Chapter 191 Relocation

Luo Xun’s group came out today driving two cars which were filled with vegetables that needed to be sold. Once most of them had been sold, the team split into two and went home. Back in the neighborhood, most of the onlookers had left. There some spots on the ground with traces of blood from the fallen, but it was not obvious.

Wang Duo had already returned upstairs. Luo Xun parked the car and brought the exchanged crystal cores back while ignoring the remaining onlookers.

Back home, Wang Duo was playing with Yu Xinran and Puppy who was rolling around. When Luo Xun came back Wang Duo rushed over, “All sold?”

“All gone.” Luo Xun and the others entered the room and each grabbed a seat.

Yu Xinran jumped into Xu Mei’s arms with a petulant expression.

Luo Xun asked Wang Duo, “Did you find out any new information?”

Wang Duo returning early was naturally for his ability to gather information. With Zhang Yi acting as the physical force, the two people would be able to handle the situation.

Wang Duo quickly grabbed his phone. “I heard that the glass was broken in the early hours of the 29th or 30th. Some people living nearby had heard sounds of movements at night and saw the damage in the morning. One of the curtains was half gone, it seemed like someone sneaked in and pulled them down.” His expression soured, “Those people do not know what we have in the house but are saying that we have many supplies otherwise why would we have so many metal covers? Those rumors have been always around.”

After all, it was the penthouse and two floors had the same look, how would it not be noticed? Before when Luo Xun had been staying in base, those with ideas to steal had been quietly dealt with.

However this time they went out longer and had troubles on the road so the rumors naturally resumed. It was said that they had even spread to the other neighborhoods.

Wang Duo had a nice face, relatively easy to identify but the rest of the team was even more flashy. Even if they had only been in contact with a few neighbors, the vast majority of people remembered Zhang Yi and Yan Fei’s appearances. Second, people knew that the team was said to have several beautiful women along with He Qiankun’s rotund build. Wang Duo especially wore more layers, a hat and a pair of glasses to gather information.

Wang Duo patted Puppy’s head, “But since Puppy took action today, although there are rumors, I’m pretty sure that no one will dare come over for awhile.”

Luo Xun sighed and shook his head, “This would only frighten them for a few days at most. If anyone has seen what’s inside the house, people will come sooner or later.”

Song Lingling frowned, “Can we not let anyone get inside?” Even if they would not live here for a long time, even if they had decided to move everything out to have a temporary place to stay, they did not want to let their home be peeped into and have people freely entering.

Luo Xun wrinkled his brow and turned to look at Yan Fei, who raised an eyebrow and said, “Completely seal it.” He looked at the balcony window – those in Xu Mei and Song Lingling’s room had been broken from the outside. “The door and windows would be completely sealed with metal and opened when we come back.”

“Sealed? Isn’t it already? Or you mean to turn these metal railings into plates.” Li Tie referred to the window.

Yan Fei shook his head, “Those metal railings can be thickened and cover the entire window. We have metal at home and can make is as thick as the tunnel.” If the thickness was at least 10 cm, it would resist most forms of violence.

“Just do it.” Luo Xun clapped his hands, “We won’t be able to stay long, since we have an extra truck this time, take as many things as we can! Let’s leave the warming floor in a few rooms and the rest can be used to fortify the doors and windows.”

This way, unless the invader was also a metal user, it would take a lot of effort in order to break in! After half an hour, Zhang Yi came back.

He entered the door and Wang Duo took of his coat for him. “Didn’t find anyone, the military car dropped the men off at the crematorium.” Zhang Yi went to the table and drank some water. “I waited a bit there but did not see anyone eye catching so I returned home.”

Luo Xun tapped a finger, “Either the people who came were only to test the waters, or the people behind the curtain are afraid to come out…” He turned to the team, “We have no time to spend on them, pack everything, the goal is to leave in a few days. If we cannot increase the volume of the car we will do some temporary modifications.” With Yan Fei, it was easy to make transform metal items.

All the people nodded, the atmosphere on base after coming back had become more and more unbearable. After adapting to their free life, returning to this cage of a base was like putting a knife against their back. Every step of the way was uncomfortable.

The last time, they took a lot of supplies. This time, in addition to the rest of the material, there were plenty of crops to bring along, most of which were ready to be harvested. In fact, in less than a month, the grains could be harvested.

Luo Xun originally wanted to leave after harvesting. But now they were not sure who was targeting their home and there were rumors about their resources. If the people behind those killed were unable to get their stuff, would they just let the news out?

Never mind that there was a lot of food in base, it was definitely greedy enough to target a private home able to grow so many crops. Once everyone in the area had their eyes on them, even if Luo Xun stayed at home, they might not be able to keep their supplies.

The mature vegetables had already been dealt with – moved outside the base and planted, once they went back they would get another harvest.

But the growing wheat and rice could only remained temporarily sealed inside a metal box. Even if Yan Fei could form multiple layers there would not be safe to take it all away. Besides, they had other things to bring as well.

“I’ll see if I can rent or buy a large truck tomorrow morning.” While everyone was busy during the night, they found that it they wanted to move everything, they would need to come back or have another truck.

After Luo Xun’s words, Yan Fei pondered, “There is a way.”

“What’s the plan?” Luo Xun lit up and quickly asked.

“First get out of base, put the things in the new base and then come back to grab the rest.” Yan Fei laughed at Luo Xun’s frown. “First we leave, park the car in a secluded place then drive back two empty cars back to base.”

There were car chassis and car wheels on the outside roads. They still carried spare wheels in the car, so it would not be trouble for Yan Fei to pull together a car. The speed returning would decrease and there would be issues if there was trouble on the road.

Luo Xun lit up, “That method is good! Okay.”

The next morning, when the sky was dim, Luo Xun took the last bunch of things and opened the door smoothly.

Unlike when you went enter the city, car leaving did not to be checked. No one doubted that someone would take a lot of supplies out of base – stupid right? With the outside so dangerous and everyone looking for supplies, someone would be silly to bring things out.

Even if some people had the intention to leave A-city base, how far was the nearest base? Dangerous road? Would there by any surprises? Would the new location be safer then their current location.

When Luo Xun left town slowly and other people were already outside the wall.

They parked the car in a nearby house with cover. Yan Fei was left behind to build a metal protective shell. The other four people drove back the empty containers back to base.

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      1. If they found and dealt with them, it would be great. Hatred and vengeance appeased a bit. They built their nest with so much effort, money, and time after all (coupled with all the designing, decorating, and renovating). The plants they cultivated with great effort and detail.
        They’re more or less half-driven out because of those bastards. Their base and home that’s supposed to be their safe haven was ruined like that just because of those thieves’ incompetence and greed. No doubt others would gloat or join if they knew (victim blaming and justifying themselves).
        Either way, hopefully all those involved will have miserable life due to the base’s increasingly no-brain regulations.


  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    Reminds me of when my parents moved to the place they live in now. The new place was close to the school we went to back then, so every day Mom would bring 2 shipments of stuff to the new place (when taking us to school & bringing us back) until everything light was transported and the cosmetic work on the new place was done.

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