Chapter 238 Test

The blue sky was hidden behind the haze, but there was no sign of any rain. Only shimmering as if there was a huge lid on top of one’s head. Although the sun could not be clearly seen, the heat was still baking the land. The water vapor in the air was quickly heated, making the day even more depressing and uncomfortable.

With the weather, if there were any people with respiratory or heart disease, it would be very difficult without air-conditioned rooms. However, whether it was fortunate or unfortunate, most patients with such conditions were mostly gone at the start of the apocalypse, few survived. To this day, people who could endure the weather had been hardened by the end of the world.

At this time, Luo Xun was very glad they had chosen to return home. One of the biggest reasons was – away from the A-city base, they finally dared to turn on the air conditioning.

With the car air conditioning, the whole space had become much more comfortable. In fact, the cooling function was not the most important point, it was actually the dehumidification. With the reduced moisture and a cool breeze, the day felt better.

In such a comfortable environment, they looked leagues better than while they were on base.

“Are they still following?” Luo Xun did not use the walkie-talkie. Due to the air conditioning and that the rear was suffocatingly hot, Yan Fei simply connected all the cars together into one.

It was not much trouble for the small electric cars since the body and head were already in one piece.

“Ah.” Zhang Yi leaned his head against the back of the chair. He manipulated the air to send as much cold air as possible towards himself while humming in a half-dead voice.

Luo Xun helplessly glanced over – his line of sight was blocked. “Weren’t you fine yesterday? What happened today?”

Zhang Yi put a bottle of ice water on his forehead and continued to hum, “Heat stroke…”

“…You have a wind ability…” Luo Xun bit out. He had been in the heat yesterday was still driving? Why did he seem boneless?”

Luo Xun glared at Zhang Yi but Wang Wei was extremely nervous around his wife. He was holding a board-like object for non-stop fanning while saying, “Should have brought back some medicine…Luo Xun do we still have a cure for heat stroke at home?”

“There’s fennel and carbonated water.” Luo Xun thought about it and then reminded, “It must be expired, but it should still be usable.”

Zhang Yi lifted his head and hummed contemptuously, “For heat stroke, drinking a bit of salt water with some wind is enough.”

Wang Duo immediately perked up with excitement. “We have salt! And water!” He was rushing to prepare things but Zhang Yi only spared a glance. “Sit down.”

“But wife, you’re sick!”

Luo Xun could not help but roll his eyes at the idiot couple spreading dog food. “Saying he is silly, he obviously does not have heat stroke! Just don’t bother!”

Although Luo Xun was saying the truth, it could not stop Wang Duo or Zhang Yi’s play. The two continued to show love in the back. He Qiankun, who actually had heat stroke and some others finally had air conditioning and were all playing games or reading.

They did have people behind them and the men were clearly following them. Luo Xun had changed roads several times but the other side would immediately follow. Plus they deliberately widened the distance between them and Luo Xun and were outside their field of view. If not for Zhang Yi’s scouting, they would not know they were being followed by a string of cars.

Luo Xun guessed that even if those people wanted to do something, they would have to wait until midnight. If they were patient, they would have waited until their convoy had returned home.

There must also be someone with tracking skills similar to Zhang Yi, who can sense enemies through the wind.

So Luo Xun was not in a hurry. Anyways, they were not driving towards their base and would wait until evening to confirm what those other people wanted to do.

Luo Xun drove south all day and tried to shake off the problem before stopping. In the evening, they stopped to set up camp. Zhang Yi checked and found that the other side had also stopped.

With a few whispers, Yan Fei and Yu Xinran went to prepare.

Since the enemy was following out of sight, Yan Fei collected a pile of metal while Luo Xun was driving. Only this time he compressed the metal to their cars as much as possible. At first glance, the cars looked no different.

Set the fire, everyone helped cook as usual. They picked up things and checked traps. Everyone was working in an orderly manner while camping.

After they ate their fill and set the watch rotation. Zhang Yi also did not sense any movement until night so they took advantage of the time to rest.

The first watch was Li Tie and Han Li, after two hours they would be replaced by He Qiankun and Wu Xin, followed by Wang Duo and Zhang Yi, then Xu Mei and Song Lingling with Luo Xun and Yan Fei last. This was because they figured the other party would strike at midnight so they would let the main fighting force around that time.

However, the next morning, Luo Xun woke up the next morning and the other side had not taken action.

“Was anything wrong last night?” When everyone was up, they washed up and talked next to the fire.

“We found nothing and didn’t hear anything.” Li Tie said he did not notice anything last night.

“I didn’t feel anything when I got up.” Zhang Yi also added.

The others were the same since they did not have the ability to scout with an ability.

“The traps are all set from last night and there are no signs of anyone exploring the area.” Yan Fei checked the trap the two had made yesterday.

Luo Xun touched his chin and pondered, “Change the route for the city we went before and see if they follow. If they do, we’ll take action.”

Now it seemed that those people were likely trying to follow them back to their base. Then they would give them a target!

Hiding away and waiting for others to hit the door was not Luo Xun’s style. Not to mention the Otaku squad, although they looked soft when it came to matters of safety – even rabbits would bite, not to mention them?

Cutting grass does not remove the root, it will grow again. They were not silly and not naive.

If they let those people return, they could kiss away their safe lives!

After breakfast, the team set off again. Instead of continuing south, Luo Xun turned and drove in another direction.

“They turned again.”

“It’s not like they noticed someone is following them and wanting to shake them off?”

“Not sure, let’s take a look.”


By the afternoon, it was confirmed that Luo Xun had gone straight in a certain direction. The team following not far behind assumed that the team in front was heading back to a target location instead of the first day when they were afraid of being followed.

“Stay with me! Be sure to follow.”

“Boss, you’re sure they have something that can grow non-mutant plants?”

“Obviously!” The man struck the speaker’s head. “You don’t know, I heard that someone was selling non-mutated plants on base and provided teams for a while. They must have a special method of growing vegetables. Unfortunately they lost contact and it seems that they started a new store…none of those things are planted at A-city base at all!”

Although people were selling non-mutated vegetables on base, it was in small quantities and the higher ups had monopolize dit. Ordinary people had no chance to eat.

People or teams who could grow ordinary plants or high-quality mutant plants had an easy way to earn points. It was equal to a place in base and military benefits! Naturally, people would take action when they saw Luo Xun’s non-mutated dried vegetables.

Coupled with the fact that some local forces confirmed that they only had those two cars and those few people. Their minds raced – once they could find a way to grow ordinary crops…no one would be uninterested when faced with such enticing profits.

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  1. Ah, they want to be Team Otaku’s punching bags, how nice of them. Even following them to a nice, quiet place so they can be properly punched, so generous~~

    Thanks for the chapter, lol. Looking forward to how this situation resolves ( ✧Д✧)>


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