Chapter 189 New Base Rules

Because of the threat in the sky, Luo Xun dared not make any big moves. Every time he left the building to collect crystal nuclei, he would bring metal made by Yan Fei in the shape of an umbrella. There was also an escape route at the back.

It was very troublesome to collect crystal nuclei. On one hand they had to be careful not to be discovered by the birds in the sky. On the other, they had to worry about entering the plant’s attack range. The devil vine branches were very long. Luo Xun had to first determine the limit before daring to bring anyone with him. For that reason, Yu Xinran’s collection range was shortened again.

Even if they could only collect from the inner part and the range was shortened, in a few days they actually collected a few thousand crystals! Big small, various colors and types and from all kinds of creatures. The team was temporarily afraid to consider using other methods to collect nuclei.

From the lowest level of crystal to high level zombies to mutant animals, there was a bit of everything.

Within five days after the discovery, Luo Xun would spend an hour at the field edges but they had so many gains. He had to say that this mutant farmland was a great thing, who knew how many treasures were buried underneath.

In the last two days, the migratory birds eventually continued north. Except for some scattering along the way, the rest all flew away.

The bird’s migration seemed to be some kind of omen. While Luo Xun observed the situation, he found increased traces of other mutant animals nearby. The whole world had come alive, green plants and various mutant animals seemed to be the true masters of the world.

“Tomorrow is the 31st, is everything packed up?”

All the nuclei had been classified and counted. After the crystals were divided according to the ability users, the rest were divided among the remaining members leaving one portion for the team. The entire team even Puppy and the baby also got some. Unfortunately they did not know what ability he had, so the unknown nuclei were set aside for him.

While Luo Xun was screening, they found a few cores similar to the one Puppy had absorbed and let her play around with them. While licking them, the cores would become smaller and smaller.

Sure enough, she also needed nuclei to replenish energy but Puppy was very picky. She had no interest in the level one nuclei of the same type at all.

The team nodded saying that everything they needed to bring back was ready and they could hit the road tomorrow morning. To be honest, Luo Xun and team had been living here awhile and it was completely different from base. Although there was a threat of mutant birds overhead, they only had to go to the basement and work without discomfort.

In the last few days the fridge was filled with rabbit and bird meat, one could eat without reserve. Even if they ate barbecue everyday no one noticed. It was completely different compared to sneaking around base to eat a good meal.

There was a change of mentality, here was their real ‘home’ while going back was a temporary arrangement.

“We need to bring back more things this time.” Luo Xun lightly tapped the table twice. “Let’s drive the truck this time.”

A small team of four cars plus a truck should be enough to bring their stuff. There was no storage in the truck so Yan Fei made and added one.

“We don’t really have anything to bring back, we need to put something in there at least it would be suspicious.” Li Tie raised his hand.

Luo Xun nodded and turned to look at Yan Fei. “We did some things yesterday, should be able to fill up most of the space.”

“What kind of thing?” The team was in a daze, how had they not seen anything yesterday.

Yan Fei smiled and made a stainless steel basin out of some metal in the room. “I made some of these things along with some metal shelves that most would not be interested in. If there’s any danger on the way back they can also be used as a weapon.”

He had to have some metal on hand to protect himself on the road, but the metal was previously compressed and placed in the car, now the shape had changed.

“This is a good idea! We won’t need to pack as efficiently.” It did not matter if the car was technically empty, Yan Fei needed to use metal, so just transform it and bring it with them.

They also had the rations for when they were ready to go back…Yes so they had to prepare those for when they returned.

Yan Fei placed some metal shelves in each car – similar to those used in stores and poles for drying clothes. These things did not take up too much space and it was fine to throw them in the car.

After preparing the food, they got up the next morning and went to seal the entrance. The team headed towards the base with five filled cars.

By the way, since there was quite a bit of space inside the truck, they left two smaller cars behind. They could concentrate their firepower and it would help if they were in danger on the road.

Night passed during the halfway point before Luo Xun’s team arrived outside the base gate in the morning. It seemed that more people had been going out recently so the traffic had increased. It also let them see a mutant animal on top of a car!

“Someone has been able to hunt a mutant animal!” Luo Xun was excited, it would not be strange now if they occasionally ate meat inside base.

“That looks like a military vehicle.” Yan Fei looked closer.

“Probably, but this proves that the base knows that mutant animal meat can be eaten.” Luo Xun smiled as he kept up with the car in front.

By the time their car reached the base gate for registration, the things that Yan Fei had made in advance were a lifesaver.

“Check the things in the car?” Luo Xun stared with a puzzled expression.

Although the staff person was impatient, they still explained. “New base rules, last month around the 20th. Vehicles returning to base need to checked along with bags.”

“Why?” Luo Xun had not left base in his last life and naturally would not know about such a rule. This was the first time he had heard of it okay?

“Afraid that someone would bring back something dirty.” The staff member rolled his eyes. “What if someone smuggled in a zombie body?”

“Did anyone get poisoned on base?” Luo Xun quickly deflected.

“I don’t know, are you getting inspected or not? You won’t get into base without a check!” The staff member was clearly angry as he repeated himself.

Yan Fei shrugged helplessly, “Then check.”

The group came down with their parcels and went over to the security machines. The car was filled with metal, weapons and some food but not much else. Seeing that there was nothing valuable, the staff did not take a closer look and did give them another glance.

When they drove back home, Wang Duo rushed over and whispered, “Luo Xun, I saw the car behind us, someone took something out from the car!”

Luo Xun helplessly looked at Yan Fei, “Fortunately you made a bunch of metal pots.”

The group slowly climbed to the 15th floor and felt something strange. There was no problem with the 15th floor, but when they arrived at the 16th floor.

“Who broke the glass!” It was not just one or two panes, almost all of their windows were smashed!

Yan Fei quickly checked the traps and the status on the roof and said with a dark expression, “Someone has triggered the trap on the roof.”

“Check it out and see what’s there.” Luo Xun’s anger did not explode yet as he ordered the team.

Before they left, they were afraid that someone would come and make trouble. So they made the metal cover thinner so people could not reach in and hang on the metal. But now someone had broken the glass in the house!

After careful examination, since Luo Xun’s home had tempered glass, two panes were filled with cracks. The other homes had at least two shattered panes of glass. Two rooms with plants had traces of hooks near the windows.

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  1. I have a comment on the collecting of nuclei from the mutant plants…
    Have Zhang Yi make like a gentle breeze and try and blow out the nuclei, since the plants don’t eat it. There should be a decent amount above ground.

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      1. Well, the plants would have eaten the bodies and helped the decomposition process. Seeing as how they’ve collected so much from just sifting the sand on the periphery of the plant forest thing jungle


  2. Well well, looks like it’s about time for them to move over to the new base permanently. Hope they didn’t suffer too many losses 😦

    Thanks for the chapter ❤ ❤


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