Chapter 239 In the Night

Luo Xun did not expect those people to be attracted by sales of those non-mutant vegetables. He could not be blamed since he had reported to the researchers about the role of mutant mushrooms for virus absorption. Although he knew that the price of non-mutated plants was still very high, he did not expect that people unrelated to management had no access to those plants.

And he did not expect the price of fresh, normal vegetables was still so expensive.

The base could indeed grow non-mutated plants, but it was too much trouble. It not only needed a special site, needed to meet certain requirements and the water had to be produced by a water user. A lot of wood had to be placed in the planting room and taking care of those things could be a lot of trouble. Even on-base, there was just a single building planting those things and the rest were planting as many productive mutant crops as possible.

There were only a few higher-ups on base that ate ordinary vegetables, even high-quality mutant plants were rarely seen.

Fortunately, Luo Xun were not stupid enough to bring high-quality mutant crops to sell, otherwise they would not only be followed by one group.

The car had gone all the way east towards a place they had previously  visited. The following cars were just out of sight behind them. After another night, the other side had not taken action, the same as before. For security reasons, Luo Xun specifically checked their mobile phone cards to make sure that they had been turned off and removed.

By noon on the third day, the group of people gradually entered field near the buildings. In the distance, they could see some high-rise buildings.

This was the small county town where Luo Xun came and collected the bouncy castle and they remembered that there was an eagle nest on top of the building.

The convoy drove a bit away from the former city. Luo Xun stopped the car, looked around to confirm that there was no one around before carefully getting off.

They did not know whether the team behind them could tell their whereabouts but they did not care at the moment. Yu Xinran happily followed Yan Fei and the pair raised their hands on the side of the road.

The others were holding weapons and did not seem to notice the sultry air and the sun above their heads.

Luo Xun watched with a telescope while Zhang Yi scouted the surroundings with his wind power. He reported, “There are no problems nearby, those cars stopped when we came around the corner.”

Luo Xun lightly nodded and look at Yan Fei and Yu Xinran.

Near the pair, the road seemed the same but then they noticed that a piece of asphalt had been partially raised and there was a steady stream of sand in the cracks. Under Yu Xinran’s control, it seemed alive and moved into the nearby grass as well.

To the side, Yan Fei was using his ability so that the metal attached to the car was drilling into the crack.

Do not underestimate the subtlety of their actions, after only ten minutes, Yan Fei indicated that he was done.

At this point, Zhang Yi was finished scouting and pointed in a direction. “There should be no problems.”

The last time they left, they judged that someone should be living there. This time they only came here since they had no other options. But looking at the buildings, they suspected that there was a community on the other side of the road.

The team of people drove into a nearby building that could clearly oversee the situation. They climbed up to the seventh floor after parking the car and quietly watched.

“I don’t think they’re coming during the day. Let’s wait for an hour. If they don’t move let’s go down and arrange something before waiting for night time.” Luo Xun could not tell if the other side could only detect the vehicles or if people were included. It would be more troublesome with the latter.

Zhang Yi’s wind ability could detect but there were no cloaking abilities. At least he could not tell whether any air was being controlled by others. There were too few people with similar abilities – no way to experiment.

Coupled with the fact that more than half of the team were abnormal ability users, it was even more difficult to speculate about other ability users.

Sure enough, an hour passed and those people still did not move. Luo Xun was afraid that they did not expect the group to arrive so quickly to the “destination” which was so close to the city entrance.

Since the opponents were not taking action, Luo Xun would take advantage. Using the cover from the surrounding buildings, they circled around with Yan Fei collecting metal for their use. When night fell, they returned to their temporary camp and rested after dinner.

Everyone other than He Qiankun and Wu Xin went to sleep. If the other party wanted to ambush them, it would definitely be in the middle of the night. Since it was now only eight o’clock in the evening, the other side would not act.

After some sleep, Luo Xun woke up two in the morning and rubbed his eyes. He prodded Zhang Yi, “Check where they are?”

Zhang Yi yawned with half-closed eyes, “Wait a bit…”

After a short while he opened his eyes. “They haven’t moved yet.”

Luo Xun sighed, to be honest, passively waiting for the other side was really depressing. If they were not worried about sneak attacks from the other side and knew how they were being tracked, they would certainly have already counter attacked.

A couple people got up to prepare and occasionally probed around. Luo Xun took his telescope and observed the outside through a small window. Although it was very dark now, he dared not use an infrared telescope but there were few issues at the moment.

His line of sight started at a road, after a closer look to make sure there were no changes, he looked into the distance.

The last time they left, they noticed some people but neither this nor last time had they actually seen anyone.

He only hoped that, in any case, no one from that area would come out.

“There’s something moving.” Zhang Yi was leaning against the wall, as if asleep. He opened his eyes and said with a charming smile, “They did not drive, there are about sixteen or seventeen people running towards us.”

“Is there anyone left in the car?” Luo Xun was not surprised, cars made noise while driving, especially since road conditions were so poor along with the standard silence of the night.

“There should be, maybe there’s only one or two left in each car.”

That would mean a dozen or so people were left with the five cars and there were thirty people in the opposing side. After analyzing, Luo Xun whispered, “Take the weapons and keep an eye on them. I think they will not come from the road. But we need to watch so they do not escape.”

There were no zombies on the streets today and the neighborhood was relatively safe. There were no signs of mutant animals who would attack during the night.

Thinking of that, Luo Xun could not help but look at one of the building roofs. During the afternoon they had seen the eagle stretching its wings but today they did not see it out hunting.

“There should be about five minutes left. They’re very fast, there should be quite a few speed types with them.” Zhang Yi checked and stood towards the window. “There is a wind user and the team is divided into two parts. The first has six people with the speed and wind users while the remaining dozen are in the back.”

Luo Xun’s mouth curled as his eyes flashed with a trace of killing intent. His weapon was already primed and ready.

The others were wary and holding their weapons in their hands.

It did not take long! In the dim moonlight, a small dot appeared on the road. As Luo Xun predicted, they did not come from the main road, but chose to scale the walls in the area.

Looking at the two people jumping up lit up with light blue, Luo Xun knew that these two were the wind users.

After the two men jumped on the fence, they quickly observed the area, then put down a rope for the men behind them.

The latter four speedily climbed up the wall and carefully scouted around the neighborhood.

The people behind also came and also climbed using the rope provided by the wind users.

Zhang Yi squinted, “Three of them remained outside the walls.”

Yan Fei softly smiled, “I will deal with those three.”

Luo Xun calmly raised his weapon. When the first hour people approached looking left and right..shots suddenly flew in their direction!

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    1. Oh wow, we’re so close to the end already? (ಠxಠ) Man, that’s bittersweet…

      I guess it sort of makes sense, since things have heated up to this extent. I don’t feel like they ever really went up against ability user teams this seriously earlier in the story. Feels like the author is preparing for an epilogue where they’re some sort of crazy legend– like the ladies on the team who ended up building a scary organization in Luo Xun’s last life were ;D

      Thanks to the TL for the chapter! (/^▽^)/~*

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