Chapter 201 New Energy Vehicle

The team’s things had been brought back to their rooms, they spent an afternoon organizing the basement crops. After dinner they had a good rest in their room. Tomorrow morning they would take advantage of their energy and good weather to collect things.

When they returned to the room, they picked up the large crystal core and decided to give it to Puppy first – it would be a few years until their baby was ready to use cores.

Unfortunately, Puppy pressed her nose against the core for a smell before scrunching her nose and turning away. She walked over to Luo Xun tail wagging.

The pair exchanged helpless looks, “Fine, we’ll leave it for the baby when he understands how to use it.” The dog did not want it so they could only leave it for the small bun.

After packing up what they brought back, the couple rolled onto the bed for lovemaking. Luo Xun vented out all his depression from their home getting destroyed in the southwest base. He laid on the bed looking at the ceiling.

“What do you think?” Yan Fei hugged him and let Luo Xun use his arm as a pillow. Seeing the latter in a daze, he gently shook the other’s arm.

“I wanted to turn the two floors into sand before we left.”

“Ah.” Yan Fei had no opinion, although Luo Xun was not the only angry one. Everyone in the Otaku squad was angry since they had spent a lot of time there since the apocalypse started.

“But thinking about it, “ Luo Xun helplessly shrugged, “The base has earth ability users, even with just sand left, the base could recycle the material and have people live there anyways.”

Their home had been the penthouses and were very bright. With the base’s solar energy situation, that golden spot would not be short of prospective tenants.

Yan Fei smiled and kissed Luo Xun’s forehead. “I took half the metal from the wall before I elft.”

“Huh?” Luo Xun looked at him in confusion.

Yan Fei lowered his head and kissed his lover again. “That house has no problems but the foundation is not strong…” He was not kind enough to leave the house without danger and the invaders to live without issue. Do not forget that two houses in the building were under their names, if the base gave those places out, do not blame them for their bad luck.

The next morning after a good night’s sleep everyone woke up to wash, have breakfast and prepare food along with weapons and such. They went into the car and drove into the tunnel.

Everyone looked around before going forward, since the two wolves were not in sight, it should be safe enough.

A line of cars drove down a secret road. Luo Xun had chosen a new route for the team follow.

Luo Xun’s choice was still on the way to the highway, but there was a concentration of buildings in the middle. When they came back yesterday they checked the photos and confirmed that there were few signs of zombie activity in the area.

At the same time however, they also confirmed that there was a small wave of undead lying in the south east coastal area. Although they were moving towards the coastline, it was not certain that they would not turn towards A-city. Therefore they must collect all their needed supplies and return to their small base before danger comes.

The convoy drove for four hours instead of stopping, they followed the road all the way downtown. He had previously found an electric truck near the map.

Luo Xun held up the map while checking the dilapidated buildings and identified some store signs. “That is a dry cleaner, let me see…continue! It’s next to a 24-hour convenience store!”

They drove over and the team looked around for a while. Regrettably they did not find a new energy vehicle nearby.

“Go into the shop and see if there is anything to collect.” Luo Xun stood in front of the car and told the team.

He had just finished speaking when a few zombies ran out from the shadows. The level two and three zombies stayed away and threw spheres of water, fire and even ice arrows!

Yan Fei created a metal wall. After blocking the attacks, he waved his hand and turned the wall into a spear to return fire!

In their current situation, there were no large scale attacks, but there were quite a few scattered attacks from scavenging zombies.

A part came out to clean up the corpses, while the others went to the car sale room. The store was not to big for a business building next to the highway. There did not seem to be any cars inside and the back was missing the door.

The room was slightly messy, the glass in the door had been broken. Unfortunately there was nothing to take away. The water dispenser was gone, the drawers were opened and turned inside out.

After confirming that there were no zombies inside, the people carefully searched. Song Lingling found a pile of keys in the drawer. “Are these car keys?”

Luo Xun came over to look, “Probably, there are number plates on them but…where are the cars?” How could there be keys but no car?

They decided to hold onto the key in case they find the matching car.

After confirming that there was nothing to find, the group of people hurried out and went straight to the convenience store next door. Li Tie and Zhang Yi were responsible for keeping watch in case the noise or scents attract some zombies.

Part of the group went into the store and made sure there were no zombies before quickly collecting supplies. The shop had long been looted, there was almost no food left and even some things were scattered on the ground and lost their original appearance.

Luo Xun’s goal was not the shelf goods, after the apocalypse and since the base had set up so many collection missions, they already knew there was nothing left. So they targeted the small warehouse behind the store.

However after a round inside, the group of people walked out empty-handed.

“It seems that we can only go to the wholesale market and warehouses and so on to see the situation.” Luo Xun said helplessly, although it was expected, it was said to find that the warehouse was completely empty was sad.

“No problem, we checked all the nearby wholesale markets and warehouses. There were several logistic companies that were marked. I’m sure we’ll find something we can use.” Li Tie comforted after returning empty handed.

Not far away, a couple of zombies were excitedly ‘screaming’ as it ran over. Zhang Yi shot several wind blades and beheaded them. The headless zombies still ran a few steps forward before falling to the ground.

Luo Xun continued to drive forward while digging out cores and collecting metal left and right. After a while and confirming that there are no cars nearby, they prepared to turn back. As they drove past an intersection, Wu Xin’s voice came from the radio. “Luo Xun, isn’t the road covered in cars?”

The team hurriedly stopped the car and checked. It looked like a restaurant front yard but the glass door had been half torn off and the hotel’s sign was half gone. Luo Xun guessed that with the end of the world it was closed and used for living space. But there was a huge tarpaulin in the corner of the yard.

They exited the car and went to check the vehicles. Zhang Yi used some wind to blow off the cover to reveal two rows of neatly parked new energy vehicles.

After checking the cars and finding nothing wrong, Luo Xun’s eyes lit up. These were the new energy cars recently getting promoted. Although they could not hold as much as a truck, the car ran on electricity!

Normally unlike solar cars, they could not charge while driving since they used electricity. However they could attach a few solar panels, part would charge the car along with a few batteries in case of emergency.

“Leader, we are lucky!”

“Electric car, we finally don’t have to look everywhere for gasoline!”

Each time they had gone out, as if suffering from OCD, they would check if each car they passed had any gasoline. Unfortunately those cars were almost all empty and the gas stations had no electricity in order to swipe and get gasoline.

Of course it would not have been that much of a problem since Yu Xinran could eventually get oil directly from the pipe. However they had not been able to find a gas station with a lot of gasoline.

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  1. I too was upset by the destruction of their original home but thinking about it, good things have come out of it. They have moved into a better space, gained more freedom, less control from the army, reduced danger, and I could go on. So let’s all thank the human trash that invaded and distroyed their home.😊

    Thanks for the update!😍

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