Duo’s waist.

Wang Duo stared at Han Li with contemptuous eyes and was too lazy to answer the question. He did not want to accompany him but the problem was…he was afraid that he would throw up last night’s meal. He knew his lover, who knew what would happen if that person was in good spirits.

Half an hour later, Zhang Yi came back with an unsatisfied expression.

“How did it go?”

“They’re all dead.” Zhang Yi waved a hand.

Luo Xun was speechless for a while, this was really…”What info did you get?”

Zhang Yi explained, “The wind user could probe our whereabouts, he is already dead. There are nine people in the outside five cars who only waited for three hours. If they did not get a signal, they would return to the base.” His eyes flashed with excitement, “They are a part of a larger team and these were their sideliners. They saw our team selling dried non-mutated vegetables. In the past, they heard that we had sold crops to select teams and guessed we had a base outside. They wanted to find a way to grow non-mutated plants so…” Zhang Yi playfully shrugged as he looked at Luo Xun.

The meaning in Zhang Yi’s eyes was obvious, they could only blame Luo Xun for being too capable. Right? Being able to grow a bunch of non-mutated vegetables so they had a lot to sell disregarding what they had at home! No wonder the other side was eyeing their team – there were so many teams in the stall, why would they get targeted? It turned out their captain was too capable.

Luo Xun was speechless and continued to look at the stars twinkling in the cloudy sky. After a while he turned to Zhang Yi, “What is there contact signal?” He just remembered and there were cars waiting outside. Now that it came to this, it was best to pull out the root.

“Three red fireballs in a row.” Zhang Yi answered, “Although I don’t think they’re going to lie…it might be fake.” Although all three men said the same thing, he still had some doubts.

Luo Xun understood but still wanted to try since success would solve the current problem. If it did not work, they’ll immediately change their position.

Luo Xun turned to Xu Mei, who nodded and said, “No problem.” While speaking, she raised a hand and shot three red fireballs into the night sky. Her power level was higher than the enemy so she could naturally send out a similar signal.

Luo Xun turned to Zhang Yi again, “You said they are part of the Dragon team? How many are in the team? Did the boss of the team know about the operation?”

Zhang Yi yawned, “This time it seems like a third of the team and half their cars.” The leaders knew that it was action after consultation. Should be involved with other teams on base.”

Any other specific questions had unclear answers since he was not present during the interrogation. But based on what he inquired earlier today, the majority of teams had chosen to cooperate with base higher-ups. The greatest benefit of working with the officials was they could secure property in the inner city. They also had access to military communications.

Zhang Yi briefly inquired and confirmed that the so-called internal information was the same as some of the satellite transmissions from home as well some supply distribution. The most important info was they could know where there was a large number of zombies and their general arrival time/routes. These were clearly shown in satellite photos but the base regularly informed teams in print.

Right after Zhang Yi relayed all the questions he asked, he raised his eyebrows and pointed to the street. “They’re coming.”

Those three signals were good, the five cars actually drove over.

Luo Xun touched his chin with a strange smile. “Let’s go and rob them.”

Since the enemies were aiming towards robbing them, don’t blame them for turning the tables.

The group bypassed the road to climb in from the city walls but the cars could only drive-through. This was because if there was something valuable in the neighborhood, it would take hard work to repair anything destroyed.

Five cars drove in single file down the road towards the neighborhood. Before they entered the door, the earth started to shake and the car fell into a pothole!

A few people driving in front at first thought they were ambushed but then thought it was caused by an earthquake. Otherwise, why did the car in front did escaped but their five cars fell down?

However before they the time to save themselves and call their companions, sharp blades and spikes took their lives away.

Song Lingling directed a stream of gasoline from several cars into a metal bucket. Li Tie and several others took the chance to check the car cargo. Yan Fei and some others were extracting metal from the car to create a large pile.

At this time, the sky gradually brightened, filling the sky with splashes of color. When Li Tie finished packing up things, the sky was bright blue.

“It’s done boss, all packed. Their…cough is as well.”

Luo Xun turned a circle and saw that the blood-covered things were also gathered in a roadside pit. Yu Xinran dug it out with a layer of protection.

“Come on.” They had to dispose of the corpses, handily dealt with mutated mushroom juice, not a trace would be left. The place they fought last night, they had roughly packed up and all looked clean.

Mushroom juice poured into the pit and white smoke slowly rose from the pit.

Several people stood near the pit and waited for things to finish up.

Suddenly there was sound and they looked up. There were wings stretched, flapped twice and suddenly fell down.

Yes, it was falling not flying!

“What’s going on?”

“Isn’t that an eagle? Why isn’t it flying?”

The team looked up in amazement and saw a black figure floating from the rooftop. “It’s feathers are uneven!”

“It’s not fully grown! It’s a baby eagle!” Luo Xun started and called Zhang Yi. “Block it!”

Cyan wind appeared below the falling bird while it was flapping its wings. Unfortunately, some of the feathers were not grown, at most, it could only hover in the air. Fortunately, Zhang Yi caused it to drift and land a distance away from the crowd.

The little eagle did not seem to have seen anyone. It made some sounds and there was an answering call from above.

Hearing the cry the others looked up again and saw another downy lump with even fewer feathers also fall off the roof…

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  1. “Of course, there were mutant ones, they had been outside for the night when they encountered a man-sized mosquito. Everyone had nightmares when they tried to sleep.”
    And now imagine what horrible bzzzzz sound that giant mosquito would make :’D

    If they would take the nuclei from the humans too?
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  2. Pobre ave creído que estaba volando pero fue ayuda de otro que lo salvo en no morir y llama al otro con menos posibilidad de vivir creido que las plumas son buenas ):


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