Chapter 240 Night War

In the dark, a few shots flew through the night sky towards the first few people. Of those four who came to explore the area, only two reacted in time. The other two were shot in the shoulder and the face!

The man shot in the cheek started wailing which surprised the people who had just jumped down, who then immediately hide between the building walls.

Luo Xun once again shot, one of the speed users who had avoided the first attack was hit in the foot!

The people in the shadows continued to quietly hide. Luo Xun’s room was also in silence while everyone observed the situation outside.

Suddenly there was a roaring sound as a few large stones flew into the air followed by a wall of fire.

Xu Mei squinted, her hands itched and she turned her head to look at the steady Luo Xun.

Luo Xun did not allow his obstructed vision to affect his judgment. In between the fire gaps, he saw a few people head towards the nearest door. He shot without abandon since they would be recovered after the fight. He shot five projectiles in succession.

“They’re going into the building. Yan Fei you deal with those three outside the wall first.” Since those people did not turn around and leave, do not blame them for courting death.

Yan Fei said nothing and just gathered his energy to remotely manipulate the metal they laid out near the fence this afternoon. Yes, when they arrived in the area, they had prepared for any attack.

Yu Xinran’s sand traps, his metal traps and the dark!

Hearing movement inside the fence, the three men standing outside the fence knew that their whereabouts may have been discovered, but they were not too worried. Their own side had a way of tracking people, being caught off guard was impossible. This covert attack should be successful, although their team will have taken damage, the harvest would be worth it.

Especially this time, if they could succeed, they could harvest a new base outside A-city completely for their own!

With this expectation in mind, they carefully listened to the movements while observing the situation and leaning against the roof.

There was a lot of noise, explosions, and fire inside the walls. They knew that their people were trying to deal with their opponents. But in the midst of these noises, no one noticed that the walls around them seemed strange.

Who knew when the wall was actually wearing a layer of metal clothing! The metal rippled and surrounded the three people.

They did not even have time to respond when they were completely wrapped and were unable to move.

The people who rushed into the wall were divided into two groups. The injured people were helped by their companions and hid in one of the buildings’ alcoves. In the transfer process, two people disappeared into the ground, their life or death unknown. Others jumped through a window, narrowly avoiding the attack.

“They must have been on guard.” The seven or eight people with the wounded were hiding away and speaking in low voices.

“So we are…still fighting?”

“Of course, since they found us so soon, this town must be their stronghold with surveillance!” The leader of the team spoke with a hard look. “Let’s hide for now as long as we have third create some holes…”

He did not finish when suddenly the earth shook and the building on top of them started to collapse like a mound of sand!

Their scalps felt numb as they run out in panic. A few wounded were left inside shouting but no one dared to turn around and save them!

After coming out, they were shot at again!

“Damn! How are there so many guns?!” Those people could actually be so accurate at night? If not for their own combat experience in evasion, they were afraid that there would be more bodies on the ground.

The leader had not even finished his thoughts when his foot felt something soft. While falling, he thought it was because of the earthquake causing cracks in the ground. But when he was punctured by steel, he realized – this was actually a trap. The building where they were staying was still intact…

People from another building were startled by the earthquake and some of them also fell in a trap. Two wind users with the help of the surrounding terrain and jumped and were “floating” in mid-air!

Zhang Yi squinted, opened the window in front of him and actually jumped out!

Wang Duo started and reached out to catch him, his Royal Highness flew up, yes flying! Actual flight rather than floating as before.

Luo Xun helplessly watched Zhang Yi test out wind blades against the opposing wind users while ordering, “Careful, keep your hands ready.” Facing off against other ability users, Luo Xun and the others were eager to try. After all, this kind of opportunity was rare.

Once his words were said, Xu Mei also eyed the other fire user, one who had not fallen into the trap.

Zhang Yi had flown into the air and was raining down wind blades. Luckily or unluckily, his main goal was the two wind user. As long as the others did not provoke him, he would not bother with the others.

At this point, Luo Xun had set his sights on something else – the five cars that were left behind. He was not sure if the people would find out about what was going on. However judging from common sense, ability users were more important but he was afraid that more people coming was very likely.

While wondering how to deal with those cars, there was a sudden gunshot!

Luo Xun startled back to attention since Zhang Yi was still flying in the air!

Wang Duo was already at the window, after hearing the gunshot he raised his leg and tried to leave. Fortunately, Li Tie pulled him back. “Are you blind! Your boyfriend is fine!”

Sure enough, Zhang Yi was still in the air. The other two wind users had long been cut down, fortunately, he was used to flying with a layer of wind protection. So the bullet hit his windshield and flew past him.

There was bloodthirsty intent in his eyes as the corners of his mouth were raised. Zhang Yi’s body was coated in a layer of white moonlight while blue wind condensed at his side. Just like when he killed those eight people a long time ago.

Luo Xun was unable to cover his face but he did not need to look to know what those people would look like. Zhang Yi’s wind abilities were not run of the mill, the lethality and range were completely different!

The two wind users previously floating in the air were obviously level four but their and Zhang Yi’s abilities were completely different. They could not stand up to his level five powers and they died without fanfare.

Not far away, Xu Mei’s expression twisted as she finished off the fire user caught up in Zhang Yi’s attack. That was her target okay? But Zhang Yi was someone that could not be provoked, especially by their own otherwise he would get annoyed.

“I didn’t expect that Zhang Yi’s power was still so strong…” The battle was over after only ten minutes. Looking at the battleground covered in rubble, Luo Xun felt a headache – how to clean it up…

Wait a minute…”You didn’t leave any alive!” He was planning on asking how those people followed them all the way, why and their target!

Zhang Yi flew to the window, patted their hands and absorbed a few wind crystal cores. “There are a few left in the building. They were injured and did not run out.”

“That’s good.” Luo Xun pulled Yan Fei downstairs and the others followed suit.

In several buildings, the floor was littered with blood and bodies – the result of someone’s hand and it looked a little disgusting.

Fortunately, they had lived long enough during the apocalypse. Plus…all but two of the youngest had blood on their hands, so there were no adverse reactions.

At the bottom of the building, without entering, Yan Fei brought out the intruders who had been wrapped within the building’s metal.

When those people were caught, Yan Fei whispered to Luo Xun,  “The second is an earth user and tried digging a hole to escape.” Thanks to their advance preparations, even if there was less metal in the buildings, he was easily captured.

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