Chapter 202 Quail

With their hands full, the group of people circled the group of cars twice. After careful observation they found that some of the cars had some bumps on the roof along with some debris scattered around. They were not sure what got smashed or what had fallen on the car.

But there was Yan Fei among their ranks and these small issues were no problem.

Two rows of cars added up to a total of fourteen cars. Naturally they could not use so many cars. After so long after the end, the storage equipment was long gone, but these extras could be used as replacements. Fortunately when they came out, Luo Xun also drove the truck. Each car pulled one or two cars and the rest were stuffed into the truck compartment. With Yan Fei’s ability, they could put down a roof and the cars would be dragged along, in the end fourteen cars were taken back at once.

Because they found electric cars this time, Luo Xun did not go to other places to search for supplies. Otherwise they got a few freezers from a roadside shop. By the time everyone returned to base, the sky was completely dark.

The lush mutant plant farmland surrounded the cars, Luo Xun only dared to drive in the center of the road in case these mutant plants stretched their vines and grabbed the car.

Before they reached their destination, the team heard the sound of wolves howling at the moon in the distance.

Luo Xun subconsciously stepped on the gas pedal while voices came from the other people.

“Leader, it won’t be those two again?”

“Maybe, let’s wait and see where they go.” Although the last encounter did not hurt anyone, they still had to be careful. After all they had grabbed the rest of the pigs, if these wolves went looking for meat? They did not understand wolf language.

The dog who was sleeping in the back also swung up and looked around curiously.

Before long they found the trail of the wolves who were rolling around in a green field and cheerily jumping around towards the mountains.

After determining that the wolves were not hunting, Luo Xun whispered into the radio telling everyone to hurry home and they drove back.

The harvest of this outing – fourteen new vehicles, five freezers and two ice boxes and two metal balls. On top of that they searched an abandoned car on the road. This was good so everyone, next time they could bring some frozen meat and veggies instead of dry rations.

All these things were transported into the tunnel in turns and they had a headache when they looked at the messy pile. “There is not enough space…”

Yes, there was not enough space, unless they used all the floor space, where were all these cars going? There were so many freezers in their home that they had cleared all the classrooms on the second floor. They had filled a room with the freezers they had brought back along with a room dedicated to solar panels and batteries outside.

But some of those classrooms still had chairs and benches. They had no need for it right now so they would gather everything for the moment.

“Luo Xun, should we dig the basement tomorrow? Anyway we need to bring back a bunch of things and go find other supplies right?” Lie Tie quickly proposed a course of action.

“We should do that first, dig the basement tomorrow. Move all the stuff into the two basements and then go to the glass factory you found on the map.” There were also a lot of houses in the city with intact glass, but it was too scattered. They would have to gather up slowly at least until they had more free time.

As for anything else…they would set it aside for the moment.

After working for a while, Luo Xun came home to pick up their things and went to bed. The next morning after washing and having breakfast, the team of people returned to the basement to start the day’s work. A group carried the freezers and threw them into a classroom on the second floor.

“The design plan just changed, add a parking room here, divided into two levels. Build a tunnel next and then each time we come back we line up cars. This side was connected to the original foundation of the planting rooms. Each one was about an acre. The planting rack can be connected as well so that we don’t have to move the machine every time to harvest.”

Luo Xun explained his drawings to the crowd, “Build a planting room in these two directions, also about an acre. One will specialize in mutant rice and wheat. The second layer will grow corn, peanuts and soybeans, crops for oil. The underground layers will be extended for leafy vegetables. As for things like fruit, we can grow them in the ground.”

With that he added, “We planted watermelon, lemon and sunflower in our home this year at the beginning of spring. We’ll harvest and then grow something else.” These crops would not grow much and even if it did, they could not eat much.

They could not add another layer on the ground since passerby might notice, so he was ready to temporarily plant less. Besides they also had the main building on the ground floor which could also grow something.

“Okay, no problem!”

“Today we can watch Yu Xinran and the baby.”

Luo Xun thought for a moment and said, “The basement needs to be finished, if we don’t have enough manpower I will see the situation. I might have a few people with Zhang Yi go out to collect glass, the rest will dig the basement.”

The main force of the basement was sand power Yu Xinran and metal Yan Fei along with people to help transfer the ground for drying. There was not much manpower needed, Luo Xun would certainly go out. He was not assured, but it was reasonable.

“Look at the situation to see if you are too busy to go.”

Hearing Yan Fei say so, Luo Xun understood what he meant and knocked the table. “That’s it…”

“Leader, leader! The quail has mutated!” Luo Xun heard Xu Mei and Song Lingling along with Yu Xinran and Puppy alongside.

“Quail? Mutation?!” Luo Xun stared and sped to where they were placed.

The birds were temporarily placed in the second floor. Yan Fei created a separate room and placed the lighting and ventilation equipment.

Luo Xun helplessly looked Xu Mei and the others with the younger two running around. He stretched his head and looked at the fluttering wings.

“…Is this a mole?”

“The body is bigger than a sparrow? About the size of a chicken?”

“Almost, but a bit smaller than average, but this is not easy…How much do they eat for a meal?”

Luo Xun silently put down the quail, who was frightened and clumped together…Did they suddenly get bigger and even scare themselves?

“…We still have to set up rooms.” Luo Xun was not sure if these suddenly mutated quails would have an ability, but looking at them, even if they had a great power, wouldn’t they be too afraid to use them? They would be the first to be scared, no doubt about it.

With the sudden mutation the group had to change their tasks again. Luo Xun quickly emptied a large classroom which would be converted into a suitable room for the quails to live in. Fortunately only one-third of the quails mutated, the rest were still normal. But according to the current momentum, the remaining would also change any day which would leave them without enough space. Luo Xun worried that the original room would get too crowded.

The new room was quickly built with a layer of underfloor heating. The walls also had a layer of metal, hung a row of fluorescent lights. Finally they dried the ground and placed some soil for some vegetables and an artificial river for water. The whole room was made like a small eco-park.

Yu Xinran and Puppy were excited and looked forward to playing in here with the quails.

Unfortunately they had not bothered looking for pebbles and things like that so they arranged a metal path around the room. After some work they could give the young girl a separate garden to visit to raise insects and such would be good as well.

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