Chapter 190 Have a Watchdog

“Although we don’t know when the glass was broken, I suspect it was two days before we came back.”

During the meeting everyone was angry. Luo Xun paused before explaining, “They must have found something. It would not be possible to break in and steal everything. They might monitor the situation for a few days after breaking the glass. We should keep the lights off, if someone comes to steal, don’t be polite. And when we go, let’s take everything away!”

Take it all away! What were they waiting for? It would be a waste of their hard work. Should they wait until a thief showed to hand over their supplies?

“Luo Xun, why don’t we give back half of the house? Who cares about those broken missions!” Han Li ground his teeth, now base security could not be guaranteed and they had missions too! Were they waiting for someone to steal their door?!

“We need to finish this month at least.” Luo Xun straightened, “If someone is going to steal, if they hear about half the house being returned, they will become more vigilant. For now let’s leave the impression of no one at home to find out who has been stealing!”

The home they lived in was made with tempered glass! If Yan Fei had not felt the terrace was in danger and did not add two layers of fine metal mesh as protection, their home would have been spoiled and ransacked!

In addition, they had planted those things with the aim of leaving base as soon as possible. Everything needs to go! This was just a room where they would stay for a few days.

Who knew that coming back to find smashed glass would strengthen their determination to leave. Of course, they would leave at least one or two rooms for their base when they came back. This was their bottom line, otherwise they would rather let Yu Xinran turn the floors into sand so no one would take advantage of their labor.

Nothing happened on the first night back, perhaps because of the cars parked downstairs. Luo Xun’s car was probably recognized by the neighbors and the new truck had followed them.

Since there was no movement for the time being, they took advantage to transport the plants in metal boxes downstairs into the car. Most of the vegetables had matured but there was not enough time to eat. They would simply call previous customers to see if they needed anything and sell the rest to the base.

In the morning, Luo Xun received a task notice. This time they were asked to find a certain quantity of cotton, quilts and other things in the city. The team discussed and decided that they would exchange crystal cores instead – the target destination was a long way from base. Even if they got there, there was nothing else in the area. It would be better to use crystal cores to accomplish the mission.

Anyways they were loaded with crystals, it would be enough if everyone contributed some into the team fund. The day after the decision, Luo Xun got up and brought a metal box into the truck. The group went to the mission hall and completed the task while also inquiring about gossip. They also asked if they could exchange some cores – they got a bunch that no one on the team could use.

While Luo Xun was walking around the trading hall, his phone suddenly rang.

“It’s Song Lingling.” She was at home with Yu Xinran, the baby and Puppy. Had something happened?

“Luo Xun, someone is on the roof climbing down a rope! With grappling hooks!” Song Lingling continued in excitement before Luo Xun could speak. “Just before I realized Puppy had heard! Those people had started descending when she used her powers, even those holding onto the ropes were pulled and fell!”

The building was 16 storeys high…imagine what those bodies would look like after the fall.

Luo Xun paused for a moment, “Was there anyone else on the roof?”

“There might be one or two more, but they seemed to have run away after those other people fell down.” Song Lingling gloated with cold laughter, “I don’t think anyone will come back for a while…are you returning soon?” Come and watch the drama?

Luo Xun pondered, “We won’t go back for now. Continue to monitor the situation, pretend that no one knows how those people fell down. By the way also check if anyone is coming over.”

If no one came out, those people might think it was another party and Luo Xun could catch a bigger fish. Luo Xun was not kind enough to rush back and collect the bodies of minions.

After walking around, Luo Xun took their vegetables to where they had appointments with those who bought food.

“I haven’t bought vegetables from you in a while and could not reach you through phone.” The buyers also asked, “Are you going out for missions too?”

Luo Xun was vague, “If you want to buy, send us a text message and we will get back to you with more information.” He sighed, “ You know, how many people want to stay on base and grow crops, there’s also a limit to land.”

The other side did not doubt his words, since their team were forced on missions outside base every month. “Right? Other than logistics, everyone else goes out. They not only encounter high-level zombies but also a bunch of mutant animals…”

Luo Xun casually inquired, “The other day we came back to see a car pulling a mutant animal…”

“I heard that thing can be eaten, but we haven’t hunted one. Although the experts on base have said they are edible…who can guarantee that there’s no virus inside? Besides they are not easy to fight.”

There were mutant animals outside but they were so big and strong. Without luck, who could guarantee that they would survive without dying? Even Luo Xun had to use alternative methods each time to hunt mutant animals and eat meat. If they were face to face without any heavy artillery, there was no guarantee that the enemy would be killed.

“Boss we have arrived and are observing…there is a circle outside but nobody’s going inside.” Luo Xun’s phone rang and he heard Wang Duo’s disappointed voice.

“You can also keep watch and see if anyone collects the bodies.” Luo Xun’s voice was bland. After confirming the situation at home, Luo Xun hung up and returned to Yan Fei’s side.

Luo Xun could not really ignore the situation at home, since Song Lingling, the dog and two children were at home. So they simply divided the load and quickly contacted the other buyers to sell vegetables.

Li Tie, Xu Mei and the others went shopping to see if there was anything of use. Wang Duo and Zhang Yi just returned to the neighborhood, they mixed into the crowd and watched the drama.

What happened when those people fell from the 16th floor due to Puppy’s gravity power? Even ability users would be half-dead. The pair hid in the crowd to see who would collect the fallen. Wang Duo also worked his magic and asked around for gossip – since they had not been in base for twenty days. The situation in the neighborhood was not clear, when else would they inquire for more information?

As for Song Lingling and the kids? It was fine to stay at home. With so many rooms, they had added another layer of protection to the windows before they left this morning.

Luo Xun and company had quickly returned after finishing their business. He had asked some teams that bought mutant animal meat and confirmed that is was edible and tasty.

After meeting up with Li Tie and the others, the latter said they had seen meat in the market. But most people were onlookers, only a few people actually spent money.

“I took a look, it’s dog meat.” He Qiankun licked his lips, “We wanted to buy a piece but the price! Ten level two nuclei for a pound, Puppy is also at home so we were afraid she would get angry.”

“Ten level two nuclei?” Luo Xun shook his head, it was hard to hunt zombies, mutant animals were rare but not that valuable.”

“Have you got the nuclei we need?” Yan Fei asked.

“Some, there aren’t that many in the market.” Li Tie lifted a bag of cores in his hand.

“You got what you could, we should go back now.” Luo Xun lowered his head and looked at the phone. Wang Duo had sent a few messages to explain the situation.

He said that military people came to collect the half-dead people with Zhang Yi quietly following behind.

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 190 Have a Watchdog

  1. So the military was involved ?!? Why can’t there be less power plays in the apocalypse. They do realise teamwork is key to surviving right?

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    1. Unfortunately the negative in human nature and greed will always provail😪

      I would like to think that they were worried as they had not seen the team in a while so they were checking up on them. But doubtful….

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  2. Congratulations, military higher-ups. You just lost a very effective team who could’ve reliably made your new batshit economy somehow work along with selling you affordable high-level produce on a consistent level.

    I take it that you idiots are experts at shooting yourselves in the foot.


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