Chapter 203 Glass Factory

After completing this somewhat troublesome room which took a half day and welcoming the group of mutated quails, they dragged their tired bodies back to the first floor kitchen to eat.

“Luo Xun, didn’t you say we had to plant the fruit trees outside? Should we put them in the room just now? Make a small garden?” Wang Duo had a flash of inspiration, how beautiful it would be to walk hand-in-hand with his lover in the peaceful garden.

Luo Xun’s chopsticks paused and then he nodded. “Okay, after we get the glass, I’ll draw a design.”

“Great! You have to make a hill! Full of peach trees!”

“It’s okay to plant pear trees.”

“And cherry trees!”

“It’s better to make a few more small hills each with a tree.”

“And a little bridge with flowing water…”

“Roadside shrubs can be replaced with lemon trees.”

“I remember Luo Xun brought star anise right? Is there any pepper?”

“The roads can be beautified with leeks, coriander and others…”

“Aren’t all vegetables grown in the basement? Right! When we go collect supplies again, we need to see if the plants haven’t changed.”

“Don’t forget to set aside a place to specialize in sunflowers and watermelons.”

“That’s good, we need to plant the watermelons into drier soil since it’s not sweet if there is too much water.”

During safety, everyone began to make life as enjoyable as possible. Luo Xun and Yan Fei smiled at the bowl. “The ground layer is good for now, build a path in the garden but we have to think carefully about everyone’s room. Then draw a design and we’ll slowly renovate.”

After hearing his words, the team was excited again, He Qiankun said that he remembered his previous data had some interior design plans. He wanted to find it and then work according those design drawings.

The group of people spoke animatedly and went back to the basement to move soil in the afternoon.

Yan Fei removed the metal from the wall, Yu Xinran started using her sand powers for non-stop desertification. The sand was then carted out in a metal box, Luo Xun and the others took turns using the elevator to carry the earth.

Yu Xinran with Puppy went to see the baby while learning to write. Xu Mei and Song Lingling finished dealing with work on the second floor. Harvest vegetables, feed the meal worms in the boxes, separate the two kinds of quails, there were quite a few jobs left.

The digging continued for two full days and within that time no one found anything else. Until the basement had enough space, they had used up eight percent of their metal and enough mutant plants for the earth.

“…It seems destined for us to work simultaneously.” Luo Xun sighed helplessly. “It’s fine and safe, we’ll go out early tomorrow.”

The others had no problems, after the first basement, the team had to organize the planting racks, deal with the second underground planting space, after expanding they had to plant and grow other crops.

The electric car at home was now fully charged through using the battery and after a test to make sure there weren’t any problems, everyone happily decided to go out and use it. They just ft as well.

The convoy was still four cars with a big truck. After all, although an electric car was convenient, it did not have a lot of space, there would not be enough if they went out to collect a large quantity of material.

Although their cars had trunks, the actual size was similar to a van with limited capacity.

The first night they simply arranged a few cars to drive out, the fridge was put into Xu Mei’s car. Luo Xun and Yan Fei’s car had a dog kennel and baby seat. In addition, each car had a solar charging place on the roof and a battery to charge while driving.

With Yan Fei, installing solar panels onto a normal car was very different, he actually directly attached it…if they encounter rain he could also create a metal cover, much more convenient.

Early in the morning, the team rushed out on a road that they had never taken before. Road conditions had become increasingly poor, several vehicles nearby were broken and full of holes. Roads in the cities were okay, as long as there were no mutant animals, cars would not get damaged.

“Why do I think the mutant plants seem to be getting taller?”

Luo Xun and the others would chat through radio from time to time, after each car only had two people and everyone liked to converse.

“It seems so, but maybe the height of our car has decreased?”

“Wang Duo, you went out last time in the truck, why else would you think there are tall plants outside?”

Wang Duo was tangled, “It seems like so…and at the same time not.” Zhang Yi had his eyes closed and hands behind his head – a beauty’s nightlife was very rich so he was a little tired.

The cars moved forward and it did not take long to get on another road and the team got to enjoy a smoother ride in the electric car. Yan Fei held the baby on one hand – the child had just woken up and was waving his arms, seeming to want to play.

Luo Xun teased the baby while driving, Yan Fei looked at the screen installed in the front window – this sort of thing was easy to find after the end. Casually wander around a mall to find devices no one wanted.

The screen showed an image, one a satellite sent two days ago. It showed the nearest zombies from A-city, they had previously approached the seaside. The forward line had become a bit chaotic. Who knew if they were going to head into the ocean? Or would they return?

“If the zombies jumped into the sea that would be great.” Luo Xun glanced at the screen.

“It’s hard to say.” Yan Fei also looked, they had seen it together last night and then temporarily attached the screen to each car with Yan Fei’s power. Each contained maps and other various data. These things were on the phone of course but the screen on the tablet was larger, so more convenient while driving.

“If they are going to jump of turn around we’ll find out soon.” Luo Xun shrugged, at least this area was safe for now. They needed to hurry and build a good base, ready for any unexpected situations.

Yan Fei suddenly stopped and his brow wrinkled while pointing at an image. “Look at this, this picture shows that foreign zombies are approaching and will enter out country in a while, they might pass us here.”

Luo Xun carefully looked and then sighed, “A large domestic zombie horde is leaving and now foreigners also want to travel…Why on earth would things turn out this way.

“I wonder if they die if they can’t eat people.”

“I don’t know…But I look forward to it.” Luo Xun laughed, “People getting eaten by zombies who then starved to death, the world is clean.”

There was a moment of silence, maybe it was true? Looking outside, the greenness of the earth had broken through the white snow. On both sides of the road, signs of lush greenery appeared. Perhaps the world was self-cleaning itself of humans, but not necessarily animals.

The glass factory was a short distance from their location. When they arrived they only saw a few scattered dead bodies around the area along with debris. The factory itself was relatively intact.

“There are a few trucks over there, just don’t know if they can be driven back.” Luo Xun pointed at the factory gate.

The trucks were significantly larger in tonnage than the converted ones. The quality was pretty good, if they could bring one back it would replace one of the ones they were currently driving.

“I’ll see if I can find some keys in the car. “In fact they had encountered a lot of good cars on the road, such as off-road vehicles, large trucks but since there were no keys they had to give up. They could only grab the gasoline and strip the car of metal.

After killing the wandering zombies, Luo Xun approached the large trucks. Before they could open the door, a group of rats rushed out of the car! Zombie mice!

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  1. why don’t they just use yan fei’s metal powers and make the key using the lock as the mold… his sensitivity should be high enough right


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