Chapter 205 Shundang

“Luo, Luo Xun, nothing’s happening right?” A few people nervously asked through the walkie-talkie. The team drove past the two wolves, who were watching the convoy.

Luo Xun did not understand wolf, how would he know if something was happening? It would be worse if they stopped and confronted the two wolves.

Treating it like a dog lounging on the side of the road before the apocalypse, Luo Xun calmed himself down. “Go forward, at most they will bark at the back.” As for whether it would catch up…if they think they could eat metal and stuff, then chase away.

After Luo Xun’s words, the team reluctantly steeled themselves and continued towards their base. Perhaps Luo Xun had guessed the wolves’ behavior patterns, or perhaps they were not hungry. In short they just called after the team but just continued snuggling and playing around.

Finally arrived back at their tunnel only to realize – their car could only temporarily stop in front of the tunnel, not drive in!

Although the basement had been expanded and the warehouse could be filled, the garage was not done. The floor was paved with need for dry sand. Everyone had temporarily stored a variety of things in the first and second floors…But there was little space for storage now.

Today most of the tunnel was crowded with cars of all colors. Luo Xun and company could only get off early and walk back to the basement.

“Let’s build the garage tomorrow and the tunnels need to be expanded, at least until the car can turn around.” Luo Xun helplessly looked around.

“But there is no place to dry the earth for now. It would take a day to put away what we already made.” Li Tie reported on the situation, saying it would not be easy to complete.

Luo Xun looked at the team and sighed, “Then we work overtime today. First take out the glass – anyways the expanded basements are not full so first put that away. We’ll return after moving the dirt and bring back all the glass.”

The group of people quickly unloaded the goods. The next morning a line of cars returned to the glass factory to retrieve materials. This time they were lucky and did not meet the two wolves. But the people who went twice in a row were too tired and went to bed right after returning.

The next day part of the team started the day’s work – collect soil and dig holes.

As the number of vehicles at home skyrocketed, Luo Xun decided to take care of the two-story underground parking lot first. The sand dug out once again filled up the open space. The team had to decide between scattering the sand to the mutant plants, to the fields or make small hillsides.

No other way, who made them need more basements? Although they also needed to use soil when planting things, the amount they had was enough for a while. Then they dug out more and there was no place to put the sand.

So from this day on, the people had a dark day filled with hard labor.

For a full week, they dig out a parking garage with enough space for their more than twenty cars. A bit from the entrance there was a space where they could turn cars around. By the way with the two basements, Yan Fei had exhausted the metal he brought back.

“We bring back a lot of metal back every time but it’s never enough.” Luo Xun felt a little strange thinking of the big projects waiting at least four other basements and such.

He did not expect such a small base had such a large demand for metals. But in fact, it was normal. After all they also refined the metal before using the material that they collected. The demand was naturally high.

Yan Fei suddenly added, “The next time I collect metal outside, I will refine it before bringing it back, I forgot to do this before.”

Yes, regardless of who forgot, they could refine the metal and bring it back at the same time. Do they wouldn’t have to refine a huge metal ball back at base.

“Is it convenient?” Luo Xun asked with some worry. Refining metal consumed mental energy, doing it outside could save space but would also increase Yan Fei’s workload.

“It’s not a big problem. We’re going out with enough crystal cores now.” He showed the bag in the corner that held the cores.

Since they had discovered these things under the mutant plants, the Otaku squad was not short on cores. These days Luo Xun and Yan Fei had been using the scattered cores. With a sufficient number of cores, Yan Fei would not have to worry about running out of energy.

Luo Xun also could not help but laugh while looking at Yu Xinran. “It seems that we have to focus on treasure in two days.”

The last time they killed the zombie mice, there were thousands of cores, but how big were those crystals? It was not enough and they were now gone and used up.

Yu Xinran heard the news and her eyes lit up with a happy smile. “Treasure hunt, treasure hunt! Much more fun than digging a hole!”

For the little girl, digging was like a game, there was no other benefit other than getting a pile of sand. On the other hand, searching the mutant plants was filled with cores of all eye-catching colors. She loved bright and beautiful things.

“Do we start with the other mutant plant fields around us? Then back to base?” Xu Mei suddenly proposed.

“Okay, start from away and then come closer.” Luo Xun also agreed to start farther away. The area in front of their door would not leave so they could slowly deal with it.

The group of people rested for a night and drove their cars out the next morning. This time they only drove three small electric cars and a big truck. The convoy had been streamlined but it had not affected their task at all.

Luo Xun was going to take everyone to the glass factory first. There were three trailers for the truck and there should be some glass inside. In addition they were also ready to grab some equipment, for example cutting glass. As for equipment that made glass…those things were large and had many kinds. Luo Xun and company were not professionals so they could only give up on those.

At the same time they were prepared to bring back more wood. The basement was dug out and they would bring back as much wood as they could for planting.

The last thing remaining thing was of course metal. Having Yan Fei refining while collecting was a good idea.

The line of cars drove to its destination. Thankfully when they arrived, the factory was unchanged with scattered trucks, the glass and equipment were inside.

After loading the last batch of glass along with some equipment that everyone could use, the rest of the space was filled.The remaining trailers were attached to their own truck and ready to collect metal.

As the car drove up the road, a voice suddenly came from the walkie-talkie. “In the southeast, there seems to be movement.”

Luo Xun hurriedly took out a telescope and searched, indeed there was a team of off-road vehicles. There was a total of ten cars and it seemed to be a team searching for supplies.

“It should be a base team, there are no military cars. Everyone is wearing good weapons and wary of their surroundings. The other side is going the other way, should be no conflict.”

The team went the other way towards the city. As long as they did not think of robbing other teams, they would not have any conflict.

It turned out that Luo Xun’s judgement was correct. It did not matter that Luo Xun’s side did not have many people but their car! Their fleet looked strong – two big trucks with connected trailers and three smaller cars that seemed to have a large number of people searching for supplies. Those in the same car were often on the same team, their strength was generally higher than those who temporarily teamed up. The idea of theft had not really crossed their mind.

Since the range of zombie activity had become more focused, people going out to explore had gradually become more bold. As long as one had knowledge of where the zombies were concentrated, it was relatively easy to bypass. So it was normal for people to gather while getting supplies.

Luo Xun touched his chin, it seemed that the next time they went out, they had to find a good route to the warehouse, transit station and so on.

It did not take long for people to arrive at the road. Yan Fei collected the metal along the way. For safety he only grabbed extra bits lest someone get hurt by a collapsing bridge.

The work was skilled and it did not take long to get done.

“Let’s go home!” The work was done. They would also grab the wood from the roadside. This time they actually got everything they planned for. The team could go home early and have a big dinner.

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