Chapter 162 Missing

The room was silent as the man looked at the wall with a slightly dazed look. Yesterday there was a pile of wood and cardboard that he had worked so hard to recover from other empty rooms, indispensable in winter for keeping warm. Even if it was not winter, it was essential for cooking and such. But after that woman had a baby, she was targeted by that doctor and two nurses. The situation was so messy that the other party wanted to be paid right after delivering the baby.

As a result, Liu Xiangyu had an incident, but after dealing with the aftermath, the people still took advantage and squirreled things away. And now…

The man suddenly looked up and stared with resentment at the door: Yan Gexin, Yan Gexin…

He did have a strong background, before the apocalypse he could only cling to Liu Xiangyu’s thigh. But life after the apocalypse was really…

He himself was only part way through the army, after the apocalypse he could not root himself. Liu Xiangyu had little means of survival other than some old contacts due to the death of her father. Also since he was marked by the Liu family, those people holding real power looked down on others who climbed into a woman’s bed, so he had little options after leaving Liu Xiangyu.

But now she was dead and Yan Gexin’s cruel words still rang in his ear…

The skinny camel is bigger than the horse, even if Yan Gexin was useless in the end, he could still find a place in the military structure, but for himself…Amidst a myriad of thoughts, there was a faint cry from the bedroom but no one noticed or heard.

People were busy nearly all day and went home more or less exhausted. Although it was not the death of their loved ones, thinking of the dead made them think of home…even if they went back to their hometown, would they find the remains of their family?

The group patted Yan Fei on the shoulder. “We’ll all go together to send people off!”

Outside the base was currently calm, there would likely be no incidents on the way to the cemetery. However since they were exiting base, they still had to be well prepared.

Yan Fei slightly nodded. “I’ll be troubling you.”

“Huh, who do you think we are?”

Luo Xun and Yan Fei waved farewell and went back home. Today Yu Xinran and Puppy were left to look after the house – although the average person was unwilling to let a child go to a place of death. Who knew how many people have been killed by zombies during the end?

When Luo Xun returned home he went into the kitchen to prepare dinner. After placing the meal on the table, he began to wander around the house.

“What are busy with?” Yan Fei saw Luo Xun turning around looking for something.

Luo Xun scratched his head. “I found two softer cotton cloths…” He continued on guiltily, “Aren’t we visiting tomorrow? I think the child is too young, there wouldn’t be anything suitable. The cloth could be used as a diaper right?”

Luo Xun had no saintly mentality, it was because the child was Yan Fei’s half brother, no to mention he just lost his mother. Before the apocalypse, relatives would bring gifts when visiting other people’s children. Now it was the apocalypse, the parent’s home had some things so he did have to worry about malevolent thoughts, therefore he decided to bring some stuff for the child.

Yan Fei asked as he handed over some chopsticks. “Do you like children?”

The small, thin and red baby…he did not see any similarities with him or the parents and naturally wondered why Luo Xun was interested in the child. Of course, perhaps there was a preference because it was his half-brother?

Luo Xun froze and bit his chopsticks. “This…”

In his past life he wanted to buy and bring back a son so he had someone to accompany himself. But in this life, he had Yan Fei and the cute Puppy. He shrugged, “Just feel…the child is too small and weak…”

With such a physique and his mother died, his father could feed him rice soup. Before the end it would have been milk powder but now…

Now growing up was a problem. In the apocalypse, the weak have no right to exist, especially one unaware of life?

Yan Fei did not ask anymore, just patted his lover’s head and put some food in his bowl.

The next morning, the couple packed up and went out of the city. The rest of the team did not follow, there were still things to be done at home: crops to be planted and harvested and so on…

The two men slowly walked out of the city, found the building and knocked on the third floor door. However no one came to answer even after twenty minutes of knocking.

Luo Xun suggested, “Why don’t you give him a call?” Did he leave early in the morning?

Yan Fei pulled out his mobile phone and dialled the number from before. “No connection? His phone is not turned on?” Yan Fei raised an eyebrow.

The two people looked at each other, cell phone was out of battery? Forgot to bring the phone when going out?

There came the sound of footsteps, other occupants. They glanced at the two people standing in front of the door and hurried away.

“Should…we wait a little longer?” The man knew they were visiting today, maybe he needed to go out early – to find food or something. He should be back soon.

The pair waited while the other occupants of the building began their day. From time to time, as they watched people passing by, Luo Xun knocked on the door. The third time, a man from before saw that the couple were still there.

“Are you looking for the family here?”

The two men nodded in surprise. “Yes, do you know where he went?”

The man looked around and then whispered, “They moved away at dawn this morning.”

“Move out?!” The two were surprised, why had the man moved? He did not go to die right? Liu Xiangyu’s ashes still had to be buried, it was better to have a few people to help than go alone?

The man shook his head. “It’s what I saw from the window but I might be wrong.” He quickly continued on his way.

The two exchanged looks and Luo Xun pointed at the door. “What should we do, go straight in?”

As a metal user, no tools were needed to unlock a door. Yan Fei waved a hand and the door was open.

The room they visited yesterday was chaotic but it was now a little empty. Not completely empty since some of the larger furniture was still here, but everything else was gone. Even the grain, coal and other materials hidden in the corner was all gone.

“It’s true…moved out?!” Luo Xun looked in surprise at Yan Fei, who wrinkled his brows. “Why did he suddenly move?”

The building was relatively safe, he worked so hard to move all the supplies. There should have been no need to move away. As for any factors that could threaten him…

Luo Xun looked at themselves – did they look like bad guys?

“Was he worried that you were coming to split the estate?” Luo Xun ‘sincerely’ asked Yan Fei.

Yan Fei was silent, did he look like a villain after bequeaths?

But if that person was trying to hide, Liu Xiangyu still needed to be buried, would be not want to share some of the burial pressure? With them, he would not need to ask the military for help with the burial, just needed to wait for the snow to melt, who had the strength now?

“Or maybe he wants to move out first, but why was he anxious?”

Luo Xun went further into the room and saw a familiar metal box. “Yan Fei look! Isn’t this what you made yesterday…” The metal box used to hold his mother’s ashes!?

Yan Fei approached and his face darkened, it was deliberately hidden in a gap.

The two men were silent, with only a few things it might be possible that the other party might come back to grab the rest, but now…the person and supplies were gone but the ashes were left behind. He did not want to care about Liu Xiangyu, so he left the ashes for Yan Fei to deal with?

Yan Fei took a deep breath and took the box. He manipulated the metal to reveal the ashes.

As the two men were stunned, an extremely faint cry came from deeper inside the house. The two of them would have not heard anything if they had been silent!

Luo Xun’s face instantly darkened as he ran towards the master bedroom.

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31 thoughts on “Chapter 162 Missing

  1. Luo Xun wish from last life come true…
    I hope the baby have power..
    Like in the “incredible 2” Jack Jack?? How cool is that??

    Thanks for the chapter

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! As soon as I read the part where no one heard the baby crying, I thought, oh crap, I hope the guys visit or that kid is dead… Puppy’s going to have a little brother.

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  3. Just wishing the baby would survive into a loving kid

    There are plenty of ways to get milk.. just find a mother and induce breast massage to make them produce milk 👍

    idk if the rest of the team knew bout this. Perhaps Zhang do

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    1. It’s kind of hard. Even with Xu Mei and Song Lingling there, the only way to induce a woman to produce breast milk is by having them present when another is giving birth. While they won’t necessarily produce it instantly, but if a baby starts to suckle on their nipples after they were present for someone’s birth, their bodies would produce milk (I’m assuming it’s a survival mechanism for the species as a whole in case the birth mother dies, since that’s been a common death method for women since time immemorial).

      Since neither Xu Mei nor Song Lingling were present for the birth, they can’t be induced to produce milk.

      Meanwhile, finding women who just gave birth or were present during someone’s childbirth? That’s going to be like finding a needle in a haystack!

      Although, I wonder if rice porridge/soup is a decent alternative to milk since, well, there is none.


  4. They have to raise a bastard child now.

    No hate, but I didn’t want them to be forced into such a situation. And they are fucking young too.

    And it’s not THEIR BABY!!

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    1. 1) condoms don’t completely prevent pregnancy, like 70%? effective. abstinence is the only way.
      2) it takes 2 to make a baby, females frequently get “blamed” for getting pregnant even though the male shares equal responsibility, but guess what? the consequences of the act are only forced to be carried by the female. men aren’t forced to have a kid.
      3) the mom tried to have an abortion during the first trimester. It is NOT HER FAULT that the base wouldn’t give her one.
      4) the father also deserves to be cursed out for abandoning the kid after he was born, don’t just blame the mom.

      TL;DR, both mother and father are terrible people, but the mom doesn’t deserve all the blame for the baby =_=

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      1. Condoms are about 85% effective in real life though the theoretical number is that, used properly they should work like 98% of the time. The problem is, if you got a defective condom, or you don’t use it right, it can fail and which happens about 15% of the time.

        So yeah, condoms are not the best method of birth control. However, it’s great for helping protect against STDs! Which is one of the reasons they’re recommended if I recall correctly.


    2. So, actually, she insisted on her lover wearing condoms and not getting her pregnant. From what I can tell, after her first pregnancy she was terrified of ever having another child. She never wanted another one again.

      If I remember right, her argument with her lover when she first found out she was 2 months pregnant was about the condoms and he straight up said that without her knowledge he’d been damaging them or slipping them off to intentionally get her pregnant so she couldn’t leave him in the apocalypse.

      As soon as she found out, she wanted to abort the child because she didn’t want to deal with another pregnancy, but more importantly, she was terrified of giving birth again and how much that had hurt her. In fact, it was after she gave birth to Yan Fei that the relationship between Yan Gexin and that lady fell apart.

      From what I can tell, giving birth was a traumatic experience for her and since then she didn’t want anything to do with Yan Fei or his father due to the pregnancy.

      So, to answer your question. She got pregnant because her lover was a dick and would slip the condoms off because he wanted to get her pregnant to force her to stay with him and help him. As a result, she died during childbirth and he ran off leaving her ashes behind without even planning to properly hold or attend her funeral.


  5. Well I don’t know if it’s worse him abandoning the baby or killing/selling the baby to those crazies who had been after the little girl before. But Luo Xun has a big heart when it comes to children, have a feeling the baby is only the start of their family growing

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  6. I think there was a lot leading up to this moment… there was a lot of build up for this along the way.
    The reason LX died in his previous life was because he saved a kid he had wanted to raise after all.

    Now he finally can raise a baby?! and its his beloved person’s brother!

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  7. There are plenty if people who wanted a child but these d-ckheads is just too much. It’s your fault and not the child’s! Why abandon him? These kind people is just what I hate the most.


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