Chapter 204 Glass

A wall of fire only hindered the dead mice since it was not solid. The mice sprinted through the fire and then *Ping* hit the metal wall that immediately appeared.

Without Luo Xun’s command, all the team reacted with Yan Fei’s response. Yan Fei had collected the metal and formed a huge metal wall in front of everyone.

From beside Yan Fei, Luo Xun saw a steady stream of dead rats from other trucks and the factory gates. His face sank, “Make fortifications, the factory also has a lot of dead rats!”

Everyone’s eyes flashed in surprise. They immediately ran to their cars and brought out their weapons, gasoline and mushroom juice. Yan Fei quickly pulled out the remaining metal from the trucks and formed a circle on the ground.

In just twenty minutes, thousands of mice gathered around the forming metal ball. Dense enough to make anyone with a phobia sweat profusely.

Twenty minutes was just enough to build a thoroughly tight metal fortification along with a pipe to pour mushroom juice and gasoline into the sand pit. It was also enough to dig a large hole in the land and enough for everyone to prepare for a counterattack.

Luo Xun observed for another five minutes and determined that there were no more dead rats in the warehouse before yelling, “There is no way to lay metal plates in the sandpit, first spray mushroom juice with the water gun and then pour gasoline.”

They’re now limited in gasoline so there is only one way to deal with the after-effects of the mushroom juice – better to pour from above then fill the bottom of the pit.

Each person had a water gun, each had a hole and opened fire on the densest groups of dead mice. The bright red mushroom juice had not been used for a long time and the number of mutant mushrooms had flooded. Due to the growing area, they had more mushrooms as well.

At first they actively picked and froze the juice. But was the amount grew and grew, they had to burn and only leave a portion of it for use. So now that they had met the zombies, they were grateful that they could make use of the mushrooms.

After using up the mushroom juice, they poured some gasoline in the pothole. The fire burst and baked the metal red.

The team gathered in the middle of the fortifications while the chimneys cycled air to cool everyone down.

“The rushed out so fast we didn’t have time to build a metal house, but it’s hot.” He Qiankun pulled his collar and complained.

Song Linging and Xu Mei sneered, “He Qiankun, you should really lose weight.”

He Qiankun’s forehead was sweaty but he looked worse off then the rest who were under Zhang Yi’s breeze – although the temperature was high, they could endure.

He Qiankun felt aggrieved and helpless. “I have not lost much even after the end, I don’t shirk work and don’t eat much but I have not thinned…” He thought it was strange, why was he still so round? Why didn’t he lose weight even starving?

Next to him, Wu Xin reached out to pat the other’s stomach with a solemn confirmation. “You have actually lost weight, around two pounds from your stomach?”

Others also grinned, “Good thing, after two years, your stomach will lose another bunch of inches.”

Others lose weight in a month, a few or even a dozen pounds but He Qiankun had to calculate by year, was this a strange curse?

The zombie rat barbecue continued for more than three hours. The team was still near the hot iron fence. Before that, Song Lingling also poured water for cooling.

The cores of the bodies were removed and the large pits were filled. The team carefully approached the trucks.

This time they let Yan Fei used his ability to open the door. Carefully probed the car for foreign entities, Zhang Yi also used his wind before daring to get close. No other way, just now a group of dead rats rushed out of the car.

“Do you think we can still drive these cars?” Wang Duo uneasily looked inside the car. The contents were still intact but so many dead mice had gathered, who knew if there was virus around.

Luo Xun frowned and checked around but did not immediately respond. He turned to the car rear and pointed at the trunk. “Look at what’s in here.”

The team of people held their weapons and stood away from the door in fear of more zombie rats inside.

Yan Fei was responsible for opening the door while everyone had readied their weapons, ready to launch at any moment. Fortunately nothing ran out…


“Eh?! These cars were actually used to transport glass!”

“Obviously, a truck parked in front of a glass factory would be filled with glass.”

As soon as the door opened, they saw a large piece of glass supported with some wood.

When they saw the scene, everyone lit up and cheered with great excitement – no other way, they had been thinking of these things for so long!

All of them looked at Luo Xun which clearly meant – bring it all back, not one piece left! Luo Xun naturally did not want to let go of these good things. There was hope with these things, provided that they could be brought back.

Around the trucks, Luo Xun pointed at the front of the car. “This is hanging on the head of the car, if it’s not too heavy, we can get the two cars together to bring back.”

“Does the car still work?” Li TIe pointed with fear at the car where the front had housed an unknown number of dead mice.

Luo Xun smiled. “Clean up is not a big problem and we’ll have to find the key first.”

Yes, no car keys meant no way to bring the vehicle back. And there was a gasoline problem, the amount they had brought had been used. The rest was enough to go back but was not sure if they should get some gasoline next time they went to southwest base.

Several people checked the car and found one with the car keys inside and could be used. One of the keys was found in a previously killed body.

With these two keys buoyed the crowd and they stripped the seats and mats. Song Lingling washed with her water and ensured they were clean before using the car.

Seven large trucks were parked outside the glass factory, three of which contained glass while the remaining had some pieces left.

The team deliberated on whether to inspect the factory in advance and made sure there were no pieces of glass left that could be put away. After all, it was rare to come here, they had to put away as much as possible otherwise the next time they encountered something like this they might not have enough gasoline to burn – would they rely on Xu Mei’s fire instead?

They carefully entered the factory and checked around for half a day. After confirming that there were no other dead rats and the warehouse had a lot of glass that had not been loaded along with several large barrels of gasoline, enough to make up for the previous loss.

The well-harvested team was able to transport a few pieces of glass to the half-empty truck and then stuffed gasoline into the rest of the space.

This time they abandoned the original truck and replaced it with the new larger trucks. Each truck had an extra trunk in the back to take all the four glass filled vehicles in one go. Two double length trucks, four electric minivans and two giant metal balls; the vastness of the group was staggering.

When the convoy drove back to their base, they encountered two wolves rolling around. As the two large caterpillar rumbled over they bared their teeth…Could not blame them, who let their previous car be blue and small? Plus there were two more vehicles with connected sections that made it look much larger.

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