Chapter 192 Shadow

They returned back to base and paid the entrance fee, for them the nuclei was nothing. Fortunately, records were handwritten instead of computer generated, otherwise people would ask strange questions.

The officers opened the door to see that Luo Xun’s car was empty, they gave the team strange looks. But with only a couple people they disdainfully paid no attention to them.

People going out would not always come back with gains; they could encounter high level zombies, mutant animals or something that caused them to flee back to base with pursuers. It was relatively common to come back empty handed but the reason for the disdain was that they were not capable of having such large cars and were envious.

Luo Xun and the others had no time to pay attention to what others thought of them. They only had one goal – go home! Move the rest of their stuff!

Not long after, the car drove back. Other than some people who liked to gossip in the neighborhood, no one noticed their movements.

Luo Xun and team had packed and prepared everything they had to take beforehand while leaving it all in one room. Now they just had to grab their things packed in Yan Fei’s sealed metal boxes. They packed and loaded as many metal boxes as fast as possible.

Because there was no inspection before leaving, even if the team only had four people, Yan Fei could manipulate all the metal boxes, so their speed was fast.

The sky had dimmed when everything was transported into the two large cars.

Luo Xun looked at the rest of things they could not bring but were not afraid if losing. “This is it, we can pick up the rest the next time we come back.”

“Okay, I will seal the house.” Yan Fei looked around and used metal to cover everything.

This was an unanimous decision, if there was no way to ensure that all the rooms were completely closed, it would be better to completely seal off a part of the house and keep it safe.

They selected two rooms for this treatment, one was home 1601 where Li Tie and the others lived, the other was the second floor of 1604. All the others were guarded with a relatively thick layer of metal but the two were completely blocked with metal, only leaving space to store things.

So even if someone found something that could get through metal, see how it would work against such a thick metal wall!

Before long, with some metal nuclei from the mutant vines, Yan Fei had sealed up their homes. The pair went downstairs where Zhang Yi and Wang Duo were sitting in the car waiting for them.


“Yes, let’s go.” Luo Xun looked at the metal covered house and lamented, this had been the dream of his last life, a long term, fortified place to live.

But when they left for twenty days and came back, the glass was broken. They were leaving again, what would the place look like after the next time? At least with Yan Fei’s work, they would at least have a place to stay.

They drove the car outside of base, since it was evening, they were the only ones there. But because there were fewer zombies out, they did not have to wait for other teams before being let out.

It was getting darker, just as the moon was high in the sky, they finally reunited with the other members of the team.

“They’re back! They’re back!”

“It’s their car right?”

“That’s right, it’s our two cars!” The group in the metal dome was so excited they hurried out and served big portions for dinner.

“All done right?” Li Tie grinned in welcome as the four came out of the car.

“Yeah, all done.” Luo Xun washed his hands in the basin beside Song Lingling – tidying up that pile of things had been tiring.

“Here, your son was crying all afternoon probably because he did not see you. Just fell asleep.” Xu Mei stuffed the small bun into Luo Xun’s arms.

Luo Xun could only hold the child after washing his hands and helplessly look to Yan Fei. The baby was clearly Yan Fei’s brother, why were they messing around with the generations?

Yan Fei seemed to have not heard anything wrong. He washed his hands and the two went to eat dinner. Today is was mutton and rice porridge with greens. It tasted warm and fragrant, suitable for an evening meal.

Luo Xun looked down at the small bun in his arms. He had woken up with Xu Mei came over and looked around with dazed eyes. Seeing Luo Xun holding him, the baby did not cry and went back to sleep.

“There were no problems coming out? There was nothing going on at home?” The four had dinner while the rest inquired about events until now. Xu Mei and the others had been afraid someone would make trouble.

Luo Xun was too busy eating to answer but Wang Duo wiped his mouth and explained. “Didn’t meet anyone and nothing happened. Although when we moved things up and down, there were people secretly watching around.”

Luo Xun swallowed his food, “The house was sealed along with the doors and windows except for what we agreed upon.”

The crowd was reassured and Wu Xin laughed, “That’s good, thieves won’t get in through the roof.”

His intention was to joke, but the rest of the group was silent. Wu Xin quickly waved his hand, “I was only joking!”

Yan Fei had not reacted, “If they really have the ability to lift the roof, so be it.” What else could be done? They had done their best to protect the rooms, if others could still find a way inside, they would speechless whether they were there or not.

The next morning the team got up early and returned to their true base. There was a metal container on wheels behind each car as the group of people continued forwards.

Because of the cargo, the speed was bound to be much slower. As the moon rose in the sky, they sleepily made their way through the tunnel.

Yan Fei sealed the door after checking the area and easing the cars into the tunnel.Only after they had driven past the entrance and entered the basement did the group breathe a sigh of relief.

Although they still had to deal with crops about to mature, they were too tired. They said their farewells and got ready to sleep.

Luo Xun crawled into the soft quilt and yawned, he could not keep his eyes open. Yan Fei checked the baby. After he determined that the small bun was soundly asleep, he took of his coat and joined his lover. Puppy was lying on a mattress beside the cradle.

Suddenly there came a howling cry, everyone immediately jerked up with wide eyes. Puppy also perked up her ears and stared nervously at the window.

Luo Xun got up and patted her head, “Don’t bark!” The sound did not seem far away, if one heard a dog barking, who knew if it would run over?

Although they lived near farmland with mutant plants, if the sound was from wild dogs or wolves…Puppy would not change sides since they were not short on meat.

Puppy was well behaved since the last time she fought with a zombie dog and understood the difference between them. She understood Luo Xun’s intent while hugging her and just wagged her tail silently.

Yan Fei went to the window and peeked under a corner of the curtains.

*Awooo* The people and dog stiffened. Yan Fei beckoned and Luo Xun hurried over to the curtain.

“Look there.”

Following Yan Fei’s direction, Luo Xun saw a shadow moving in the distance. It was hard to distinguish as he saw another shadow pounce and the two rolled around and gave chase. Luo Xun had the feeling that the two seemed to be playing instead of fighting.

“…A passing wild dog? Wolves?” Luo Xun guessed with a sigh of relief that the two shadows had not entered the farmland.

“Maybe, it’s none of our business, go to sleep.” The longer noise was no longer made but while the two animals were playing, there was occasional barking. Luo Xun was still not clear whether it was dogs or wolves but he no longer paid attention, it was fine so long as they were not bothered.

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